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In May, Idaho author Richard Howard published his second book of short fictional stories, entitled “Stormy Waters on the Sagebrush Sea.”

Howard, 79, is from Pocatello, Idaho, and holds degrees in anthropology and wildlife biology. His other published works include poems, scientific articles and essays, along with his first book, “Never Give Up on the Sagebrush Sea.”

“This book is an eclectic collection of fictional short stories based upon my own experience, memories and the people I’ve encountered along the way,” Howard said.

Howard worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for 28 years, and has a deep love of nature and the outdoors, especially in his home state of Idaho. As a writer he has used his life experiences as a chance to reflect, and share his perspective with others.

“Writing a book is a risk, you may never know when it will end,” Howard said. “A correlation to that is: opening a book is a risk, and you may acquire new values, new insights, become happy and inspired, or not.”

Howard’s travels through Europe, Australia, South Africa, Central America, and Indonesia, have also inspired much of his work.

“The fictional short stories in ‘Stormy Waters on the Sagebrush Sea,’ are a deeper attempt at exploring current themes of the Northwest and our Nation,” according to a press release about the book.

Currently no new projects are in the works, but Howard said he is always thinking of the next idea, and looking to new horizons.

“I’m fortunate to have met people who are bright, talented and interesting people and that has been an enhancement to my life,” Howard said.

“Stormy Waters on the Sagebrush Sea” is now available for online purchase through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and Howard is working to make it available at local Rediscovered Books stores.

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