Marriage licenses published Nov. 28, 2010

Adalid Orozco and Rafaela Macias, both of Caldwell

Aaron Martinez and Lucinda Cervantes, both of Boise

Lloyd Christensen and Cynthia Slagel, both of Nampa

Todd Durrant and Tanya Harris, both of Nampa

Richard Padley of Boise and Denise Tippetts of Nampa

Mark Troit of Delta Junction, Alaska and Hope Garland of Nampa

Justin Haskins and Terra Webb, both of Nampa

Jesus Gonzales and Jacqueline Gonsalez, both of Caldwell

Justin Kudlacz and Amber Green, both of Caldwell

Zachary Ynigez of Parma and Jenny Rosas-Mejia of Caldwell

Marshall McDaniel Jr. and Maria Macias, both of Nampa

Matthew Steelman and Stephani Saari, both of Nampa

Franklin Fink of Klickitat, Wash., and Norma Murrell of Nampa

Herber Silva and Pilar Rojas, both of Meridian

Eloy Huitron-Ruiz and Yesica Lugo, both of Caldwell

Ancelmo Sanchez-Jimon and Melissa Acorn, both of Nampa

Richard Hansen and Amanda Krueger, both of Middleton

Cristobal Ramirez-Escobar and Maria Magdaleno-Ramirez, both of Nampa

Roland Ozuna and Denora Castillo, both of Caldwell

Josue Reyes and Laura Arreola-Penaloza, both of Greshem, Ore.

Albert Rivera and Maria Arrellano, both of Caldwell

Efrain Henandez and Reyna Hernandez, both of Nampa

Marriages published Oct. 10, 2010

Seth Card of Middleton and Maribel Montes of Las Vegas, Nev.

Stephen Short Jr. of Emmett and Sonja Edwards of Homedale

Joseph Castillo Jr. and Chasity Burbank, both of Nampa

Jesus Vazquez-Mora and Monica Lopez, both of Nampa

John Goss and Ruth Adamson, both of Nampa

David Calderon and Aida Jasso, both of Nampa

Mark Zimmer and Jacquelyn Rogers, both of Boise

Uri Skelly-Yehezkely and Mary Maimer, both of Marsing

Ronald Stansell and Laura Theile, both of Homedale

Ramon Ortega and Maria Santoyo, both of Nampa

David Whipple Jr. and Jennifer Smith, both of Nampa

Nicholas Bird and Kelsey Chandler, both of Nampa

Rene Jaramillo and Ana Arizmendi, both of Homedale

Bradley Andresen and Lynda Kross, both of Columbia, Mo.

Rockie Fergurson and Alana Kerrick, both of Caldwell

Daniel Arce and Maria Paniagua, both of Nampa

James Hinderer and Amber Ashton, both of Nampa

Adam Ekin and Haley Borders, both of Nampa

Otoniel Fernandez-Justo and Araceli Contreras, both of Caldwell

Kennon Lubacky and Christina Roach, both of Star

James Booth and Kendra Moore, both of Nampa

Jeff Walker and Melinda Johnson, both of La Grande, Ore.

Marti Ervin and Kim Farmer, both of Nampa

Mark Altig and Julie Thurm, both of Nampa

Esteban Miron-Alfaro and Veronica Garcia-Garcia, both of Nampa

Tanner Young and Tara Roland, both of Caldwell

Carl Hayes of Eagle and Sharlene Shippy of New Plymouth

Daniel Herman and Jolene Maxwell, both of Homedale

Ronald Ford of Donnelly and Victoria Granden of Middleton

Edgar Lugo-Garcia and Alma Gonzalez, both of Marsing

Brian Boster and Arlis Davis, both of Caldwell

Isaac Tunteri and Talis Oliver, both of Nampa

Jeffrey Metcalf and Lisa Metcalf, both of Melba

Fernando Hernandez and Felicia Romero, both of Boise

Klay Young and Sarah Teie, both of Nampa

Larry Hammon and Connie Guyer, both of Nampa

Stephen Hook of Nampa and Almaria Restuti of Loma Linda, Calif.

Joseph Newcomer and Patricia Rush, both of Nampa

Antone Gabica and Amy Asqueta, both of Nampa

Jose Cruz-Gutierrez and Patricia Arredondo, both of Caldwell

Trevor Soesbe and Jennifer Dukleth, both of Santaquin, Utah

Daniel Lutton and Amanda Knopes, both of Nampa

Michael Nielsen and Kimberly Whisman, both of Nampa

Angelo Romano and Amanda Iverson, both of Nampa

Justin Devinaspre and Misty Kimbrough, both of Nampa

Todd Hall of Caldwell and Elizebeth Woodhall of Homedale

Xerey Griffith and Cortney Warner, both of Boise

Rodney Zuber and April Beckmon, both of Meridian

Nicholas Leighton and Adriana Izaguirre, both of Caldwell

Scot Sperry and Jennifer Thorne, both of Nampa

Kenneth Henderson Jr. and Kristina Broughton, both of Caldwell

Cruz Landeros and Olga Mozqueda, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses published Sept. 19, 2010

Joshua Phelps and Faith Morton, both of Nampa

Jacob Nielson and Leeann Rioux, both of Caldwell

Raul Zapata-Ibarra and Belen Rangel, both of Kuna

Michael Morgan and Traci Caldwell, both of Nampa

Ramiro Malacara and Jamie Amador, both of Wilder

Austin Anderson and Colleen Joyce, both of Nampa

Mark Schrick and Raquel Way, both of Nampa

Nicholas Starkey and Jessica Cota, both of Boise

Zachary Dehne and Alisa Hartley, both of Caldwell

Gregorio Garza-Hernandez and Micheal Nunn, both of Caldwell

Donald Case and Shawn Campbell, both of Nampa

James Fox Jr. of Wilder and Bonnie Freeman of Greenleaf

Ronald Vaughn and Monique Teal, both of Nampa

Nicholas Vallard and Anna Pirnie, both of Nampa

Zachary Douty and Lauren Vermeer, both of Meridian

Juan Delgado and Cindy Ramirez, both of Notus

Allen Calkins and Emily Corder, both of Caldwell

Todd Asher and Carol Schmidt, both of Melba

Dustin Langley and Sara Jensen, both of Nampa

Richard Reed and Evelyn Young, both of Caldwell

James Smith II and Jamie Hansen, both of Kaysville, Utah

Christopher Adkins and Allison Fisher, both of Caldwell

Miguel Wagner and Jazmine Chavez, both of Caldwell

Ruben Rodriguez and Maria Pena-Gaytan, both of Melba

Ben Green and Fallon Powell, both of Caldwell

Stephen McConnell and Lisa Powell, both of Caldwell


Marriage licenses published Sept. 12, 2010

Jonathan Wilde and Christine Fugal, both of Nampa

Shawn Cafferty of Caldwell and Kara Eby of Bonners Ferry

Keith Pitcher of Boston, Mass., and Stephanie Wilkes of Nampa

Marco Magallon and Melissa Lopez, both of Boise

Jonathan Buckridge and Nicole Gibson, both of Nampa

Scott Smith and Cindy Smith, both of Nampa

Jacob Gravett and Doris Pfaff, both of Middleton

Mark Haney and Jennifer Desmond, both of Nampa

Justin Nicodemus and Melissa Snead, both of Nampa

Adam Asfeld and Stephanie Heinzen, both of Fargo, N.D.

