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Tragicomedy? People may not often think tragedy and comedy go together but comedian Byron Stamps is changing that notion, blending the two in a seamless show that’s delighting people across the nation.

“The idea started for me when I lost my mother in 2011,” said Stamps. “I started writing material about that experience and how I felt. I didn’t perform it at first but then I started doing some of the bits and the audience was so responsive. The jokes I made created some kind of release for people, it’s about connecting. People go from crying to laughing and I consider it a kind of emotional rollercoaster in a good way.”

Stamps’ show Truth in Comedy, a storytelling, comedic stand-up and art show is coming to Mad Swede Brew Hall on Sunday July 25 at 7 p.m. People can find more information and buy tickets at the website,

The show involves three local people telling stories in front of a set created by a local artist that relates to the themes, each one is followed by a comedy act performed by a local comedian. Stamps finds the stories simply by reaching out to people via social media prior to the shows and then gives the stories to the comedians so they have time to craft a set that pertains to it. The stories are all true, Stamps said sometimes they’re funny and sometimes they’re not, but they’re usually very heavy. The requirement is an ability to be open and honest, he said he’s had an amazing response so far.

According to the website, “Truth in Comedy, or TiC for short, is a storytelling, stand-up comedy, and art show where humanity is the muse. It’s a unique experience that’s raw and beautiful. Three individuals will tell a very personal story from their life, their truth, where they will be very open, honest, and vulnerable. Afterwards, a comic will perform a set inspired by the story. At the end of the night, a visual artist will present a triptych they created inspired by the stories as well.”

Truth in Comedy started in 2017 and before the pandemic had traveled to seven different cities. He had only scheduled to go to Salt Lake City but looked at Boise and thought he would expand the tour here as well.

“I like to build communities and connect with people,” said Stamps. “The hope is that places like Boise and SLC will become more regular cities that we tour, and that we can build a relationship. Everybody’s got a story, I just start by talking to strangers and taking a risk and they’re taking a risk too by sharing their story. Some of the best shows have come from people willing to take the jump and share something deeply personal.”

Comic Byron Stamps brings tragicomedy to Boise

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