Letters to the Editor

I'm really impressed with the "love of freedom" that many claim Finicum from Arizona and the Bundy brothers have. They took away freedom of the employees at the wildlife refuge in Oregon to work. They took away the freedom of the public to visit the refuge center. They put the lives of law e…

I wish we could fight diseases like we fight wars and fund them better, and it would be nice to win the war on poverty and hunger because then maybe life would be better.

Referring to the "International Digest" section of the IPT, Monday, I learn that the U.S. taxpayers have pledged an additional $97 million of drought aid to Ethiopia. Further, the article states that the total U.S. contribution to the 11 million people of that poor country, since 2014, has b…

In a Feb. 3 letter to the editor, a local laments that more "pastors" don't become more directly and aggressively involved in politics. He suggests ways to circumvent the separation of church and state and force his particular definition of god/religion upon this nation.

In the 1700’s, pastors were prime influencers in leading America to independence. Because pastors then wore black robes, England called them “the Black Robed Regiment.” Pastors continued politically active until the mid-20th century, when laws said non-profit organizations could not be political.

 This legislative session marks the first time that Idahoans might get to publicly voice their opinions about whether the state should extend protections against medical neglect for children born into the Followers of Christ and other groups that don't believe in medical care.

It's a topic that many Idahoans prefer to avoid in public, at least partly because of the harsh ramifications this simple plant and its derivatives have created for the lives on ordinary people. I wanted to learn more, so I decided attend the New Approach Idaho Marijuana Town Hall Meeting in…

Contemplating: One January day after attending the pro-life rally at the Capitol steps in Boise, I left literature on my coffee table at home. Our son, who was about 6 or 7, picked it up and was horrified by what he saw.

As a professor of education for nearly 20 years, I supervise and mentor many young teachers. I am continually impressed by their creativity and expertise in using technology to enhance the classroom experience for students. I am pleased that local school districts may now take advantage of u…

I have been reading the memories of old Mercy Hospital, and I would like the public to remember the hospital as “Mercy Hospital", which served the community and surrounding towns for many years.

Debbie Mallis, director of the Interfaith Equality Coalition, should change the spelling of her last name. She had the gall to accuse a Christian pastor and former Muslim from Iran of “hate speech” against Muslim refugees.

As the world turns and continues to spew out more problems coming our way south of the border, please notice what is quietly taking place — a disconnect from reality by citizens who have basically "given up" on the good old USA. It begs the question why?

The Press-Tribune got its Jan. 14 editorial wrong in saying the Hammonds were “convicted for setting two small backfires to improve the conditions of their grazing land”. The ranchers were convicted in a trial by jury for: 1) setting fire on BLM land to hide evidence of illegally slaughterin…

Regarding the school bus accident in Caldwell, I believe the driver was at fault. A terrible mistake. Everyone is grateful no one was injured.

Responding to the Jan. 7 Kershner "I am a Christian and superior to those trashy atheists" letter. She apparently does not understand the supply-and-demand concept. As long as there are terror groups needing weapons, there will be greedy people to supply them.

In regards to the armed group occupying the wildlife preserve, as Jes Kalkin suggested in Tuesday's online comments, ring it with razor wire. Instant federal penitentiary.

I am writing this today in response to the article of the protests in Oregon. In your article, I wasn’t able to pick out any specific opinion, so I’m here to share mine.

Guns — why not a background check on all gun sales? I can't rent an apartment or get a job without a background check. So why does it not make sense for the purchase of a deadly weapon?

The refugee crisis has become a huge topic of debate in this country, something no one seems to have a good answer to. Should we take in refugees? How many? How long do we provide things for them?

I am working on earning my communications merit badge in Boy Scouts. I am writing to you about a town council meeting that happened Oct. 6, 2014. The subject was to see if the council wanted to buy a known Bearcat. I have some of the pros and cons.

Opinions are statements of personal likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. Examples would include: a Chevy is better that a Ford, being a Catholic is better than being a Baptist, a dog is a better pet than a cat, blue is prettier than yellow, and a chocolate chip cookie is the best kind. These a…

In response to the "Preparing for the Unimaginable" article posted by Alx George on Jan. 6, I would like to say that as a high school and CWI student, I am beyond happy that these practices are taking place.

The new generation is facing a kaleidoscope of issues: terrorism, global warming, poverty, social injustice and the ethics surrounding emerging technologies, to name a few, but the greatest obstacle to solving these problems is the unconscious narrowing of individual perspectives.

I am writing about how South Korea is resuming its broadcast of pro-South Korean broadcasts into North Korea. I believe this is just another step toward another armed conflict between the two countries.

After hearing a radio message about how the Idaho Lottery has proudly funded the Idaho schools with many millions of dollars for the schools and the permanent building fund, why doesn't that money go into a general fund so the school districts never have to ask for money again?

Why doesn’t anyone work together anymore? Within the last few years, we as a nation have become more steadfast, more stubborn and more thick-headed than ever before. It’s as if we no longer value doing things together, or at all. Instead of seeing our various factions as trying to get along …

Yes, we have liberal crazies and conservative crazies. Some are politicians. Their numbers are multiplying to the point they look like the Sunnis and the Shiites of the Middle East. Each is driven by religion or ideology or both, and in some cases hate.

Recently I heard for the second time of a strange event. In another state, a new Christian was driving down a street when he thought God was speaking to him saying “Go stick your head inside that mailbox and yell 'God loves you!'”

Judy Smith's Dec. 23 letter has some good points about Middle East terrorists. Her railings against three religions that developed in the Middle East being poisonous while agnostics and atheists are comparatively peaceful folks is a bit on the naive side.

How sad that the rights of citizens are being abused and trampled on and the Constitution is being shredded by a government that is out of control and needs to be reigned in and held accountable for the injustice they are inflicting upon people.