Jose Armando-Guerrero and Angelica Sanchez, both of Nampa

Brian Milburn and Caitlin Shippy, both of Parma

Ramon Alvarez and Keisey Eggers, both of Nampa

Bob Eastridge and Jody Mihan, both of Melba

Matthew Stonecipher and Melissa Strain, both of Nampa

Kevin Byington and Brenna Pancheri, both of Lewisville, Texas

Alvin Plumb and Nicole Garrison, both of Nampa


Lane McKinney and Tara Crow, both of Nampa

Terry Crofts and Joy Squires, both of Nampa

Jose Reyna-Briones and Araceli Tovar-Valdivia, both of Nampa

Andrew Maxwell and Heidi Emerson, both of Emmett

John Wardhaugh of Wilder and Dana Robinette of Boise

Eddie Brooks and Mary Brooks, both of Nampa

William Westbrook and Brenda Steele, both of Parma

Daniel Keck and Sarah Mays, both of Nampa

Gregory Gonzales Jr. and Carrie Pierce, both of Nampa

Fernando Flores and Haley McDaniel, both of Nampa

Juvenal Estrada and Jacqueline Herrera, both of Boise

Henry Sorg and Mari Fritz, both of Homedale

Francisco De Dios Verdin and Maria Gomez, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses issued Sept. 5, 2010

Adrian Benitez-Vivanco and Kristin Ramirez, both of Caldwell

Rickie Abbott and Susan Cornwell, both of Nampa

Samuel Ramirez-Reyes and Maria Polanco, both of Marsing

Roy Perez and Corinna Andrews, both of Caldwell

Grant Saunders and Betty Walker, both of Cove, Ore.

Chad McCloud of Meridian and Katie Burningham of Nampa

Martin Jackson and Doreen Lancon, both of Marsing

David Kennedy and Clarissa Fillis, both of Caldwell

Bill Matney and Leona Overcast, both of Eagle

Jason Leslie and Sandee Leslie, both of Caldwell

Garbriel Zamora and Senah Mestas, both of Wilder

Richard Pyles and Barbara Starner, both of Caldwell

Cecil Ward and Shylah Eells, both of Nampa

Layne Smith and Leanne Harding, both of Nampa

Brandon Simon of Nampa and Angelica Resendiz of Kuna

Noah Thompson and Sierra Weiskircher, both of Nampa

Eric Bair of Caldwell and Colby Delatore, Apple Valley, Calif.

Cristobal Herrera and Tabita Rios, both of Homedale

Byron Healy and Shannon Lance, both of Nampa

Alan Bellezzi and Jessica Santiago, both of Nampa

Philip Brubaker and Bobbi Mewhinney, both of Florence, Ore.

Andrew Rath and Keisha Hume, both of Caldwell

Dedly Orelus and Mariah Blumenthal, both of Nampa

Dirk Hansen and Crystal Arbaugh, both of Meridian

Rory McDaniel and Virginia Gilliam

Jason Wilson and Emily Hansen, both of Caldwell

Charles Freeman and Stacy Malmberg, both of Marsing

Luke Durrant of Boise and Jenica Cotterell of Middleton

Homero Sergio-Oviedo and Desiree Ruiz, both of Caldwell

Bruce Stenkamp and Ginger Stenkamp, both of Nampa

Nicholas Mitchell and Ashley Gallahan, both of Caldwell

Shane Stewart and Heather Ratterree, both of Nampa

Justin Weakly and Victoria Gross, both of Nampa

Samuel Doss and Ashli Warnke, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses published Aug. 29, 2010

Kory Shepherd and Arielee Delagarza, both of Caldwell

Jose Marquez and Alyssa Warner, both of Nampa

Lance Campbell and Heather Cable, both of Nampa

Casey Leppert and Taiza Barry, both of Caldwell

Geoffrey Caldwell and Tanya Palmer, both of Nampa

Joshua Bovard and Elisha Liggett, both of Caldwell

Jacob Gonzalez and Ashley Mendez, both of Caldwell

Jonathan Howard and Jaymi Hager, both of Nampa

Fabian Pacheco and Frances Gutierrez, both of Nampa

Jose Madera of Caldwell and Brook Bontrager of Nampa

Michael Betts and Tracey Garcia, both of Meridian

Sean Williams and Kimberly Hutton, both of Caldwell

Ricky Sorensen and Michelle Rhodes, both of Caldwell

Derek McDonnell and Dannielle Schelhorn, both of Caldwell

Chase Kelpin and Kimberly Ballard, both of Caldwell

Steven Drinkall and Marcy Williams, both of Boise

Lynn Petty-Rotsten and Chandie Stoddard, both of Meridian

Steven Hernandez of Wilder and Maribel Guzman of Parma

Oscar Arteaga-Castro and Erica Campos, both of Parma

Bruce Williams Jr. and Janeice Rodriguez, both of Nampa

Jacob Silver and Jessica Engle, both of Melba

Jeffrey Arellano and Sandra Lawrence, both of Nampa

Jesus Castro-Heredia and Lyndsy Blamires, both of Nampa

Jon Pena and Alexa Keeney, both of Nampa

Johnathan Kimble and Francesca Watson, both of Caldwell

Ryan Amlingmeier and Serena Tlucek, both of Nampa

Johnny Garza and Martha Gonzalez, both of Caldwell

Theodore Eld and Sandra Vannatter, both of Morning Sun, Iowa

Carlo Puga and Porscha Cabrera, both of Caldwell

Deven Bednorz and Kayla Kitchen, both of Caldwell

David Scarborough of Idaho Falls and Amy Robinson of Meridian

Juan Paz and Angelina Fuentes, both of Caldwell

Alejo Molina Jr. of Boise and Maria Perez of Caldwell

Jered Elkins and Pamela Garren, both of Nampa

Theodore Perry of Middleton and Charlene Jensen of Boise


Marriage licenses published Aug. 22, 2010

Douglas Huber of Meridian and Wanda Weatherly of Caldwell

Rafael Heredia and Maria Casillas, both of Jerome

John Locklear of Lillington, N.C., and Carma Uribe of Caldwell

Christopher Wright and Tiffany Martinez, both of Marsing

Robert Donaldson and Diana Lathrop, both of Caldwell

Fidel Castro and Maria Gomez, both of Bliss

Luis Felix and Janice Ontiveros, both of Caldwell

Preston Barker and Delaney Page, both of Nampa

Aaron Mosser and Kendra Leeper, both of Salem, Va.

