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Passion is paying off for local artist Ashley Dreyfus, who is the winner of the 2020 Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can Contest.

"It's so unreal to me to be able to say I won," said Dreyfus. "I'm just really so excited and honored."

PBR announced Dreyfus as the winner Friday, Feb. 26. She wins it all: the cash prize of $10,000, a feature in Juxtapoz magazine and her artwork on 30 million cans.

People across the nation will be sipping on beers featuring Dreyfus' art, and she said it will feel pretty great to head down to local watering hole Neurolux and grab a PBR with her art on it.

The contest had over 4,200 entries from over 13 stat es and 18 cities. PBR, always a champion of artistic creation, also started the 1000 Creators Campaign last year, which is still ongoing and supports artists during COVID. PBR has commissioned work from over 500 artists, bartenders, animators, designers, directors, dancers and singers so far.

Dreyfus said PBR is a great company to artists by supporting them through different promotions and contests. Dreyfus said the cash prize will go back into her art to help her pursue it as a full-time endeavor. 

"I never thought I could make it this far at such a young age," said Dreyfus. "I really want to stress that, people can do it differently and make the art they want and even make a living at it." 

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