Bankruptcies filed Dec. 30

Lorene Durbin, Boise

Gerald and Rebecca Weaver, Boise

Travis Sharp, Boise

Debra McJunkin, Caldwell

Holli Vanatta, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 27

James Hinton, Meridian

An Le, Boise

Gina Breece-Balm, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 26

Peter Smith, Boise

Jason Willer, Boise

Brian Keary, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 24

Zakary and Lydia Schade, Meridian

Bret and Wendy Griffith, Star

Lonny Cooper, Star

Richard and Debra Spath, Nampa

David Baumgart, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 23

Stephen Clatterbuck, Boise

Mark and Malea Landaluce, Boise

Lori Sells, Nampa

Mary Mason, Donnelly

Alan and Kimberly Takuechi, Nampa

Jandi and Curtis Gubler, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 20

Kristy Kay McClure, Star

KaSandra Striker, Caldwell

James Jeffrey deVille, Boise

Dominick Rodriguez, Caldwell

Krishina Joy Wadley, Boise

Gerald Lee Hughes, Jr. and Becky Lee Jameson, Nampa

Dixie I. Cook, Boise

Timothy Earl and Caryn Mae Walters, Meridian

Joanne Leigh Audell, Emmett

Teela Ann Hylton, Boise

Michael Lawrence Klaas, Jr., Eagle

Julianne Marie and Jason Wayne Nye, Boise

  Bankruptcies filed Dec. 19

Rolando and Maria Gonzales, Caldwell

Christopher Wallace, Boise

Jennifer Novak, Boise

Ryan Schopke, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 18

Tonjia Runyon, Rupert

Elena Guzman, Boise

Judii Duty, Meridian

Mark and Cynda LeDuc, Boise

Lisa Daniels, Boise

Bryan Sears, Meridian

John House, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 17

 Michael and Jenni Mercil, Boise

Benjamin Hart and Danielle Sturtevant, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 16

Milena Mahic, Boise

Catherine Johanek, New Plymouth

James Yanskey, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 13

Kerry G. and Shawn L. Wilhelm, Middleton

Tana and Jeffery Ball, Star

Michael and Mandie Stephen, Nampa

Victoria Howell, Boise

Sandra Letitcia Reyes, Meridian

William A. and Jacqueline A. Henry, Middleton

Terrence M. and Cheryl M. LaMasters, Meridian

Esma Halilovic, Meridian

Louie J. Neagle, Nampa

David John Allmon, Boise

Leslie Anne Dass, Nampa

Robert F. and Jean Z. Weller, Weiser

Paul Robert and Kim Marie Lavoie, Boise

Jimmy Lee Christy, Jr., Garden City  

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 12

Stephanie Marie Browne, Fruitland

William Paul Taylor, Nampa

Jeffrey James and Margaret Elizabeth Reed, Eagle

William Glen Burke, Jr., Nampa

Joseph O. and Marilyn L. Carrillo, Caldwell

Alaina Hayden Piehl, Boise

Bruce W. and Leilani Sue Helmick, Nampa

Dustin Earl and Kay Lynn Arnold, Boise

Robert Joseph and Katherine Ann Wagner, Nampa

Deanna Jean Komp, Payette

Andrea Bates, Boise

Chelsea L. Cantrell, Meridian  

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 11

Jessica Fletcher, Boise

Robert Neff and Danita Wilken, Boise

Taylor Miller, Garden City

Karen Moorhouse, Meridian

Jon Lewis, Boise

Juan and Rosa Monreal, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 10

Andrea Redfox, Boise

Gregory and Cheryl Storrs, Nampa

John and Teri Sparks, Nampa

Mihail and Florica Danescu, Boise

Pauline Lang, Garden City

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 9

William Davis, Nampa

Ruben and Tiffany Bustos, Caldwell

Lynda Perry, Nampa

Kevin and Stephanie Johnson, Boise

Vivian Vermillion, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 5

Amy Kelsch, Boise

Robert Betts, Meridian

Robert Witten, Nampa

Lila Norman, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 4

Crystal Louise Odom, Boise

Peter Tracy and Kathleen Denise Soshea, Homedale

Kevin S. and Amy R. Himmel, Emmett

Michael R. Morrison, Caldwell

Laura Denise Hatcher, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 3

Bradley Holt, Meridian

Nikki Marineau, Garden City

Bankruptcies filed Dec. 2

Dwight and Tracey Kaufman, Nampa

Edwynne Carter, Boise

Karen Gant, Boise

Barbara Cartwright

Timothy and Chelsea Wangelin, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 26

Franck Bacquet, Boise

Sharon Beaver, Boise

Cynthia Phillips, Middleton

Tracy McElhinney, Boise

Daniel and Annette Miller, Meridian

Kevin and Sadie DeCoria, Caldwell

Diane Paynter, Caldwell

Viliam Elikh, Boise

Josh and April Stearns, Middleton

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 25

Dwight Mogford and Kari Hirahara, Meridian

Kursten Pettet, Ontario, Ore.

