File this one under “Y” for “You’ve got to be kidding.”

The Mountain West conference, the new home to Boise State University’s athletic program, has told the football team it can’t wear its traditional all-blue uniforms for home games anymore.


If you follow the Broncos football program, you’ve probably heard some interesting theories revolving around BSU’s trademark blue playing field. One myth is that birds are always crash-diving into it, mistaking it for a large body of water. That one has led to some pretty clever T-shirts.

Another theory is that the Broncos have an unfair advantage wearing all-blue uniforms at home because, since that is the same color as their field, they blend in and are harder for opposing players to see.

As silly as the crashing bird myth is, the uniform one might be even sillier.

First of all, players aren’t looking down at the field like spectators or TV viewers are — they’re at field level. So they’re not looking down at the turf. The background they see consists of fans in seats, ergo they should be able to see Boise State players just fine. Should we forbid fans from wearing the same color as players, then?

And what about all the teams with green uniforms that play on traditional grass and green turf fields? Do they have an unfair advantage? Has anyone ever accused Michigan State, Oregon, Alabama-Birmingham, Baylor or Colorado State (which, coincidentally, also plays in the Mountain West Conference) of having an unfair advantage?

Maybe the Broncos should wear uniforms with glowing red bull’s eyes on them to make sure opponents can see them.

All kidding aside, the Mountain West might have had a semi-legitimate argument if it would have claimed the reason for outlawing the blue unies was for TV purposes. Viewers who don’t have high-definition television sets can have a hard time seeing the BSU players because, since TV cameras shoot from an elevated position, the uniforms can blend in with the turf.

But the conference didn’t make that argument. It claims the restriction is to negate an unfair advantage, which makes conference officials look petty and whiny. It also gives the impression they think the rest of the conference is weak and needs all the help it can possibly get. That’s not a strong message to send about your conference.

Football is supposed to be a manly, tough sport. Stop griping about the colors the Broncos are wearing, strap on a helmet and get ready to play football.

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