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We are officially in Stage 3 of the reopening, and slowly but surely, places are re-opening and people are returning to work and having small social gatherings. I have stepped up my mask game and now have a couple patterns to choose from when venturing out. I have a hair appointment coming up and think I am slowly becoming whole again. With all this excitement, I decided it was time to get back on the apps.

Like I have mentioned in previous columns, I am going back into the dating scene with a new view and a smaller checklist. I broadened my age range, committed to looking at the entire profile, and decided not to disregard the dads. This has been an interesting experience. I have never dated a man with children; there was a short flirtation years ago with a guy that had a couple kids but nothing serious.

I have found that there are a few variations of dads out there. There is the “Dad of the Year” that talks about how his kids are his whole world and posts a bunch of pictures to show how engaged he is in their lives. Whether he really is or is just playing the part is not for me to say. There’s “Casual Dad” that doesn’t mention kids and then sneaks in a pic at the bottom of his profile that makes you wonder if that is his kid or a random child. Lastly, we have “Dad on the Down Low” that has kids, but doesn’t mention them until you have matched and are chatting on the app.

So far, I have met Casual Dad and Dad on the Down Low. Both informed me that they have kids, don’t need me to parent them and have no desire to have more. One went as far as telling me that his vasectomy had been postponed due to COVID. I appreciated their honesty and am glad they are co-parenting successfully with their exes, but I am not ready to give up my hypothetical biological child yet. Cheers to the single parents navigating dating and co-parenting!


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