Elias Lopez and Percilla Carbajal, both of Caldwell

Francisco Chavez-Corona of Caldwell and Martha Ortiz-Arredondo of Nampa

Ethan Fancher and Stephanie Putney, both of Middleton

Sean Broderick and Tracy Rupp, both of Lindon, Utah

Jose Juarez and Cecilia Rodriguez, both of Caldwell

Juan Briseno and Maria Ramirez, both of Nampa

Lucas Borah and Kelly Kretschman, both of Nampa

Marco Gaspar of Homedale and Shawni Winchester of Greenleaf

Richard Coons and Jayme Severns, both of Nampa

Ronald Humphrey and Ruthann Gale, both of Nampa

Jason Becker and Jonnie Armes, both of Nampa

Andrew Pense of Kuna and Ilexys VanCampen of Nampa

Koby Watkins and Autumn Lee, both of Payette

Michael Moses and Lindsey Forrest, both of Nampa

Steven Burton and Lori Blevins, both of Middleton

Rodolfo Bran-Chavira and Celia Tejeda-Reynoso, both of Boise

John Cromarty and Louise Burke, both of Caldwell

Alfredo Arredondo and Elizabeth Hernandez, both of Nampa

Douglas Ward and Debra Thatcher, both of Nampa

Cory McNutt and Amanda Murch, both of Nampa

David Mangum and Sallie Bradshaw, both of Caldwell

Brannon Lewis and Natosha Gambill, both of Nampa

Justin Powers and Stacie Torkelson, both of Nampa

Andres Alvarado and Marissa Cabello, both of Nampa

Micheal Wilson and Chrystal McGhehey, both of Nampa

Junior Ramirez and Claudia Suastegui, both of Nampa

Yair Pulido and Tiffany Lewis, both of Nampa

Mathew Huff and Amy Ivy, both of Nampa

Randall Ginrich and Debra Hamilton, both of Nampa

Nicolas Deosio and Stephanie Martin, both of Marsing

Steven Welborn and Jennifer Burtcher, both of Nampa

Brandon Savage and Bessie Briggs, both of Nampa

Dustin Field and Michelle Isom, both of Nampa

Erik mines and Victoria Wilson, both of Nampa

Harold Smith and Amy Jennings, both of Caldwell


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