Vahlberg's turkeys

In 1953 Dave Vahlberg raised more than 7,000 turkeys for Thanksgiving to be sold at Albertson's grocery stores.

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As printed in the September 24, 1953, Emmett Index.

If you count the number of turkey necks in the above picture, you still will have covered only a portion of the more than 7,000 birds in Dave Vahlberg's flock of Beltsville small whites coming in to roost at the Modin Brothers place southeast of Emmett above the Black Canyon canal. Vahlberg believed it is the largest single flock of turkeys ever run in Gem County and it exceeds by about 1,000 the total number he produced last year.

Marketing the turkeys, with hens weighing 9 to 10 pounds and toms 12 to 16 pounds will begin in two or three weeks. They will be processed by Stone Poultry company at Nampa for distribution through Albertson's stores. Oscillating lights covering the roosting area at night have eliminated earlier depredations by bobcats and Vahlberg indicated that this season's warm dry weather has been ideal for turkey production. He doesn't want any rain until all the turkeys are gone.

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