CALDWELL — As a 1975 graduate of Caldwell High School, a ‘79 elementary education graduate of The College of Idaho and a member of the community for more than 35 years, it would be difficult to find a person more deeply-rooted in the community than Tim Rosandick.

Rosandick, who also earned a master’s degree from the University of Oregon and an education specialist degree from the University of Idaho, started July 2 as the superintendent of the Caldwell School District after a seven-year stint as the superintendent of the Homedale School District. Rosandick was selected by the school board from nearly 30 viable, regional applicants.

Before his time in Homedale, Rosandick was a teacher, vice principal, principal and assistant superintendent in Caldwell. His wife has taught in the district for many years and his three children graduated from Caldwell High. He said he always intended to stay in the Caldwell district.

“I started in Caldwell in 1980 and I had envisioned myself spending my entire career in Caldwell,” Rosandick said. “My wife was from this community and our families were from here.”

He said when the Caldwell position became vacant, he was satisfied with his professional experience in Homedale, and returning to Caldwell would be an opportunity for his career to end full circle.

“I kind of call it my last hoorah because I hope to finish my career in Caldwell,” he said.

Rosandick will be the fourth person to hold the position since he left in 2005 for Homedale. Rosandick was a candidate for the superintendency in 2005, but was not offered the position.

One of Rosandick’s main focuses is to ensure every student be in the best possible situation to continue to some type of post-secondary education. P16, a program funded by community groups like the YMCA, United Way, Albertsons and many others, is an asset to the district, Rosandick said. The program is designed to assist students and families in the district academically, socially and physically for post-secondary education.

Along with P16, Rosandick will continue to implement what he calls the most significant academic initiation of his career, the Common Core State Standards, a rigorous, curriculum-based program designed to best prepare students for opportunities after high school.

“It’s going to be quite a challenge,” Rosandick said. “... It’s going to take a tremendous amount of effort. That really is going to be the big academic push in Caldwell that I’m going to be responsible to facilitate in the next few years.”

Idaho is one of 40-plus states to adopt the program. Rosandick said the success of the program and the district rides on the employment of the best teachers possible.

“Caldwell has a teaching staff right now that is among the state’s best. I don’t doubt that,” Rosandick said. “The school board is doing its best to make working conditions and salaries such that we can retain our best and brightest, and attract the best and brightest.”

Rosandick understands expectations are high. He said he knows what needs to be done, but that he can’t do it alone. Many “stakeholders” will be needed to move the district forward.

“There is nobody that they could have hired that cares about Caldwell more than me,” Rosandick said.


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