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Have you noticed an insane amount of advertisements for dating apps since New Years? It's as if new year, new you really means new year, new relationship. I have seen multiple ads with attractive men saying that they are looking for their best friend while petting their adorable dog. I also saw that Hinge markets itself as the app meant to be deleted. Apparently, they are so confident you will find someone on there that you won’t need it for long.

Full disclosure, I have tried that app and several more. I have had a few fun dates, a few more nightmares and some short relationships. One of my more recent nightmares came from Tinder. We both swiped right, messaged on the app and then exchanged phone numbers. Neither of us were looking for a pen pal so we decided to meet up for drinks. We started making small talk and he told me he recently moved here for work and then proceeded to tell me everything he hates about Boise. As a native and Boise enthusiast, I was not pleased by his negativity and shared with him the reasons I love Boise and suggested things for him to check out.

I think my opposing opinion made the poor guy nervous because he started vigorously picking at the skin on his arm. You may think using the term "vigorously" is an exaggeration, but he started to bleed. He noticed the bleeding when he saw blood on his fingers. Being very resourceful, he opted to wipe his bloody fingers in his beard instead of on his napkin. I excused myself to use the restroom, found the waitress and told her to send the bill to the table ASAP.

In fairness, that date was in 2019 so maybe my matches will be better in 2020. I’d love to hear from you about the apps you prefer and any to stay away from. I will keep you posted as I navigate this world of online dating in search of my future husband and Golden Retriever, and hope you will share with me as well. Cheers!

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