KIN Amphitheatre

Kin and LED will set up the lawn in front of the restaurant for a socially distanced "PiKINic."

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If you’ve ever walked by the dugout near the restaurant Kin and thought it looks just like an amphitheater, you and LED Artistic Director Lauren Edson are on the same page; and on Saturday and Sunday, June 20 and 21, LED and Kin will collaborate to bring the arts, high cuisine and some social awareness to that hitherto unused showspace.

“As artists and leaders, we are cognizant of what is happening in our community. We reflect upon the contributions of Black and Brown artists in how we developed our aesthetics,” Edson said. “We will play music from Sam Cook and Nina Simone, as well as sharing some original pieces.”

The event, LED PiKINic, will indeed reflect on Black contributions to the arts at a time of social unrest. It’s also the next entry in LED’s forays into performing out-of-doors with a food component. Meals and a cocktail are included in the $100 ticket price, with additional cocktails available via the TabbedOut app.

A pared-down version of the LED house band will perform pieces by Nina Simone and Sam Cook, and feature work by the young artist Declan Rowe John, and accompanying dance performances by solo dancers. LED’s revenues will go toward supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

The LED PiKINic is likely the first event of its kind in Boise since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in light of the danger of disease transmission, the organizers have taken special measures to help keep guests safe. Those include drink orders being taken via app, seating will be arranged with social distancing in mind and all service will take place with an eye toward minimizing contact between artists, servers and patrons.

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