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Photographer Chris Adler, who recently had an exhibit titled ”Plants and Animals” at Ming Studios is bringing another art project to Boise. Adler and his wife moved from L.A. in 2018. The two ran a gallery there called VACANCY and now Adler’s bringing a new version of it here.

VACANCY is not your average brick and mortar gallery, rather, the concept involves a wandering “nomadic” style of exhibition. BW interviewed Adler through email to learn about what VACANCY is, the art people can see and how it adds to the Boise art scene.

BW: Tell us about the new gallery, when it opens and what it’s called.

CA: The “new gallery” is a reincarnation of the old gallery, called VACANCY. From 2015-2018 it was a bricks-and-mortar gallery. We had a proper storefront in Los Angeles. Now, it has no permanent home. It’s been reborn as a migratory institution and exhibition platform.

It’s open now! Our current show, “To Cast A Shadow,” is on view at SCORIA in downtown Boise (111 S. 10th St.). It features work by Boise-based artist Rachel Reichert and New York-based artist Letha Wilson. It’s the first exhibition of VACANCY’s second chapter.

As a nomadic organization, we mount exhibitions in unique locations, aiming to create a symbiotic relationship with our partner venues. This feels closer to the basic notion of “vacancy:” a calling to inhabit a new space.

BW: You and your partner ran a gallery in L.A called Vacancy, is the new gallery here going to be reminiscent of that or have you decided to go into a different direction? What kind of work will be featured?

CA: The mission of VACANCY 2.0 is to connect local artists with artists from farther afield. So, ironically, although we don’t have a permanent location, we identify strongly as an Idaho institution. My partner’s family (read: wife) has been in the Treasure Valley for over a century. VACANCY’s focus is on reflecting the deep wealth and history of artistry that Idaho contains, and connecting our regional art scene with a global one. The migratory perk is that by moving from place to place we not only get to showcase brilliant local artists but also highlight great local businesses.

BW: As an artist, what do you bring to the gallery and how hard is it to balance everything?

CA: Momentum. That’s the defining feature of being an artist. It’s also what drives small businesses. You’ve got to keep moving. Being an entrepreneur is nearly identical to being an artist, and often times they are one in the same. You manage all of your own sourcing, production, marketing, sales, and relationships. That’s something they don’t teach you in art school. Balance is about maintaining your own center of gravity. Artists are great at that.

BW: Can you speak about the Boise art scene and how the gallery adds to that?

CA: VACANCY has an experimental format. We do weird shows. Thoughtful shows, but we screw with the boundaries. It’s responding to a demand for more frontier-seeking ideas, organizations, and experiences. We’ve got a strong cohort. MING Studios is a place that does that well already (full disclosure: I’m on the board). Artists and viewers alike are calling out for more exhibition platforms in Boise. We can at least +1.

BW: What are the plans for the gallery in the future, is there anything big people should be on the lookout for?

CA: Go see the current show up at SCORIA on 10th and Main! It’s up through Oct. 7. It’s a crazy show. Try to figure it out. And try their wine, too! Their Estate Cabernet and Merlot both just won Gold Medals at the Idaho Wine Competition literally a few days ago. Sydney and James are the real deal. Their vineyards, which includes Koenig out in Caldwell, are just mind blowing. I couldn’t be happier to be collaborating with such a bold local business.

If you’re a business, person, or business person that would like to collaborate with VACANCY, shoot us an email at For more info about the current exhibition go to

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