BOISE — Kellen Moore’s record-setting left arm got a little bit of a workout Saturday without throwing a single pass.

Moore, who racked up 50 wins with Boise State from 2008-11, signed a few hundred autographs at The Blue & Orange Store at Boise Towne Square — but that pales in comparison to the approximately 7,000 — yes, 7,000  — signatures he did for his first professional trading cards.

“It’s not too bad, I’ve kind of got used to it — I actually kind of like it,” Moore said.

After he put his name on life-size posters, photographs, helmets and jerseys, Moore sat down for a question-and-answer session about his early experiences as a member of the Detroit Lions.

QUESTION: How is it returning to Boise for something like this?

ANSWER: “I’ve been back for about two weeks, to relax, mainly. I’ve been able to workout a bit. We’re kind of cleaning out our stuff and getting ready for whatever adventure is ahead.”

Q: You’ve had your life here for about five years, and you can drive to your hometown. What’s it like knowing you’re starting new elsewhere?

A: “Julie (Moore’s wife) has been awesome. She’s kind of handling all that stuff. We’ll always keep some sort of ties in Boise, come back whenever we have a little time. Both of my parents are from Chicago, so we have relatives nearby, so there’s help there. We don’t have a place or anything like that — we won’t until the first week of the season, because you never know with the NFL. We’ve been living in a hotel, getting room service every day so that isn’t too bad.”

Q: Now with two months as being a Lion, how would you see your experience?

A: “It’s been really good. The other quarterbacks are awesome. Scott Linehan is the offensive coordinator — he’s (tight end) Gabe Linehan’s uncle — and he’s been great. (Backup) Shaun Hill’s been great, 11 years in the league. He wasn’t drafted, so he’s someone I can definitely relate to. Matt (Stafford) has been tremendous.

Q: The Lions brought in a fourth quarterback (R.J. Archer) to compete for the third spot with you. How have you taken that?

A: “It’s the NFL — it’s part of the process.”

Q: Now that you’ve had a bit of a taste of the NFL, what will enable you to be successful?

A: “I think so much of it is just learning so you can quit thinking and just go out and play. Right now, I’m just learning a new language. It’s not bad. There are only so many ways you can run routes. You just kind of have this time to connect the dots and start knowing exactly what they’re talking about and what they want.”

Q: How has it been reuniting with Titus Young?

A: “I could say some things (on the record) and some off it (laughing). The first time I saw him, he gave me a big hug — typical Titus. It is really nice having him around and to also see how he’s developed into a really good NFL player is awesome.”

Q: With him and Calvin Johnson, those are two pretty nice targets.

A: “They’re tremendous, but I’m not really throwing to them right now. A few times. There’s a pecking order and we stick to it. I think I’ve thrown to them a few times, but on accident.”


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