Aaron Cantwell and Kami Sigman, both of Caldwell

Brian Galligan of Marsing and Hilary Williams of Caldwell

Roberto Reyes and Veronica Garcia, both of Nampa

Geoffrey Thomason and Lisa Bolton, both of Nampa

Jeffery Chaney and Rose Smith, both of Nampa

Christopher Cole and Angela Bail, both of Middleton

Wesley Tiwater and Karianna Gooding, both of Nampa

Logan Bice of Caldwell and Allison Johansen of Nampa

Antonio Antonio-Garcia and Maria Hernandez, both of Twin Falls

Timothy Reese and Tammy Ransom, both of Notus

Christian Navarro and Jordhan Sparks, both of Boise

Jeremiah Ingram and Rachel Schneider, both of Middleton

Omar Arredondo and Marisol Esparza, both of Caldwell

Stuart Davis and Amanda Deason, both of Nampa

Edward Hernandez of Nyssa, Ore., and Lisa Homburger of Caldwell

Arthur Dominguez and Korrina Alvarez, both of Nampa

Kelly Mecham of Blackfoot and Amber Olsen of Nampa

Nathaniel Weaver of Caldwell and Saundra Wall of Parma

Zackary Acree and Amber Vanwyck, both of Nampa

Matthew Apodaca of Nampa and Grisel Plascencia of Caldwell

Gabriel Caserta and Molly Pickel, both of Caldwell

Timothy Ellis and Mary Greene, both of Caldwell

Luis Beltran and Beverly Hernandez, both of Nampa

Trey Anderson and Lorelei Williams, both of Nampa

Robert Unger of Parma and Samantha Wood of Wilder

Leobardo Sandoval Jr. and Jeni Rivera, both of Homedale

Jonathan Pruett and Eiko Ramirez, both of Nampa

Jason Morell of Nampa and Katie Fendrick of Meridian


Marriage licenses published Aug. 8

Jose Rosales and Codi Miller, both of Jerome

Timmy Nelson and Minnie Nelson, both of Parma

Abderrahim Sadiki and Tammie Johnson, both of Nampa

Mafimolasike Pupunu and Mesepa Pupunu, both of Nampa

Phillip Duke and Lirrah Simplot, both of Nampa

Trevor Miller and Deborah Birtch, both of Nampa

Juan Padilla and Jennifer Vaughn, both of Caldwell

Justino Gamino-Ontiveros and Maria Duran, both of Caldwell

Brett Clemens and Erica Ambriz, both of Caldwell

Colby Peterson and Tonya Wilson, both of Caldwell

Scotty Greenough and Nicole Handley, both of Wilder

Felipe Pena and Jessica Quintero, both of Caldwell

Kyle Holcomb and Shauni Rainboth, both of Nampa

Paul Hernandez and Angela Champion, both of Middleton

Jose Arrendondo-Rivera of Caldwell and Jennely Robles of Nampa

Lorenso Cervantes and Jasmine Hernandez, both of Caldwell

Jason Bair and Karen Gilliland, both of Rexburg

John Davis Jr. and Stacie Lobb, both of Caldwell

Victor Macias and Teresa Rodriguez, both of Caldwell

Patrick Johnson and Kimberly Veater, both of Caldwell

Zachary Luekenga and Kelsey Dunn, both of Nampa

Aaron Reyes and Diana Guerrero, both of Caldwell

Aaron Vance and Elsbeth Warren, both of Caldwell

Nathan Britzius of Nampa and Laura Hutchins of Boise

Robert Wheeler and Megan Harris, both of Nampa

James Downing and Tara Rivera, both of Caldwell

Reynaldo Guerrero and Trudy Perry, both of Nampa

Scott Lewis and Ashley Hegert, both of Meridian

Edgar Balbin-Yarin and Gloria Alonzo, both of Caldwell

Wesley Vert and Catherine Snook, both of Nampa

Richard Jackson and Ashlee Stock, both of Caldwell

Bret Haidle of Logan, Utah and Melissa Brunett of Nampa

Robert Lawler and Alexandra Brede, both of Nampa

Alfonso Miranda and Leana Garcia, both of Caldwell

Clint Feeley and Marisha Doss, both of Nampa

Troy Oglevee and Stacy Hardman, both of Caldwell


Marriage licenses published Aug. 1, 2010

William Carothers Jr. and Amanda Arellano, both of Nampa

John Wright and Pamela Childs, both of Caldwell

Jorge Mejia-Jimenez and Diana Landa, both of Kuna

Fernando Navarro-Najera and Shantell Graf, both of Caldwell

Codi Lee and Chantell Culley, both of Nampa

Matthew Johnson and Amy Strong, both of Moscow

Stephen Vanderbeek and Andrea Trunnell, both of Greenleaf

Tristan Daeseleer and Debra Cusic, both of Nampa

Jared Massee and Jessica Greenberg, both of Nampa

Alexander Kroll of Middleton and Sarah Nisula of Caldwell

William Youngblood and Maryann Ryan, both of Nampa

Robert Wickland and Marcella Bosch, both of Caldwell

Jose Garcia-Gomez and Christina Mora, both of Caldwell

Fransisco Delgado and Janet Gonzaga, both of Nampa

Robert Crispelle Jr. and Diana Basaldua, both of Nampa

Steven Thompson II and Melissa Teater, both of Middleton

Jose Coronado-Coronad and Vilma Lopez, both of Nampa

Joseph Tower and Teia Dobler, both of Caldwell

Derek Milburn of Caldwell and Melissa Milburn of New Plymouth

Brad Maier and Sharleen Britton, both of Nampa

Kenneth Nakis and Angela McGarity, both of Caldwell

Jesus Quintero and Heather Bolen, both of Nampa

Joshua Maline and Samantha Borcher, both of Nampa

Gerald Makovsky III and Jessica Dam, both of Nampa

Marriage licenses published July 25, 2010

John Nguru and Jane Waweru, both of Nampa

Jarrod Bunker of Greenleaf and Nancy Kirkwood of Boise

Samuel Clagg and Calla Renfro, both of Parma

Troy Worden of Nampa and Megan Wunderlich of Meridian

Ryan Lewis and Michaela Biggins, both of Parma

Miguel Villasenor and Ma Duran, both of Caldwell

Christopher Pierpont and Cassandra Ball, both of Nampa

Manuel Rangel and Marlena Nielsen, both of Caldwell

Jacob Niemec and Kendra Pednault-Willett, both of Nampa

Justin Draper and Amanda Killingbeck, both of Nampa

Kevin Cooper and Vicki Robinson, both of Nampa

Jovan Mendez and April Ortiz, both of Nampa

Kym Lamb and Sadie Lonkey, both of Caldwell

William Lamitina III and Cristina Noble, both of Nampa

Darwin Medina and Alexandra Moorhead, both of Nampa

Stefan Price and Jene Chansky, both of Nampa

Robert Chamberlain and Myra Muhonen, both of Rindge, N.H.

Travis Shumaker of St. David, Ariz., and Bridget Nielson of Nampa

Michael McElhaney and Nattalie Baker, both of Melbourne, Fla.

Austin Barton of Caldwell and Britney Judy of Kuna

Shawn Whitehead and Saraiah Coker, both of Salem, Ore.

Robert Craig of Caldwell and Jacqueline Allen of Marsing

Jared Fullmer and Megan McGowan, both of Nampa

Scott Gillatt and Nicole Snoderly, both of Nampa

Robert Kightlinger and Lori Anderson, both of Elko, Nev.

