Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction 2020

The 19th-annual Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction draws nearer.

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From the beginning, Boise Weekly has been Boise's leader when it comes to arts and culture coverage. We start with a simple principle: These things are important and deserve your attention, and we want to be your go-to source for information about them. 

For the most part, we wear our journalism hats while doing this, giving readers reliable coverage, well-told stories and relevant data. For the last 19 years, however, we've done something unique among alt-weeklies by putting fine art on the hottest piece of real estate a newspaper can offer, the front page. And for just as long, we've auctioned off that art for the benefit of the artists themselves and the beneficiaries of our cover art grant program.

Last year, we experimented with Auction Frogs to bring art lovers a chance to bid on their favorite pieces online before the live auction event. It turns out that was good practice. This year, due to the pandemic, we're again partnering with Auction Frogs to go whole hog in making the 2020 auction physically distant without missing out on one of our favorite events of the year. 

The auction will run Wednesday-Wednesday, Oct. 7-21, and prior to that, people will be able to peruse the collection of 2019-20 cover art pieces without placing a bid. Keep your eyes out on for links and other relevant information as the event draws closer. 

At auction, artists receive a flat rate of $150 per piece, or 30% of the total value of the sale, whichever is greater. Over the life of the program, we've been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for direct support of the arts. 

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