This month the artist exhibiting at the Flying M is Megan the Maker, aka The Naked Neighbor, also works in the M's gift shop. According to her bio, when she's not working at the gift shop, she's still working in her studio. Her exhibit titled "Life is Beautiful" is colorful and intriguing.

The Boise Art Scene, started by Morgan McCollum, is a collection of local art. McCollum does interviews, takes pictures and puts a spotlight on the local art scene. Boise Weekly interviewed him to find out how it started and where all of his passion for art came about.

Miguel Almeida has been drawing since he was a kid. He said as a little kid he always doodled and that emerged into drawing different characters and comic book characters and he just never grew out of it.

The art exhibit this month at the Flying M is titled “Vibrancy and Vibrations” by Tori Ross. An Idaho artist, Ross holds a degree in Visual Arts from Boise State.

Local artist Ameerah Bader makes a lot of art — like a lot of it. They are a Palestinian-Tlingit poet and artist who’s had their work published in multiple places, been a resident at Surel’s Place a local arts organization, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice.

Local multimedia arts company LED has stayed busy during the pandemic even without the ability to perform in front of a live audience. The company is forever readapting the way it approaches projects and always comes with something creative. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, the projects …

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