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Quarantine and Chill

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I admit, initially I thought all the quarantining and chaos was a little much, but after seeing what is happening in other countries and across the U.S., I am happy to be safe and healthy at home. However, along with being healthy and safe, I found myself a little lonely and battling boredom. This is a feeling many of my single friends and readers have shared with me.

It is now my third week working from home and only interacting with people via phone or computer. The first week I was crawling up the walls and spending a lot of time in bed with a book or streaming something terrible. I now consider myself a quarantine pro! Since I have given myself this title, I wanted to share some tips on how to overcome the boredom and loneliness. Nothing I am about to share is earth-shattering, but for someone who is an extrovert with a busy schedule, and who has never worked from home, being quarantined took some getting used to.

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you can’t still get dressed up or do your hair and makeup. My first week at home I looked like I had the coronavirus. I was rarely in pants and just wearing an oversized shirt and underwear. The only getting ready I was doing was spraying some dry shampoo and applying moisturizer and Chapstick. It’s hard to be motivated and happy in this state. In week two I opted for pants, and started putting on some makeup and washing my hair. As a result, I started turning on the camera feature for conference calls.

In addition to getting ready, I am trying to be active and make healthy choices. Normally on my lunch hour I would go out and get something to eat. Now I have found free workouts on YouTube that I can do in 20 minutes without equipment. This gives me a surge of energy for the rest of the day and motivates me to eat a better lunch. I have really stepped up my avocado toast skills. Along with my hipster toast, I have tried new recipes on Pinterest. There are a lot of good options there for cooking solo, and sometimes I will make enough to freeze so I can have it another day.

We are fortunate that we are still allowed outside, so my evening walks are something I treasure. The weather has been nice, so I also encourage you to go outside. This is an opportunity to practice social distancing with a healthy friend and invite them to walk 6 feet apart or across the street while you talk on the phone. We will overcome this and hopefully be stronger as a result. I am thinking of all of you and please feel free to reach out via email or DM me if you need someone to talk to besides your cat. Cheers to all the people on the front lines keeping us all safe, healthy and fed!


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