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  We were nervous, but Rep. Chaney going strong

If you followed the news on Caldwell Republican Rep. Greg Chaney from when he first announced his primary candidacy to replace longtime public servant and Canyon County icon Darrell Bolz, you know his entry into state politics was about as rocky as it could possibly be.

Today's Editorial Cartoon

Today's editorial cartoon

  Thanks to departing board members; welcome new ones

Last week, we bid farewell to our editorial board members of the past year: Marie Baker, Scott Hogan Bruce Krosch, Richard Maffei and Autumn Short. I’m not the most sentimental guy (well, maybe I am), but it was bittersweet to say goodbye to this group of folks.

  Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to O’Reilly Auto Parts in Nampa. When I noticed that one headlight was burned out, I stopped at O’Reilly and purchased the bulb. The salesman discovered that both hood supporters were worn out and he needed to find something to keep the hood open. There was a gentleman in the store who heard our conversation and offered to help keep the hood open. They not only replaced the bulb but also installed new hood supporters without any extra charges. I was very thankful for their help and support since I’m a senior citizen and could not do it myself.

  This Arbor Day, support forest products businesses

Arbor Day is the last Friday in April.  It is a chance for Idahoans to reflect on the importance of trees, forests and wood products in our everyday lives. We all love trees and we all love everything that trees do for us. From providing wildlife habitat, to clean air and water, recreational opportunities and the renewable raw materials for wood and paper products, trees are truly miraculous. It is important for us to appreciate these many gifts, but it is equally important for us to focus on how to keep all of our forests healthy and growing for the future. This will require active forest management and a healthy forest infrastructure.

  SB 1067 needs to be resolved, and soon

The risks associated with abandoning SB 1067 (the child support bill) are serious and need to be resolved sooner rather than later. The only beneficiaries of this bill not passing are those parents who don’t voluntarily pay their child support. It has been reported that as much as 85 percent of annual payments to children in Idaho are involuntary payments. I’m not suggesting that those taking the lead in opposition to this bill want to protect deadbeat parents, but they have to understand that the result of abandoning this bill is just that. Without access to the federal portals, parents and children who rely on this information sharing for processing and enforcement are shut out.

  Idaho’s health care undergoing quiet, positive revolution

While all of the attention paid to the question of Medicaid expansion is certainly warranted, there are other equally game-changing health care developments already underway in Idaho. These developments are quietly transforming the industry and improving both patient outcomes and health system efficiencies as we speak.

Recent Comments

Posted 5 hours ago by moon willow.

article: Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to two Nampa Police Officers for spotting my flat tire while i was driving down Sugar Ave. on Aug. 21st. They rounded up my spare tire which was airless, took it down and got air in it, returned and then put it on my Vehicle. it was a dirty job but they did it with smiling faces. I appreciated it more than they will know. So with all the bad Media attention our Civil Servants have been getting lately i just wanted to give these 2 a shout out for their kindness and steadfast Service to our Community in Nampa.Thanks again fellas!


Posted 9 hours ago by MrHitt.

article: Keep prayer out of government meetings

Yes, I did say charitable causes worldwide. Charitable causes. Response to the Haiti earthquake through charitable organizations is a good example. Not foreign aid, but freely given money and time and goods. I find it peculiar that people look at religious countries having very generous populations and claim that it is a bad thing. Or that the data are incorrect (they MUST be!) or dismiss the data because it is a poll (or a study for that matter). When religious people are generous, it is NOT necessarily because they fear burning forever, but because they are taught to love their fellow man. Period. There is no "or else" implied. That's just a cynical ploy to placate the resentment some haters have towards the religious, so they can feel self-righteous. Jack points out that the most generous states have high religious populations. So what? Religious people are more generous. Not just to their churches (which by the way do a LOT of world-wide charitable work, making that 0.19% number look suspicious, since tithing is not considered giving overseas, but much of the money gets there anyway) but to the red cross, and other organizations. While the Chronicle of Philanthropy shows Northeastern states giving more to the Red Cross than southern states (1.4% vs. 0.9%) the overall giving is larger. Some would say that religion short changes the Red Cross, but I disagree. The Red Cross would have a lot heavier burden if not for the charitable works of churches who help out in places like the afforementioned Haiti. So, in conclusion, we'll have to agree to disagree. The World Giving Index has been around for years, and judging by the many sites I can see, ranging everywhere from the NY Post, to CNN, to the Australian site I referred you to, it must have some credibility. But then, I'm judging my fellow Americans based on my own behavior. I give a lot. Because the more I give to charities I support, the LESS the bureaucrats in DC get to do their dirty work, and I have more say in how my money is used. And I think THAT goes a long way in explaining why red states are more charitable overall than blue ones.


Posted 10 hours ago by iammom.

article: We were nervous, but Rep. Chaney going …

You forgot about Larry Craig! Basically if you have a criminal record: DUI, car theft, domestic violence, sex offence.... and you want the Idaho Press Tribune's endorsement; run as a Republican! I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad. I understand that the Press Tribune operates in a community dominated by Republicans and are afraid that they will go out of business if they don't tow the party line. But that being the case at least be honest, and don't call your publication a "news paper". Just call it what it is. Partisan politics is so childish: "My team rocks no matter what", your team sucks, no matter what". That's why I'm an Independent and will vote for the person not the party. Admittedly that was not always the case, but I've grown up.


Posted 10 hours ago by Jack Knife.

article: Keep prayer out of government meetings

Iammom: I didn't see your reply and basically just repeated what you already know. As far as religious conservatives being so giving, they take the fires of hell very seriously and don't want to test those waters. They feel you can get to heaven via your checking account. "Religion has a big influence on giving patterns. Regions of the country that are deeply religious are more generous than those that are not. Two of the top nine states -- Utah and Idaho -- have high numbers of Mormon residents, who have a tradition of tithing at least 10 percent of their income to the church. The remaining states in the top nine are all in the Bible Belt."


Posted 10 hours ago by Jack Knife.

article: Keep prayer out of government meetings

Iammom: A recent post referred to the World Giving Index 2014 report produced by Charities Aid Foundation ( The following is the methodology used to arrive at their results: "The World Giving Index score is based on an average of three measures of giving behaviour - the percentage of people who in a typical month donate money to charity, volunteer their time, and help a stranger. That's why Myanmar with such a small population can tie the US. The three behaviours are also looked at on an individual basis within the report." It should be noted that in the donate money category the US was 9th. Any money donated (including tithing) to a church/religious organization can be considered as a charitable contribution, even if it was used to improve the parking lot or buy new robes for the choir. Churches get a lot of "charity" on Sunday when they pass the plate. The high rankings in the other two gave the US its' top scorce. If you look for ranking based on percent of GDP or a per captia basis, the results are different. This report ( will give examples of both. No source was given for the figures used so just take it as an example only.


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