Eighty-four nations have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, but the U.S. isn’t among them. On Friday, Jan. 22, Amy O’Brien of the Snake River Alliance will join anti-nuclear activists across the Gem State to ask, “why not?”

A series of opportunities and deadlines are on the horizon for artists in the Treasure Valley and Idaho, with several grants available to help struggling artists.

An ongoing pandemic, insurrection in the nation’s capital—for some, 2021 might just feel like the other side of the 2020 coin. JUMP may not have a cure for the wintertime blues, but Giggling for Good, the latest exhibition to grace its park, looks a lot like treatment.

The windows at 816 W. Bannock St. in downtown Boise are tinted, but peer hard enough, and you can see the finishing touches being put on the City of Trees’ newest brew hall: the Mad Swede Brew Hall.

Watch Boise Phil concerts in your home this season!