JACKSON, Wyo. — The presidents of the nine schools in the Mountain West Conference have gathered in northwest Wyoming, just miles from the Idaho border.

It is a bit fitting, as the conference is close to inviting Boise State to becoming the 10th member of the league. An invitation could come today, with approval from seven of the presidents.

“I am predicting June 7th will be the day when the first shoe drops regarding conference realignment,” Idaho athletic director Rob Spear wrote in his monthly blog.

The conference presidents and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson will speak with the media today after a morning meeting, which is expected to include expansion discussions.

No president has said either way if he would vote yes or no on adding Boise State, and those who have commented publicly haven’t been terribly forthcoming on the possibility of expansion.

“I think there’s a few that have strong feelings for expanding and some others that are more reluctant. I really don’t know how it will go,” Colorado State president Tony Frank told The Coloradoan (Fort Collins, Colo.) last week.

If Boise State is invited, the Broncos would need to notify the WAC by July 1 in order to play in the Mountain West starting in 2011.

The possibility also exists that the conference may see how expansion plays out for other conferences, as different scenarios in the Pac-10, Big 12 and Big Ten could create an entirely new landscape.

A report by OrangeBloods.com — the site that reported the Pac-10 was ready to offer half the Big 12 membership — said Sunday the Texas legislature is pushing for Baylor to join the other Texas schools in the move, leaving out Colorado. The Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla suggested the Buffaloes join the Mountain West with Boise State and another team to make a 12-team MWC.

Spear’s words may be prophetic — stay tuned.

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