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Author, musician and singer-songwriter Patti Smith won't be able to visit, but she still wants to get to know the people of Boise during her virtual appearance, part of The Cabin's Readings & Conversations series.

“I want it to be different,” said Smith. “Having never performed in Boise, I thought it would be good to do a few poems, sing some songs and talk to people. I’m not just going to focus on the book, we’ll all just be hanging out and trying to get to know each other.”

Smith’s talk on Friday, Oct. 9, was originally slated to take place in-person, but has since moved online due to the pandemic. Attendees of the lecture will receive copies of Year of the Monkey. Tickets are $30, $25 for Cabin members and $20 for students. There are only 2,500 tickets available and people can buy them at The Cabin’s website. She’ll also perform a selection of songs with band member Tony Shanahan.

Regardless of whether Smith focuses on her new book or her other artistic endeavors, her talk should make for a fun evening. She’s known as an influential member of the New York punk scene, an accomplished musician/songwriter and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

However, Smith is also a lauded writer and poet, and her new memoir lives up to her reputation. The action of Year of the Monkey takes place in 2016. In it, after finishing a New Years concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco, Smith takes off from there eventually coming full circle and ending in the same place.

The memoir tumbles between Smith’s circumstances and reflections, and the waking and dream worlds. Filled with vivid descriptions of feelings, dreams, musings and snacks, Smith’s book is heartwarming and relatable while also being smart and, at times, pretty funny.

Either way, if people are fans because of Smith’s music, writing or both, the evening should be a memorable one.

“I was really excited about the response I saw from Boise,” said Smith. “Tell the people I said hello and sorry I can’t be there, but deeply appreciate their support and it should be a fun time.”

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