Saul Rico and Maria Gomez, both of Caldwell

Jeremy Nolting and Janette Britt, both of Nampa

Gary Gross and Terri Rehfeld, both of Middleton

Robert Kennedy III and Tiffany Finnegan, both of Nampa

Daniel Mireles-Delgadillo and Ariel Rivera, both of Caldwell

Gary Glidewell and Chritine Maxson, both of Nampa

Darrin Karau and Adrianna Breach, both of Parma

Thomas Swain of Caldwell and Thelma Barnes of Nampa

Nathan Dillon and Tami Gunn, both of Middleton

Ernest Starbuck and Angela Bates, both of Parma


Marriage licenses published June 27, 2010

Joshua Hatfield and Jessica Gibson, both of Nampa

Jerad Larson of Caldwell and Megan Nichols of Nampa

Hugo Rodriguez of Wendell and Angela Devries of Jerome

Richard Wolgemuth of Fairmount, Ind. and Amanda Holmes of Caldwell

Nelson Palomera and Elia Padilla, both of Caldwell

Erik Short and Paula Wege, both of Nampa

Charlie Kiester and Amber Stockman, both of Nampa

Adam Dillon and Nikki Price, both of Caldwell

Joey Lindberg and Kristina Welch, both of Kuna

Larry Sink and Tammi Kildow, both of Caldwell

Javier Martinez and Julie Ibarra, both of Nampa

Guillermo Chavez-Mendoza and Mindy Hernandez, both of Caldwell

Tyler Marcum and Jessica Wilson, both of Nampa

John Saltz of Caldwell and Erin Rose of Nampa

Rodney Pfeifer and Alicia Hinkle, both of Nampa

Evan Campbell of Caldwell and Melody Gill of Boise

David Carnes and Christine Portenier, both of Nampa

Luis Alvarez and Araceli Vejar, both of Nampa

Daniel Nuttycombe and Dorothy Egmond, both of Middleton

Shawn McDowell and Rhonda Parkhurst, both of Nampa

Rudell Harney Jr. and Kami Russell, both of Nampa

Aurelio Perez and Florinda Villa, both of Parma

Phillip Webb and Susette Smith, both of Caldwell

Paul Manning and Sydney Holbrook, both of Nampa

Patrick Tully and Jaralea Pierce, both of Caldwell

William Wilkerson and Lesli Kube, both of Wilder

Nicholas Snyder and Cristina Gonzalez, both of Caldwell

Eric Jones and Wendy Crockett, both of Middleton

Rocco Coleman and Cheryl Johnson, both of Nampa

Adrian Duran-Serrato and Jennifer Flores, both of Nampa

Joshua Hammers and Jessica McFarland, both of Caldwell

Thomas Daearden and Lauraina Kolb, both of Nampa

James Collins of Middleton and Amber Serna of Meridian


Marriage licenses published June 13, 2010


Travis Calumpit and Melissa Morris, both of Parma

Daniel Eckstrom and Danielle Bowman, both of Nampa

Matthew Lozon and Stacey Tyler, both of Nampa

Kyle Dunfee and Savannah Hoover, both of Nampa

Richard Dickens and Barbara Brookshire, both of Middleton

David Ramirez and Sophia Valdez, both of Nampa

Shaun Roberts and Sherry Dobbs, both of Nampa

Paul Weir of Boise and Angela Weir of Caldwell

William Price and Christina Fivecoat, both of Nampa

Eric Garcia and Amber Lengenfelder, both of Nampa

Kurt Wilson and Virginia Blandford, both of Caldwell

James Frandsen and Katie Bowman, both of Nampa

Shawn Moylan and Jennifer Shanafelt, both of Caldwell

Raymond Kerr and Kimberly Blessing, both of Nampa

Hector Castro-Cortez and Maria Cisneros, both of Ontario, Ore.

David Olsen and Noel Crosby, both of Nampa

Cody Paxton and Kaitlyn Potter, both of Caldwell

Brian James and Julie Kohler, both of Caldwell

Lorenzo Villasenor and Yaquelin Ramirez, both of Caldwell

Alfonso Villasenor-Cervantes and Angela Melchor, both of Caldwell

Douglas Pechtel of Kuna and Sylvia Bevry of Nampa

Bulmaro Santoyo and Maria Magana, both of Nampa

Michael Badillo of Nampa and Carlene Dickens of Middleton

Trevor Jensen and Erin Tiegs, both of Nampa

Roy Vopal III and Crystal Finazzo, both of Nampa

Eric Garcia and Amber Lengenfelder, both of Nampa

Jacob Grant and Megan Rhode, both of Nampa


Marriage Licenses published June 6, 2010

Jermiah Paterna and Aleneday Prout, both of Nampa

James Phelps of Boise and Garrah Dougherty of Nampa

Joe Cegnar and Lucia Contreras, both of Nampa

Randall Tolman of Brigham City, Utah and Kimberly Small of Parma

Steve Balerna and Marie Koepke, both of Caldwell

Merritt Christensen of Melba and Jessica Whitehead of Nampa

Daniel Vazquez-Jimenez and Yesica Castaneda, both of Caldwell

Chad Beverage and Ashley Yacavace, both of Caldwell

Abdon Estrada-Ayala and Brenda Mendez-Jimenez, both of Nampa

Michael Reece and Jacquilynn Hart, both of Boise

Grantland Culver and Lena Hennis, both of Nampa

Kurt Overall and Jenica Rogers, both of Nampa

Irwin Kammerman and Hone Parker, both of Caldwell

Todd Renk and Amanda Vanleuven, both of Caldwell

Tyler Kinney-Spears and Chelsea Perrie, both of Nampa

Abel Jaramillo of Caldwell and Maggie Hamilton of Nampa

Michael Harman and Marla Byers, both of Caldwell

Nicholas Ketterling of Caldwell and Christine Truesdell of Wilder

Gerald Adams and Marci Eckert, both of Caldwell

Allen Leavitt and Debra McGlothen, both of Nampa

Joseph Wing of Parma and Evelyn Loeber of Nampa

Joshua Niblett and Stephanie Rowe, both of Nampa

Neil Hodges and Doreen Haskett, both of Nampa

Joseph Botos and Roberta Hungerford, both of Nampa

Raymond Mikus and Mary Williams-Wishart, both of Nampa

David Scheuffele and Tashina Lawrence, both of Nampa

Danny Bailey of Nampa and Janelle Duncan of Caldwell

Timothy Alvey of Keizer, Ore., and Rebecca Whitley of Greenleaf

Michael Darrah and Ann-Jeanette Parsons, both of Nampa

Stephen Godina and Flor Albor, both of Caldwell

Andres Cortes and Nelly Lira, both of Nampa

Jesus Cabrera-Fdz and Veronika Lorenzana, both of Kuna

Francisco Marinez and Ma Gallegos, both of Caldwell

Randal Heisey of Bellevue, Wash., and Julie Van Beek of Seattle, Wash.

Alberto Castro-Leon of Ridgecrest, Calif., and Belen Vega of Homedale

Francisco Duran-Serrato and Christine Ayala, both of Nampa

Ian Gumm and Jamie Pulver, both of Nampa

Jason Kelleher and Sandra Wolff-Wallace, both of Parma


Marriage licenses published May 30, 2010

Jared Kuhlman and Jessica Murray, both of Kuna

Daniel Edwards and Ka Man Wu, both of Nampa

Andrew Keys, Jr. and Lynnette Keys, both of Nampa

Christopher Self and Elizabeth Haro, both of Nampa

Timothy Linquist and Lynda Wilhite, both of Wilder

Dustin Millard and Rebecca Phillips, both of Nampa

Morgan Stark and Dianne Holmes, both of Nampa

Ian Ross and Carol Rose, both of Nampa

Michael Whitmer and Karissa Adair, both of Nampa

Mathew Coryell of Caldwell and Aubrey Drain of Boise

Brendon Hunsaker and Debra White, both of Caldwell

Dana Hammer and Darleen Schact, both of Caldwell

Aurelio Ibarra and Marisa Sanchez, both of Caldwell

Richard Wilson of Kuna and Grace Hupko of Caldwell

Gabino Mendoza-Martinez and Edduvina Dubon, both of Nampa

Brian Cooper and Brittani Carter, both of Nampa

Zachary Sheets of Middleton and Nicole Harding of Nampa

Robert Clampitt and Leslie Newland, both of Nampa

Alexander Franklin and Cassie Hilyard, both of Caldwell

Robert Logan and Corrie Knighton, both of Middleton

Brian Harris and Brenda Wallis, both of Nampa

Kasey Randolph of Caldwell and Karla Shippy of Middleton

Michael McCabe and Jennifer Atkins, both of Homedale

Clinton Upson and Lacey Deitrick, both of Parma

Philip Hanson and Caroline Johnson, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses pubished May 23, 2010

David Cornett Sr. and Terry Smith, both of Caldwell

Anthony Quinn and Tami Van Dorien, both of Moses Lake, Wash.

Christopher Young and Tamara Allen, both of Nampa

James Sherriffs and Brandy Johnson, both of Caldwell

Ronald Hemry and Sonji Gotzmer, both of Star

Thomas Howard and Jodi Frederick, both of Caldwell

Bruce Perry and Naomi Hilderbrandt, both of Caldwell

Devron Miller and Desiree Chavez, both of Nampa

Jose Mendoza and Tokasha Laub, both of Caldwell

Ernesto Juarez and Sofia Vazquez, both of Caldwell

Brandon Nixon and Brooke Franssen, both of Nampa

Neil Stephens and Gayle Lynn, both of Nampa

Mark Madrid and Sherryl York, both of Caldwell

Roger Sevy III and Kayla Rich, both of Nampa

Benjamin Petersen of Greenleaf and Teresa Ruiz of Glendora, Calif.

