Snake River Dayz brought hours of fun-filled activities to Nampa streets Saturday.

A breakfast and the Snake River Stampede Parade kicked off the day, which continued with events downtown and concluded with a concert and scheduled showing of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" at the Nampa Civic Center.

Here's what people had to say about the day:

"The horses were the best!"

-;Lizzie Ellis, 6, Nampa

"My favorite part of the day has been working with all the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces."

-; Jade Johnson, junior, cheerleader at Nampa High School

"It was interesting seeing all the different types of horses at the parade."

-; Michael Werlinger, 14, Nampa

I've grown up participating in all of this, and being able to ride in the parade is something I've been looking forward to for a very long time."

-; Natalie Bish, Miss Rodeo Idaho

"The parade, because it brought back so many childhood memories."

-; Jaden Nava, 12, Nampa

"I liked the parade, the music and the excellent show the band put on for the kids tonight!"

-;Bob Vandecoevering

"Everything has been absolutely wonderful. I love the way the kids got involved. Just good old fashioned family involvement."

-; Ardelle O'Bryan, Nampa, Vice President of Civic Center Auxiliary

Snake River Stampede Parade 2008 Results

Best Buggy

1. Gary Hodges -; $100

Best Wagon

1. Hurley Legg -; $125

2. Sylvia and Jerry Patterson -; $100

3. Dean Patterson -; $75

Best Miniature Entry

1. Lois Cant -; $100

2. Don Cant -; $75

3. Max Powlton -; $50

Best Junior Riding Club

1. EhCapa Bareback Riders -; $125 and trophy

2. Energizers Riding Club -; $100 and trophy

Best Family Riding Club

1. Ten Mile Riding Club -; $125 and trophy

2. Esphelas de Pletta Riding Club -; $100 and trophy

Best Adult Riding Club

1. Treasure Valley Leather Slappers -; $125 and trophy

2. Rawhiders Drill Team -; $100 and trophy

3. Ada County Sheriff's Mounted Posse-ettes -; $100 and trophy

Best Girl 10 and Under

1. Macey Cannon of Nampa

2. T.J. Hopson of Homedale

Best Pair of Girls 10 and Under

1. Annie and Audrie Miller of Marsing

2. Mia Barrera-Woodbury and Olivia Mottis of Nampa

3. A.J. and Cheyenne Hopson of Homedale

Best Boy 10 and Under

1. Micah Pirvu of Nampa

2. Benjamin Willerup of Boise

Best Pair of Boys 10 and Under

1. Dusty Riggs and Jake Wilson of New Plymouth

Best Man

1. Jay Bird of Middleton

Best Pair of Men

1. Elaron Gorddard of Boise and Matt Saleen of Middleton

2. Jerry Doly of Nampa and Mike Tetrick of Middleton

Best Woman

1. Crystal Menetee of Eagle

2. Jan Maxie of Boise

Best Pair of Women

1. Karen Salean and Melissa Gibson of Middleton

Best Pair Man and Woman

1. Pat Thompson of Boise and Sadie Kennel of Nampa

Best Costume

1. Dane Johnson of Caldwell

2. Drew Johnson of Caldwell

3. Amber Reebens of Wilder

Best Visiting Royalty

1. Western Riding Club

2. Meridian Lions Rodeo

3. Riggins RodeoClub


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