Mark Gross and Sumer Brenden, both of Nampa

Daniel Blocksom and Simone Gaub, both of Caldwell

Joshua Edwards and Amber Schwenken, both of Caldwell

Tylee Lanham and Clayce Nelson, both of Caldwell

Steven Coy and Chaliece Mark, both of Nampa

Cody Bequeath and Emma Weaver, both of Middleton

Adam Kent and Kimberly Osborn, both of Wilder

Kyle Doyle and Kandi Austin, both of Caldwell

Steven Boyle and Amanda Milenoff, both of Nampa

Juan Hernandez and Maria Banda, both of Caldwell

William Campbell and Eleonore Tucker, both of Caldwell

Rodolfo Pina-Ramos and Susana Martinez, both of Nampa

Samuel Hawkins and April Zeff, both of Caldwell

Jason Fisher and Rella Smock, both of Nampa

Steven Rivera and Danielle Galvan, both of Caldwell

James De Leon and Maria Rodriguez, both of Caldwell

Jacob Volk and Telori Watson, both of Wilder

Bland Ballard and Christine Stewart, both of Homedale

Jonny McCreary and Brandy Harper, both of Caldwell

Derek Barroso and Lindsey Noe, both of Parma

Christopher Whalen and Teresa Pruitt, both of Caldwell

Andrew Parker and Allysia Tucker, both of Nampa

Janssen Tiegs and Rachel Veseth, both of Caldwell

Shane Martin and Ashley Mixner, both of Nampa

Jonathan Nagel and Gloria King, both of Nampa

Mark Owen and Lori Rainboth, both of Nampa

Ronald Cleverly and Brittany Faught, both of Nampa

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