MALHEUR COUNTY, Ore. - Two men, 59 and 60, were hospitalized with severe injuries Sunday night after detonating explosives at Bully Creek Reservoir, about 10 miles west of Vale, Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe said.

One of the victims has life-threatening injuries to his face, limbs and chest, Wolfe said. The other has severe but not life-threatening injuries. A dog was also injured.

Deputies found three or four detonated explosive devices near the scene of the incident, along with one unexploded device. Local authorities called the Nampa bomb squad for assistance, who found bomb-making materials in an Ontario home.

The bomb squad them proceeded to the scene to dispose of the unexploded device, Wolfe said.

"There's just too many unanswered questions, because it just doesn't make sense," Wolfe said. "It's one thing if they're testing them just to see them go boom, but do they have an intended target for them somewhere down the road?"

Ontario Police Chief Mark Alexander said charges are possible, as possessing these types of devices is a violation of state and federal law, but it's too early to speculate at this point.

One of the men was transported to a Portland hospital, the other to a Boise hospital. The Idaho Press-Tribune will report more information as it becomes available.


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