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Miguel Almeida has been drawing since he was a kid. He said as a little kid he always doodled and that emerged into drawing different characters and comic book characters and he just never grew out of it.

“I would think, what do I want to do,” said Almeida, “I knew I wanted to do something creative but in the beginning I never thought to just pursue being my own artist and business.”

Almeida is a local artist that does some colorful and exciting multimedia work. He has a lot of different projects he works on around town but he also sells different apparel, prints, stickers and original artwork off of his website. People can find more information at

Almeida went to the University of Idaho for virtual technology and design. He said he felt pretty burned out his senior year and that’s the time he got back into painting and drawing more and also worked on visual development with animation and film.

Eventually he started doing more art for himself. “At the end of the day that’s what makes me really happy, creating and making art,” he said.

About four years ago it all started to come together and he was doing more and more work that, he said, makes him happy as an artist and a person.

Almeida works in digital and traditional mediums. As an illustrator, he creates murals, uses pen and marker, paints in acrylic and creates different multimedia work. He also takes commissions from businesses and does a lot of designing for local nonprofits.

His work is generally incredibly colorful and he said the colors he uses are inspired from his Mexican heritage. His parents are from Mexico and Almeida said that culture and architecture is what inspires his work.

“Things from the buildings in Mexico, to the folk-art, to the brightly colored pastries seen in bakeries; the colors of vibrant pinks, purples, teals and yellows is the imagery I grew up seeing and that reflects that in my work.”

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