BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The wife of a man accused of first-degree murder testified at his trial Thursday that she had been having an affair with the victim, who was her boss.

Robert Hall is on trial in the March 11, 2011, shooting death of attorney Emmett Corrigan, 30, in a drug store parking lot in Meridian.

In opening arguments Wednesday, prosecutors told an Ada County jury that Hall waited in the parking lot for his wife and Corrigan to come back from a drive so he could confront them after learning earlier in the day that his wife wanted a divorce.

"The evidence will show (Hall) did not shoot Emmett Corrigan in self-defense," deputy Idaho Attorney General Jessica Lorello told the jury. "The defendant is the one who waited for Emmett Corrigan. The defendant is the one who brought a gun. The defendant fired those shots from 2 to 3 feet away."

Kandi Hall testified Thursday that her affair with Corrigan began two months before she began working as a paralegal in his Boise law office. She said she had sex with Corrigan in his truck on the night he was shot.

She also testified that she was committed to her marriage with Robert Hall and that she gave him the gun used in the shooting as a gift in December 2009.

The defense did not deliver an opening statement Wednesday but reserved the right to do so later.

Court records indicate Hall's lawyers are expected to call an expert witness who will testify that Corrigan was under the influence of steroids and amphetamines the night of the shooting — drugs that caused "negative psychiatric effects."

Meridian police said it appeared Hall tried to shoot himself in the head after he shot Corrigan and suffered a superficial wound. His attorneys are expected to call an expert to testify that Hall has retrograde amnesia as a result of that wound and does not remember what happened.

The trial is expected to last three weeks or more.

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