BOISE  — An Ada County jury found a Meridian man guilty of second-degree murder Thursday in the March 2011 shooting death of his wife's lover in a drug store parking lot.

Jurors deliberated for more than seven hours before returning with the guilty verdict against Robert Hall, 42. He was charged with first-degree murder in the death of attorney Emmett Corrigan, but jurors were allowed to consider a lesser charge.

Sentencing is tentatively set for Dec. 13.

In closing arguments Wednesday, both the prosecution and the defense acknowledged it's unknown how the shooting happened. It wasn't captured on the store's video camera, Hall told investigators he couldn't remember what happened, and his wife, Kandi Hall, testified she had turned away from the men before the shots were fired.

"As much as we'd like to be able to tell you, 'Hey, we can switch on the video and prove it to you,' unfortunately we can't," defense attorney Rob Chastain told jurors.

But prosecuting attorney Jason Spillman argued there was enough evidence to determine a murder occurred.

"Folks, you didn't see a murder but the evidence, the circumstances, allow you to find beyond a reasonable doubt that one occurred," he said.

Prosecutors argued Rob Hall went to the parking lot at a Meridian Walgreen's that night with a gun, knowing his wife's car was there and that she'd been having an affair with her boss, Corrigan.

"What was the defendant doing at Walgreen's? He was hunting for them. He wasn't just waiting, he was hunting for them," Spillman said.

Defense attorneys said Hall only intended to talk to his wife.

"He parks right under the light of Walgreens. He's not trying to hide. He's not trying to plan any sort of surreptitious attack or approach. The man's there to talk to his wife and nothing else," Chastain said. "The state has ignored Emmett Corrigan's role in this case. Who was really the aggressor here? Who really put the events into action that night?"

Over the 10-day trial, the defense brought forth testimony that Corrigan had been taking steroids and a stimulant and had made threats against Rob Hall and against his own wife and her siblings in the hours before the shooting.

"Nobody can prove Rob Hall controlled the gun when Emmett Corrigan was shot," Chastain said.

Spillman argued Hall waited until all eyewitnesses were out of the parking lot and Kandi Hall turned her back before he shot Corrigan in the head and chest and then turned and faced his wife while he shot himself in the head. Hall suffered a superficial wound.

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