Slim Barker and Ladda Wiggins, both of Caldwell

Andres Bedolla and Rosa Gomez, both of Shoshone

Matthew Want and Pamala Martinez, both of Nampa

James Vinson and Debbie Kastner, both of Caldwell

Jason Jimenez and Michelle Rambo, both of Caldwell

Daniel Abbott and Jeanette Hollars, both of Middleton

Bret Younts of Worland, Wyo., and Emily McWilliams of Nampa

Alfredo Carrillo of Marsing and Samantha Cuellar of Homedale

Weldon Haney of Caldwell and Christine Moore of Boise

Philip Arak and Elyse Clark, both of Middleton


Marriage licenses published May 16, 2010

James Shepard and Cheri Newman, both of Kuna

Eleazar Mendoza-Martinez and Chandrea Taylor, both of Nampa

Joshua Hartsock and Tonna Shoecraft, both of Parma

Morton Rickard and Rosana de la Torre, both of Caldwell

Curtis Edge and Krista House, both of Caldwell

Joshua Shofner and Sharon Boman, both of Nampa

David Murray of Fort Lewis, Wash., and Rachael Upton of Middleton

Benjamyn Blamires of Nampa and Desintee Abston of Fruitland

Dolan Santero and Kayla Evans, both of Nampa

Ernesto Aguirre and Josefina Prado, both of Caldwell

Everal Roberts and Chantelle Thompson, both of Nampa

Shane Cuff and Sherry Blanchard, both of Nampa

Jack Rasco and Inez Finch, both of Meridian

Clyde Sevy Jr. of Marsing and Alisha Milburn of Middleton

Nicholas Wilson and Erica Wangen, both of Nampa

Harold Whitman of Caldwell and Susie Nitschke of Ontario, Ore.

Joseph Carter and Kerri Mecham, both of Nampa

John Slater and Bettyek Wheeler, both of Nampa

Alexis Ruiz and Maria Malacara, both of Homedale

Keith Dexter and Erika Birtch, both of Nampa

Kyle Forbush and Britany Lee, both of Caldwell

Michael Haskin and Nadine Gallegos, both of Nampa

Ronnie Sexton and Patricia Daniel, both of Marsing

Thomas McIntrye IV and Sarah Allen both of Nampa

Rodney Dunn and Janine Brodeur, both of Caldwell

Michael Weedman and Raquel Barroso-Weedman, both of Nampa

Antonio Herrera and Melissa Pedraza, both of Caldwell

Gregory Hayes and Amanda Hayes, both of Caldwell



Marriage licenses published May 9, 2010

Michael Kemp and Marla Nail, both of Caldwell

Quinn Christensen of Caldwell and Ashlie Arroway of Middleton

Eduardo Morfin-Madrigal and Monica Arteaga, both of Caldwell

Wilfredo Martinez and Eloisa Garcia, both of Caldwell

Don Dailey and Linda Ray, both of Caldwell

Anthony Ramirez and Gabriella Contreras, both of Caldwell

John Turley and Shelley Turley, both of Nampa

Henry Arriaza and Ma. Guadalupe Salazar, both of Jerome

Andrew Basabe and Dawn Brenimer, both of Helena, Mont.

Charles Liedberg and Ashley Bean, both of Middleton

Michael Jensen and Kendra Davis, both of Nampa

Jonathan Finnerty and Alma Barba, both of Ontario, Ore.

John Fallis of Wilder and Brandy Luna of Middleton

Jeremy Hill and Guadalupe Ramirez, both of Caldwell

Edward Kelly of Mountain Home and Jamie Coffey of Nampa

Shawn Radimak and Elizabeth Hill, both of Meridian

Douglas Turner and Amy Bridges, both of Middleton

Andrew Martin and Alisa Pruett, both of Havre, Mont.

Kyle Hassard and Destiny Ferraro, both of Nampa

Joshua McWhinney and Sasha Miller, both of Caldwell

Jose Rojas and Natalia Salinas, both of Caldwell

Aaron Goddard of Boise and Roberta Obrien of Cascade

Travis Anderson and Brianne Beasley, both of Caldwell

Demetrius Stockdill and Shannon Gerlock, both of Nampa

Trevin Skinner and Tiffany Mallory, both of Caldwell

Chance Davis and Jessica Franks, both of Caldwell



Marriage licenses published May 2, 2010

Jonathan Wells and Candi Moothart, both of Nampa

Donny Hernandez and Leslee Julian, both of Nampa

Wesley Brown and Jannetta McElroy, both of Nampa

Justin Christensen and Trishna Hoxsie, both of Nampa

Abel Maes and Corrine McConnell, both of Nampa

James Paterson IV and Denise Goldstein, both of Nampa

Ryan Bentley of Wenatchee, Wash., and Susan Young of Nampa

Saul Cuevas and Isabel Rosas, both of Meridian

Floyd Tuttle and Cheri Wright, both of Nampa

Larry Johnson and Connie Holbird, both of Caldwell

Preston Hills and Francesca Hale, both of Nampa

Philip Durrschmidt and Danielle Hatch, both of Nampa

Jerry Griffin Jr. and Savnna Davis, both of Nampa

Fernando Gonzalez-Flores and Veronica Alvarez, both of Jerome

Marc Saenz and Chalyse Stimpson, both of Nampa

John Reding and Brenda Miller, both of Nampa

Jason Dibben and Amanda Bromley, both of Caldwell

Shawn Perigen and Kathy Seybold, both of Middleton

Christopher Hunter and Justine Perez, both of Nampa

Ronald Lowry and Donnalee Velvick, both of Marsing

Rad Kinney and Veronica Moorhead, both of Nampa

Chad Mackenzie and Shannon Jost, both of Middleton

Gerrado Mendoza and Lisa Havice, both of Caldwell

Micah Swart and Natalie Barber, both of Nampa

Sean Yates and Alexandra Pief, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses published April 25, 2010

Tyson Stucki of Vernal Utah and Kimberly Preece of Nampa

Kyle Atkinson of Middleton and Valeri Taylor of Grants Pass, Ore.

Larry Heredia and Lacie Bates, both of Nampa

Christopher Newsome and Kristy Palmer, both of Nampa

Nabor Dias, Jr. and Erendira Cruz, both of Nampa

Steven Anderson and Marquita Maldonado, both of Wilder

Russell Vawter of Reno, Nev., and Petra Rose of Caldwell

Douglas Jones and Bonnie Gunderson, both of Nampa

Kevin Myers of Nampa and Barbara Cobabe of Caldwell

Rolf Bitsch of Nampa and Pamela Bitsch of Caldwell

Gregory Booth and April Johnson, both of Caldwell

Jeremy Monsoor of Salt Lake City, Utah and Kayla Manee of Caldwell

Daniel Burnham and Dionna Beck, both of Nampa

James Ball and Alicia Willis, both of Nampa

Joshua Hilscher and Jamie Rosenkoetter, both of Nampa

Ruben Lugo and Beverley Rader, both of Nampa

Donald Holmes and Vicky Watson, both of Caldwell

Christopher Felty and Alicia Pauley, both of Caldwell

Raymond Mendenhall and Janet Hankins, both of Nampa

Jamie Dilts and Kimberly Barron, both of Nampa

Lyon James of Nampa and Shantell Hammer of Meridian

Glen Stevens and Sarah Stevens, both of Middleton

Christopher Linder and Jill Blanton, both of Nampa

Reynaldo Olvera and Megan Brown, both of Caldwell

Terrance Norton and Janiel Mortensen, both of Caldwell

Tyler Howard and Janessa Rhyne, both of Caldwell

Ryan Tanner of Star and Rachel Green of Nampa

Jack Biedrzycki and Mary Weitzel, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses published April 18, 2010

Enoc Avila and Stephanie Garcia, both of Nampa

Brandon Biggs and Tina Murrell, both of Caldwell

Steven Faulconer and Angela McGinnis, both of Nampa

Oliverio Rosas and Yaneth Ruiz, both of Jerome

Rolando Castillo of Boise and Lorena Ruiz of Nampa

Eduardo Lopez and Lisa Rambow, both of Caldwell

Orrie Rodriguez and Katee Brewer, both of Caldwell

Joshua Dudley of Twin Falls and Jennifer Taylor of Caldwell

Troy Harrell and Shannon McKean, both of Caldwell

Richard Porschen and Megan Thiriot, both of Rolling Hills, Calif.

