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The first Boise Zine Fest starts at noon on Saturday, Oct. 23 and is hosted by the Space Bar. It’s a free event for those 21+ and will feature local artists and writers that create their own print media. BW got an email interview with Allison Christy, the creator of the fest, to learn what it’s all about.

BW: What is Boise Zine Fest?

AC: Zine fest is a festival of local artists and creators that focuses on printed media. Zines (pronounced “zeens”) are self-published works that are usually printed in small batches. Zines can include just about anything an individual can create. I have seen zines with poetry, digital art, fine art, photography, short stories, comics, political commentary, writings, recipes, etc. Zines can be made by and for anyone, and Boise Zine Fest exists to celebrate the diversity of creators in our Boise.

BW: How did it get started?

AC: After going to zine fests in a few different cities, my husband and I felt Boise would be an awesome place to host its own, unique fest. We floated the idea of putting together a zine fest in Boise past a few different groups of people, and we had a great reception. Spacebar was especially helpful by providing the venue, and once we had a spot secure we were able to get some plans into action. Once we announced the event, we discovered there were a lot of different people who were interested in zines already out here.

BW: How many people/ artists will be participating and what different kinds of art will people see at the fest?

AC: Based on who we have signed up already, we will have a lot of variety at Zine Fest! We have people bringing prints, buttons, T-shirts and of course zines covering a ton of different topics. We’ve got skateboarding, paranormal, graphic design, and photography zines, to name a few. Tabling sign-ups are still open, so the final number of participants isn’t confirmed yet. It is free to participate, though, so anyone who’s thinking about bringing their creations should sign up at

BW: Does Boise have a pretty robust scene for this kind of art?

AC: I think it does. Boise has such a variety of different types of people and artists and creators, and I think that this will be a great way to bring them all together. Zines are one of the most accessible artforms regardless of skill level or interest, and they take as long or as little effort to make as an individual wants. Personally, I never considered myself an “artist,” but going to zine fests made me realize I could be one in my own unique way. I’m hoping this will introduce members of the community to a scene that they might not have realized they could be a part of.

BW: What can people look for from Boise Zine Fest in the future?

AC: I can only hope that it will keep getting bigger and better! We already are in talks with a music group to perform for Boise Zine Fest 2022. I don’t want to spoil who it is yet, but they’ve made a few zines themselves and would fit in great with the event. We are also open to suggestions! We want this to be a community event that people can look forward to.

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