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As our communities slowly reopen safely and we shift towards the “new normal," I have been asking myself what that will look like. What are some of the activities have I incorporated into my new routine that I would like to continue as I move forward? What are the things I did before quarantine that I will try to stay away from?

I have enjoyed my daily walks and found myself more active during quarantine because I didn’t have as many excuses and distractions. Along with that, I have been enjoying my time in the kitchen and found some new recipes I will continue to have in the weekly rotation. Thanks Food Network! I have loved making my bed every morning and seeing how nice it makes my bedroom look as I walk past it throughout the day. I guess my mom was right about that. Who knew?!

While those may seem small, the behaviors I am going to get rid of from my previous life are more substantial. I will not take my time with friends and family for granted. I will make the effort to go out instead of making excuses to stay home and watch Netflix. I will be more open to dating, whether that is the via online apps or setups from friends. I do not want to ever be in the situation where I am stuck at home for weeks on end with nothing but Zoom calls and fictional TV characters for human interaction. I have gotten far too attached to series regulars and realized I can’t afford to have such a long checklist for my future mate, or I’ll end up alone with my television.

I know this time has been difficult for all of us. Whether that is being directly affected by the virus, losing your job, or struggling with the loneliness that comes with weeks of isolation. I hope you all emerge from quarantine physically and mentally stronger and ready to take on the “new normal.” Cheers to the resilient human spirit in us all!


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