Javier Cervantes and Blanca Quiroz, both of Caldwell

Christopher Thompson and Tammy Weaver, both of Caldwell

Lance Forrest and Alisha Schaefer, both of Nampa

John Bittel and Heather Vanmaanen, both of Phoenix, Ariz.

Johnathan Van Camp and Jeralyn Wood, both of Nampa

Darin Keith and Kirsten Keith, both of Nampa

Timothy Mingo and Desiree Nunnally, both of Nampa

Reynold Heuer Jr. of Nampa and Janet Fields of Elkhart, Ind.

Terry Stotts and Christina Hoberg, both of Caldwell

Todd Conder and Kellie Mallo, both of Nampa

Elroy Dock and Fay Sorensen, both of Greenleaf

Merlin Ratliff and Gail Grover, both of Nampa

Jesus Aguirre and Luz Gordillo, both of Nampa

Juan Aguiar of Parma and Ashley Zuniga of Nampa

Chantry Kneeland and Chelsea Fullerton, both of Nampa

Paul McNabb Jr. of Nampa and Victoria Wilcox of Weiser


Marriage licenses published April 11, 2010

Rosendo Contreras and Teresa Silva, both of Nampa

Kenneth Justensen and Rechelle Felty, both of Caldwell

Antonio Flores and Shelley Jensen, both of Meridian

Ronald Campbell and Cassidy Wade, both of Caldwell

David Longstreet and Linda Norland, both of Nampa

Buddy Russell and Jennifer Valdez, both of Nampa

Antonio Gomez Jr. and Rose Jimenez, both of Caldwell

Charles Macomber II and April Shaul, both of Caldwell

Matthew Everheart and Stephanie Kermer, both of Middleton

Darren Zink and Beverly Kloth, both of Nampa

Jack Gay and Jennifer Nicholas, both of Nampa

Andrew Conway and Jamie Metheny, both of Caldwell

Gilberto Gomez and Stephanie Timblin, both of Caldwell

Ismael Navarro and Angela Conaty, both of Caldwell

Derek Arevalo and Jacinda Skiles, both of Boise

Dustin Anderson and Deanne Berman, both of Nampa


Nolan Ponce and Maegan Whitaker, both of Nampa

Marcelo Leon and Delia Padilla, both of Nampa

David Berryman and Marta Shuster, both of Nampa

Jonathan Nowland of Portland, Ore. and Shannon Rupp of Homedale

David Ward and Marjorie Weeks, both of Nampa

Cesar Burgos and Amelia Nancolas, both of Nampa

Andrew Drake and Analisa Androlewicz, both of Nampa

Stephen Pflugrad and Jamie Richards, both of Marsing

Marcelo Leon and Delia Victorio, both of Nampa

Garrett Milburn of Caldwell and Brooke Griggs of Grants Pass, Ore.

Eric Navarro and Breanna Frickey, both of Caldwell

Martin Rosenberger of Idaho Falls and Marilyn Garrett of Nampa



Marriage licenses published April 5, 2010

Vladimir Rigodon of Minila, Philippines and Hui Ma of Payette

Jordan Edwards and Amanda Dillon, both of Middleton

Juan Mora and Alicia Perez, both of Nampa

Gilberto Santiago and Valentina Barrios, both of Boise

Casey Varone and Melissa Wingle, both of Middleton

Sean Richardson and Tamia Fairchild, both of Nampa

Timothy Koberlein and Rikki Hansen, both of Caldwell

Mark McCoy and Brittney Ward, both of Nampa

Izaiah Valenzuela and Lucnida de la Fuente, both of Caldwell

Juan Martinez and Gabriela Juarez, both of Heyburn

William Stallcup and Lynn Chaffee, both of Caldwell

Ted Johnson and Amy Peterson, both of Caldwell

John Perez and Desiree Johnson, both of Caldwell

Cruz Alegria and Elizabeth Hernandez, both of Nampa

Michael Tilzer and Angelica Tedeski, both of Nampa

Joseph Felton and McKaylin Walters, both of Nampa

Jesse Hutchison and Cynthia Boyd, both of Nampa

Daniel Aparicio and Jackie Hoberg, both of Caldwell

Adrian Gutierrez and Lisa Delagarza, both of Notus

Kordeiro Hout and Krystal Bolin, both of Nampa

Michael Tuckness of Homedale and Kalye Obendorf of Caldwell

Jesse Cullum and Kristin Olson, both of Caldwell

Roberto Medina and Mary Johnson, both of Parma

Benito Avalos-Perez and Alicia Juarez, both of Caldwell

Dathan Colyer and Karen Rynearson, both of Caldwell

Thomas Melton and Jennifer Jones, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses published March 28, 2010

