Turns out Boise is the perfect place for flying hot air balloons. Why? Science. Get the details here.

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Idaho Shakespeare Festival employs about 150 people each summer.

Wander the streets of Boise, take a look in and through alleyways and parking garages, and you will find evidence of Boise's growing public art collection. Boasting 45 projects in downtown alone, the collection could be expanded by including street art elements like the now-pervasive yarn bo…

Think Boise lacks art and history? It's time to start looking around. The city core is home to a surprising amount of public and historical art.

In a mirror-lined studio, a group of budding ballerinas try to contain their energy while in the building next door, an ensemble of woodwinds is warming up not far from where the city's next operatic season is being planned.

Choosing between doing something fun and doing something worthy is not necessarily an either/or proposition. And, in fact, the number of museums and cultural centers in the Treasure Valley is surprising to even many longtime residents.

Michael Chabon, David Sedaris, Gloria Steinem, Junot Diaz. These lit superstars—along with scores of other artists and performers—have all trekked out to the Gem State to participate in exhibitions at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. The center takes a multidisciplinary approach, augmenti…

Taking in a flick doesn't have to mean heading to the mega-plex to catch the latest blockbuster. The Treasure Valley is home to a few bastions of cinema where the atmosphere is kept casual, the films eclectic and the ownership independent.