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Dennis DeFoggi and Michael Cordell are exhibiting new work as guest artists at Capitol Contemporary Gallery through the month. Cordell is presenting steel sculpture and abstract drawings from his “Bamboo Series” and DeFoggi is showing drawings from a new body of work called, “Radiotron Sky—Southern Idaho.” The show is free, open to the public, and runs through Jan. 30.

DeFoggi has been making artwork for over 50 years and has shown his work throughout the northwest and most recently as part of the 2020 Boise Art Museum Triennial. In his artist statement, DiFoggi talks about his art. “My recent body of work, “Radiotron Sky—Southern Idaho,” uses three elements—the electron tube, the orange peel and the abstracted southern Idaho landscape line, all of which are familiar and personal to me. … As a kid, I was a ham operator (amateur radio), and I built a lot of my own equipment, thus inspiring my fascination with electron tubes.” In addition, DeFoggi said, “Within the last couple of years, when I would take breakfast to my wife, Jinny, in the mornings, I always included a small orange, which Jinny would usually peel in one piece—the flattened shape of a sphere-like object; I became fascinated by them, too.”

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