Luma Jasim makes powerfully thoughtful art. Originally from Iraq, she left the country at age 30 for Turkey and next moved to Boise and New York. She’s now back in Boise and showing her work.

Why, you may wonder, is there a cannon on the Idaho Statehouse grounds aimed at West Jefferson as if poised to protect us from Oregon marauders? The minor piece of Civil War history, forged in 1857, was used during the siege at Vicksburg. Idaho State Treasurer S.A. Hastings and U.S. Sen. Wil…

It's September and the new artist exhibiting at the Flying M Coffeehouse downtown is Trav Esty. He's from Idaho but has traversed much of the Pacific Northwest area and the travelling helped shape his creative artistic output. He's educated in art history, photography and different mediums b…

As Treefort Music Fest is just around the corner, so, too, are its array of various forts: Alefort, Artfort, Comedyfort, Dragfort, Filmfort, Foodfort, Hackfort, Kidfort, Storyfort, Skatefort, Yogafort and Music Talks.

Photographer Chris Adler, who recently had an exhibit titled ”Plants and Animals” at Ming Studios is bringing another art project to Boise. Adler and his wife moved from L.A. in 2018. The two ran a gallery there called VACANCY and now Adler’s bringing a new version of it here.

You can almost hear Music Director Eric Garcia’s conductor’s baton tapping on the podium, the orchestra resining up their bows and tuning their instruments. On Sept. 11 and 18, the curtains will once again rise on the Boise Phil as the orchestra presents its first events of the season: “Natu…

The first Boise Zine Fest starts at noon on Saturday, Oct. 23 and is hosted by the Space Bar. It’s a free event for those 21+ and will feature local artists and writers that create their own print media. BW got an email interview with Allison Christy, the creator of the fest, to learn what i…

Multi-media arts organization LED is making a grand return to the stage. The company’s new work, titled “Silver City,” is billed as “an immersive live musical experience” and follows the story of a lone cowboy trying to make his way in the world who’s stuck in a saloon “full of misfits.”

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