Moses Victoria and Tiffany Heusser, both of Nampa

Michael Blodgett and Veronica Martinez, both of Middleton

Toby Dyer and Rachelle Canoy, both of Caldwell

Christopher Peters and Deanna Woods, both of Nampa

Rafael Gutierrez Jr. and Yanira Gonzalez, both of Nampa

Nicholas Thompson and Wendolyn Madler, both of Nampa

Dwight Dellos and Trisha Baum, both of Nampa

Brandon Wertz and Katherin Perry, both of Council

Brent Kassebaum and Kayla Stoffel, both of Nampa

Bryan Phipps and Sheri Torres, both of Nampa

Justin Blakesley and Crystal Collier, both of Nampa

Eric Daniels and Linda Altman, both of Caldwell

Wade Hanson and Alexis Burns, both of Nampa

Michael Townsend of Marsing and Megan Hopkins of Caldwell

Richard Alvarez and Judy Clardy, both of Nampa

Isaias Estrada Jr. and Amanda Rodriguez, both of Nampa

Jimmy Granados Jr. of Donnelly and Vernoica Montiel of Caldwell

Taber Johnson and Cera Reid, both of Caldwell

Robert Vincent and Starrlet Whitlock, both of Caldwell

Jeffrey Suemnick and Savannah Cook, both of Caldwell

Taylor Lobb and Kristina Wigren, both of Caldwell

Charles Hales of Rexburg and Carrie Leavitt of Caldwell

Vincent Layton and Victoria Clark, both of Caldwell

Christopher Sandoval and Cecillia Valero, both of Homedale

Daniel Mason and April Flores, both of Caldwell

Kasey Gillespie and Miranda Kunz, both of Orem, Utah

Torrey Lubiens and Andrea Huffer, both of Nampa

Roy Akerstrom and Katherine Stear, both of Middleton


Marriage licenses published March 21, 2010

Jesse Prather of Caldwell and Julie Gladfelder of Star

Nathaniel Ihrig and Meryem Hadi, both of Boise

Ferrol Glascock and Toni Leonard, both of Nampa

Jose Lopez and Maria Soltero, both of Nampa

Howard Halcom and Amanda Galvez, both of Kuna

Ricardo Rodriguez and Maria Gomez-Guillen, both of Nampa

Gerardo Cisneros-Arreola and Elva Villa, both of Caldwell

Joseph Hernandez and Elizabeth Hernandez, both of Nampa

Robert Foster and Melissa Simer, both of Caldwell

Agustin Calvillo and Ma de la Luz Chavez, both of Caldwell

Scott Wedgeworth and Paulette Pearson, both of Caldwell

Kerry Brown and Shalisa Slagle, both of Nampa

Hugo Arriaga and Graciela Ramirez, both of Nampa

Alejandro Rodriguez-Chavez and Oddilia Gamion-Ontiveros, both of Caldwell

Jeffrey Grohs and Patricia Usabel, both of Caldwell

Ivan Smith of Middleton and Jerrilene Tucker of Nampa

Ascension Calvillo and Cenobia Giron, both of Caldwell

David Green Jr. and Calli Roberts, both of Caldwell

Sheldon Delgado and Veronica Amezcua, both of Caldwell


Marriage licenses published March 14, 2010

Ricky Foreman and Kayleani Jones, both of Caldwell

Brian Olson and Christie Welker, both of Parma

Clarence McJunkin Jr. and Meredith Holman, both of Caldwell

Edgar Meneses and Erika Naranjo, both of Jerome

Robert Woodworth and Cassandra Rowell, both of Caldwell

Alexander Caward and Hifa Smith, both of Caldwell

Lonnie Snow of Boise and Letisha Cole of Nampa

Isai Garcia-Segura and Myrayvette Oviedo, both of Caldwell

Albert Gallegos Jr. and Christina Puga, both of Caldwell

John Irby of Caldwell and Megan Miller of Nampa

Justin Davis of Middleton and Tamera Confer of Nampa

Garry Huffman and Theresa Olympia, both of Middleton

Dalton Owens and Tabitha Heckathorn, both of Nampa

David Rodriguez and Christie Tarter, both of Nampa

Jose Aragon and Yesenia Muniz, both of Nampa

Nicholas Koomen and Samantha Mitch, both of Nampa

Gary Goodson and Amalia Goodson, both of Nampa

Jose Montes and Anabel Hernandez, both of Caldwell

Daniel Lutz and Kerri Lutz, both of Nampa

Michael Cole of McCall and Anita Young of Caldwell

Robert Decker and Hattie Decker, both of Nampa

Victor Sanchez II and Deida Garcia, both of Nampa

Oscar Villegas and Megan Ashton, both of Parma

Patrick Reindel of Caldwell and Catherine McMasters of Melba

Daniel Juarez and Christy Hernandez, both of Melba


Marriage licenses published March 7, 2010

Kenneth Arreola and Brandy Wiseman, both of Caldwell

Clinton Hinkley and Kristina Rankin, both of Nampa

Leland Pitts and Barbara Covert, both of Parma

Francisco Delatorre and Carolina Deltorre, both of Notus

David Ellis and Lori Keely, both of Homedale

Nicholas Groat and Angela Kitchens, both of Nampa

Jeremy Pratt and Kimberly Lindsay, both of Nampa

Thomas Griffith and Lisa Lyle, both of Caldwell

Rene Tetatzin and Shelly Hill, both of Nampa

Clinton Bass and Glenda Lemon, both of Wilder

Galen Blanc of Boise and Gayle Carter of Caldwell

Samuel Jaurez and Emelida Orozco, both of Nampa

Joseph Carpenter and Robin Dandeneau, both of Nampa

Jared Davis of Caldwell and Sandi Jefferies of Middleton

Kenneth Hoagland and Lisa Muller, both of Melba

Christopher Avila and Crystal Garza, both of Caldwell

Nathan Nelson of Nampa and Feather Stranger of Pearl City, Hawaii

Richard Myers and Soni Moon, both of Nampa

Joshua Grandy and Amy Corse, both of Nampa

Christopher Althouse and Gail Montes, both of Fernley, Nev.

Pedro Navarro and Maria Reyes, both of Nampa

Jude Cagle and Denise Reed, both of Caldwell

Pedro Deleon Jr. of Boise and Evelyn Lopez of Nampa

Jose Cuellar of Fruitland and Wendy Ahedo of Caldwell

Richard Rogers of Nampa and Annie Sanchez of Melba

James Johnson and Jenny Swonger, both of Nampa

Michael Parent and Julie Gray, both of Nampa

Francisco Fraire Jr. and Mayra Gonzalez, both of Caldwell



Marriage licenses published Feb. 28, 2010

Randall Britt and Kelly Lomeli, both of Nampa

James Mower and Bonnie Smith, both of Caldwell

Samuel de la Rosa and Candice Patterson, both of Nampa

Rodney Pendleton and Christine Han, both of Caldwell

Derrik Simerlink and Sharon Devers, both of Caldwell

Dustin Shank and Ashley Eckiwaudah, both of Nampa

Andrez Magana and Chantae Garza, both of Nampa

Bryan Millar and Stacy Hayes, both of Nampa

Randolph Hoover of Deham Springs, La., and Dena Dodge of Middleton

Fermin Sanchez and Maria Salazar, both of Wendell

Jeffrey Fuson and Sherry Candler, both of Nampa

Rubelsi Orosco and Maria Solis, both of Caldwell

Michael Pettigrew II and Misty Mitts, both of Boise

Roy Frazier and Juliette Maiden, both of Nampa

Joshua Parker of Nampa and Melanie White of Boise

Tarry Meligan and Ashleigh Andersen, both of Caldwell

Nathaniel Sitton of Nampa and Michelle Wilcox of Murphy

Jeremias Ramirez and Mika Pena, both of Nampa

Caleb Barthlome and Rebecca West, both of Nampa

John Dea and April Liming, both of Caldwell

Gerardo Gallegos and Maricruz Puente, both of Parma

Joshua Valdez and Amanda Roberts, both of Nampa


Marriage licenses published Feb. 21, 2010


Michael Cunningham and Heather Burton, both of Caldwell

Eduardo Garcia and Fabiola Aguilar, both of Twin Falls

Antonio Leos and Angela Patterson, both of Homedale

Benjamin Hoover and Nancy Major, both of Nampa

Kristopher Norris and Amy Bowen, both of Homedale

William Abell and Camelyn Zechmann, both of Nampa

Nathaniel Thompson and Serena Neider, both of Nampa

Ricardo Loera of Hailey and Lizbeth Cortez of Jerome

Mark Rollins of Caldwell and Sigrid Tirado of Nampa

James Shinkle Jr. and Chelsea Mattison, both of Nampa

Luis Garcia of Boise and Sandee Burke of Middleton

Daniel Tyberg and Angela Baker, both of Nampa

Jorge Garza and Isabel Medrano, both of Nampa

Terry Shipton and Kera Stevenson, both of Nampa

Edgar De Jesus-Aguilar and Maria Rivas, both of Caldwell

Cecilio Mercado of Caldwell and Amanda Ortivez of Nampa

Michael Thomas and Michelle Thropp, both of Caldwell

Espiridion Torres and Felicia Ford, both of Nampa

Jaime Mackrill of Parma and Deena Marie Bay, of Ontario, Ore.

Jose Marquez of Boise and Sarah Sager of Nampa

Michael Haddon and Jamie Olin, both of Nampa

Jose Zambrano and Teresa Gallego, both of Caldwell

Gabriel Perez and Luz De La Rosa, both of Caldwell

Marriage licenses published Feb. 7, 2010

Eric Prentice and Alicia Reed, both of Caldwell

Duane Heckathorn and Michelle Claxton, both of Nampa

Grant Rogers and Heidi Brooks, both of Nampa

Braden Heese of Winnemucca, Nev. and Amanda Vincent of Nampa

Israel Hernandez and Maria Leon, both of Boise

Cameron Fifer and April Baker, both of Nampa

Ronald Smith of Cascade and Nancy Ranjbar of Nampa

Jose Mirada and Jesefina Ascencio, both of Gooding

Timothy Norman and Marissa Patterson, both of Caldwell

Daniel Elliott and Krista Nulph, both of Nampa

Jammie Rios and Maria Mercado, both of Jerome

Jeffery Ryals and Jeanette Ryals, both of Marsing

Michael Hadley and Heather Woolery, both of Nampa

Manuel Corona and Martha Chavez-Ortiz, both of Kuna

Patrick Kellogg and Nichole Folkman, both of Nampa

Isacc Guevara of San Diego, Calif. and Shinea Steele of Caldwell

Silas Webster and Theresa Barnett, both of Caldwell

Matthew Aitchison and Andrea Davis, both of Nampa

Fred Mills of Caldwell and Tanya Macleod of Surrey, B.C.

