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If you live in Boise, you’re probably familiar with Ashley Dreyfus’ artwork. Her signature style of trippy, colorful cartoon-style people can be found all over, from large murals to stickers. She’s also a finalist in the 2020 Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can Contest.

“The news came as a great shock,” said Dreyfus, “because over 4,000 people entered. The piece I entered is an ode to everyone staying at home and dreaming of a life after the pandemic.”

Her piece is titled “There is No Place Like Home” and pictures different characters doing things at home like listening to music or chilling with a pet. She’s one of 25 artists selected as finalists in the contest. The winner gets $10,000 and their art on millions of PBR cans. People can vote for their top five at Voting closes Feb. 12.

Dreyfus is always busy with new work and had previously worked with the company on another project, but said she was still floored when she got the news. “I’ve always loved cartooning and vibrant colors, even at a young age, and after high school I knew I wanted to pursue art full time.”

Her colorful style of drawing characters with a psychedelic twist directly shows her view of the world, one without judgment. She considers the characters she paints to be alter egos of humans and represent the freedom people feel without conformity.

A purely self-taught artist, Dreyfus said this is also her fourth year of her 365 drawing-a-day project. Every day she draws something new, which keeps her inspired and brings new focus to her creative process.

Because she constantly takes on new projects, Dreyfus remains busy. She even has a new sock releasing from Gumball Poodle on Feb. 15. She’s proof that creating art transcends traditional education, and she hopes to inspire others to look outside of the box.

“People can and should create the art they want,” said Dreyfus, “because what matters at the end of the day is feeling good and confident in yourself and feeling good in the world.”

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