KUNA — The effort to recall Kuna Board of Trustees member Michael Law is officially underway, and though he has five days to decide whether to resign or fight, Law says his mind is already made up.

“When the five days starts, I don't know, but it doesn't really matter because I'm not resigning,” Law said. “Whether it starts today or when I receive the snail mail notice … it's not going to happen.”

The Ada County Elections Office approved the petition today. That means a recall election will take place Aug. 26 in Kuna, when voters will decide Law's fate.

The effort to recall Law is led by Terri Reno, a Kuna resident with children in the school district. Reno and others who signed the recall petition are angered by Law's opposition to the two-year, $6.38 million levy that failed in March. Law led campaign efforts against the levy, which opponents say is a breach of his code of ethics as a school board member. He also opposed a second attempt to approve the levy May 20, but voters turned out in high numbers for that election and passed it.

“If it's the accusation I spoke out against the levy after it was put on the ballot, then we should be recalling anybody who speaks out against a piece of legislation, because it's the same thing,” Law said. “It's just a ridiculous charge. It's founded, as in I definitely did that, but as far as that being a valid charge, it's ridiculous.”

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