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As we know, I am frequently burned by dating apps. However, where do you meet people in a pandemic and how do you date safely? The Greenbelt is a great way to get my steps in, but not ideal for small talk. Face masks are a great way to avoid doing my makeup, but it’s tough not to sound muffled. If you do happen to get to the date, where do you go and what do you do?

This brings me to my thirsty Thursday a couple weeks ago. I was doing my daily scroll on Facebook and there in my People You May Know was an extremely attractive man. Some of my other single friends have mentioned meeting people on Facebook and I have been known to accept requests from people that I don’t know. So, I threw caution to the wind and sent this guy a request. The worst that could happen is he doesn’t accept it and I move on with my life.

As luck would have it, he’s a small business owner who accepted my request and messaged me. I was stunned. He thought I reached out about the business and since I can’t lie, I told him I didn’t know he had a business and explained my interest. We continued to talk for a few days and then agreed to meet up. He admitted to being quite the hermit these days, which I respect and completely understand. We agreed to meet at his house on the patio for drinks.

The me of 6 months ago would have declined the offer to come to his house and felt like this was a lame attempt at a date and looked more like a booty call. The me now was just happy to have a reason to get dressed and leave the house. I shared my location with a friend that lives in the area and had a pleasant evening six feet apart, outside drinking wine and making small talk.

Time will tell, but I think my thirst paid off. Cheers to Mark Zuckerburg for your creepy algorithms and suggested friends!


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