Gregg Pruett and Stacey Drake, both of Caldwell

Marriage licenses published Jan. 31, 2010

Daniel Nelson of Parma and Christa Jett of Greenleaf

Ignacio Chavez and Josefina Ceron, both of Caldwell

Jesus Guzman and Maria Gomez, both of Caldwell

Randall Blandino and Dorene Fuchs, both of Parma

Eduardo Garcia and Gabriela Carbajal, both of Caldwell

David Guerrero and Stephanie Vasquez, both of Caldwell

Kenneth Boals of Caldwell and Aleshea Lind of Nampa

Steve Heikell and Virginia Smart, both of Melba

Corbett Lashbrook of Star and Julie Martin of Nampa

Enrique Damasco-Angel of Boise and Erika Zapata-Zavala of Caldwell

Marriages licenses published Jan. 24, 2010

Jay Gorsuch of Buckly, Wash. and Saskia Bartholomeus of Middleton

Rafael Moreales-Avilez and Jacquelin Robles, both of Nampa

Juan Alaniz Jr. and Chriselda Olivarez, both of Caldwell

Clayton Butler and Chelsea Augsburger, both of Boise

Thai Campbell of Nampa and Lisa Bolton of Boise

Johnny Aldridge and Debra Bright, both of Nampa

Andrew Whiteley and Janna Pratt, both of Nampa

Oswaldo Cabanas-Ruiz and Ruth Briseno, both of Caldwell

Matthew Roorda and Rachel Shenk, both of Gooding

Aaron Valentine and Jami Farley, both of Nampa

Darold Paulson and Sally Lucas, both of Nampa

Benjamin Patchett and Jennifer Vargas, both of Nampa

Leland Stinson of Boise and Sarah Winsor of Nampa

Gary Houtz and Christina Opfer, both of Emmett

Hector Munoz and Nereida Lopez, both of Caldwell

Jason Boyajian and Christy Hampton, both of Nampa

Marriage licenses published Jan. 17, 2010

Isidro De La Cerda and Rosa Reyes, both of Nampa

Jorge Auillon-Hernandez and Annabel Ramirez, both of Caldwell

Jesse Norris and Anna Pitts, both of Parma

Shawn Kendall and Mandy Ingram, both of Nampa

Neil Sjoberg and Angelia Thorne, both of Caldwell

Eric Dominguez and Amanda Trevino, both of Caldwell

Randy Patton and Amanda Czajkowski, both of Nampa

Jose Olvera and Chanthy Noun, both of Caldwell

Edward Wofford and Marilyn Tanner, both of Nampa

Rocky Nelson and Lesley Riley, both of Nampa

John Atwood and Irina Zelikova, both of Middleton

Joshua Human of Nampa and Sofia Ridling of Eagle

Marcos Madrigal and Beatriz Quezada, both of Middleton

William Stricklin and Esther Percy, both of Homedale

Samuel Luna and Yadira Ramirez-Banda, both of Homedale

Richard Day and Michelle Edwards, both of Nampa

Jesus Zapata and Crystal Young, both of Caldwell

Leonard Fugate Jr. and Jolynn Wilson, both of New Plymouth

Francisco Talamantes Jr. and Shawna Newbold, both of Caldwell

Marriage licenses published Jan. 10, 2010

Steven Hein and Amber Hylton, both of Nampa

Luis Espinoza-Arellano and Angeles Soriano, both of Nampa

Lorenzo Garcia and Mykayla Cossairt, both of Caldwell

Franklin Froman and Therese Vogelsberg, both of Caldwell

Curtis Hawkins and Ireene Vendiola, both of Wilder

Bryan Rich and Kristina Evans, both of Belgrade, Mont.

Wayne Salvador and Jennifer Knight, both of Caldwell

Samuel Costen of Boise and Alexandrea Smit of Nampa

Jay Defehr and Yulia Solovyeva, both of Caldwell

Mario Moreno and Paloma Ayala, both of Emmett

Reed Alplund and Talima Siegfried, both of Nampa

Travis Worden and Jennifer Rhatigan, both of Nampa

Andrew Solver and Harmany Thomas, both of Boise

Zachary Vincent and Samantha Herring, both of Caldwell

Dustin Chase and Deana Eskew, both of Caldwell

Jose Gonzalez and Andraya Ward, both of Caldwell

Gregory Sigman and Keri Smith, both of Caldwell

Fernando Cortes-Angel and Jacqueline Urbieta, both of Garden City

Mark Powell and Stacey Bolinger, both of Nampa

Robert Pawloski and Glenna Pawloski, both of Caldwell

Christopher Kremer and Crystal Bruderer, both of Nampa

Steven Snow II and Samantha Healy, both of Middleton

Javier Saucedo and Christina Palominos, both of Caldwell

Shane Corbell and Stacey Corbell, both of Nampa

Bradley Murphy of Wichita, Kan., and Rebekah Bowman of Papillon, Neb.

Wade Huskey of Middleton and Jackie Huskey of Caldwell

Joshua Lambeth and Rebecca Hurles, both of Caldwell

Bradley Deppel and Summer Ford, both of Caldwell

Thomas Barber and Andrea Perea, both of Caldwell

Jose Hernandez and Rachelle Horn, both of Nampa

Thomas Tucker and Colleen Carver, both of Nampa

Gerardo Gonzalez and Gaby Medrano, both of Jerome

Michael Camario and Tara Phelps, both of Nampa

Jerry Alley and Connie Evans, both of Nampa

Julian Marquez and Joelle Dayhoff, both of Nampa

Jonathan Rutledge and Jessica Hernandez, both of Nampa

Mickey Thiele and Kisska Norris, both of Nampa

Michael Williams and Kristin Marvin, both of Nampa

Mauricio Sanchez and Mareshah Cortez, both of Nampa

Joshua Groth and Bianca Smith, both of Nampa

Marriage licenses published Jan. 3, 2010

Anthony Ashby of Middleton and Jessica Smith of Nampa

Jeramie Wells of Kuna and Michele Delvecchio

Luis Zapata and Olivia Rodriguez, both of Castle Rock, Colo.

Michel Winsor and Ashley Marquez, both of Caldwell

Robert Smith and Sheryl Gullion, both of Nampa

Leland Heinbach and Joy Phillips, both of Nampa

David Zechmann Sr. of Caldwell and Dawn Critcher of Nampa

Henry Van Der Hoek of Helm, Calif. and Ashley Vanderwoude of Nampa

Justin Bayes of Homedale and Brook Wilborn of Nampa

Floyd Hallman of Caldwell and Gwen Openshaw of Caldwell

Arturo Carrillo of Melba and Eliza Valadez of Nampa

Jerry Dayton and Linda Hartley, both of Nampa

Cory Dunne and Terri Cruz, both of Nampa

Dale Larimore and Crystal Loader, both of Nampa

John Ellsworth and Connie Walker, both of Nampa

Norman Smith and Charlotte Holloway, both of Nampa

Anthony Lane and Samantha Thieme, both of Nampa

Joshua Peterson and Rachael Cram, both of Boise

Gene Kaplan and Rebecca Holland, both of Caldwell

Bernie Burt and Brooke Wood, both of Nampa

Brennan Falk and Dawn Boren, both of Caldwell

John Wise of Nampa and Bethany Lewis of Caldwell

Edgar Guzman and Maria Sanchez, both of Nampa

Jason Gray and Cher Burkett, both of Nampa

Joshua Barnhar of Camp Pendleton, Calif. and Bekki Wells of Caldwell

Steven Garcia and Brittney Dodge, both of Nampa



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