Catherine Kight, Boise

Mark and Sonja Johnstone, Boise

Rockford Mountain Stone, Weiser

Douglas and Kathy Kackley, Meridian

Caralee Beers, Meridian

Collie Porterfield, Boise

Bobby Brown and Jessica Macheski, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 22

Peter and Arlene Davidson, Boise

Benjamin and Crystal Hopwood, Caldwell

James Meers Jr., Boise

Deborah Overson, Boise

Margarita Malacara, Parma

LaRoy Sullins Jr. and Deborah Sullins, Nampa

Jacob and Samantha Hensley, Nampa

Norma Meyers, Mountain Home

Nathan Coover Jr. and Linda Coover, Weiser

Adam Climer, Kuna

Monica Saunders, Meridian

Ronald and Deann Tiffany, Boise

Billy Hannah, Nampa

Danny and Debra Dannenhauer, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 21

Jackie Stills, Caldwell

Gilbert Allen, Boise

Leonard and Debra Porter, Weiser

Bryan Lauritsen and Candace Lauritsen, Meridian

Robert and Annie Simmons, Kuna

Seth and Melinda Kettering, Nampa

Joseph Garrett, Nampa

David Sein, Caldwell

Amelia Bennett, Nampa

Evonne Hill, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 20

Maria Rabago and Rosario Nunez, Caldwell

Laura Thompson, Star

Brian and Nicole Morton, Meridian

Kevin and Penny Kent, Boise

Tracey and Shawna Alberts, Nampa

Curtis Moore, Boise

Garrett and Brooke Sherwood, Meridian

Cathi Sargent, Garden City

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 19

Dallas and Sharon Blaylock, Caldwell

Daniel Neef, Boise

Trina Bristow, Nampa

Phillip Joel Norris Jr., Boise

William May Jr. and Noel May, Boise

Robert Walton Jr. and Deanna Walton, Boise

Tamela Blakeslee, Boise

Holly Garrison, Boise

Bradley Bartlett, Eagle

Anthony and Jackie Adams, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 18

Brandon and Alexis Swogger, Meridian

John and Brianna Heard, Meridian

Catherine Percy, Mountain Home

Michael Lord, Emmett

David Delgadillo and Emilia Aguirre, Nampa

Jonathan and Misti Ingelstrom, Boise

Erik Bohn, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 15

Sandra Molina, Boise

Isaac and Kristine Drost, Meridian

Peter Kriz, Boise

Jenny Higgins, Boise

Philip and Mary White, Nampa

Julie Richardson, Boise

Maria Ramirez, Homedale

Kenneth and Tamara Sanchez, Payette

Robert and Summer Nelson, Boise

Louie Lopez II and Esther Lopez, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 14

Matthew Rodriguez, Nampa

Craig L Stevens, Parma

James and Dody Willmorth, Kuna

Robert and Kelly Goodwin, Meridian

Bert Stephens, Boise

Ralph Gallagher, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 13

Thomas and Bonni Cooper, Boise

Barbara Hanson, New Plymouth

Charles Hodges, Meridian

Sean Tominaga, Kuna and Jordan Tominaga, Star

Daniel and Judy Stearns, Ontario, Ore.

Rodney Shannon and Toni Murray, Parma

Emil and Elvira Lukovac, Boise

Donna and Dwain Rushby, Cascade

Amber Moline, Meridian

Wesly and Jennifer Southard, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 12

Luz and Charlie Martinez, Nampa

Michelle Bartlett, Fruitland

Michelle Blush, Boise

Bill and Debra Newton, Nampa

Michael Engels, Boise

Adrian Berry, Meridian

Amity Mercado, Nampa

Carissa Buker, Meridian

John Narkin, Boise

Laura Fuentes, Boise

Cherri Barrett, Meridian

Shaun Elliott, Caldwell

Anthony and Geraldine Sciarrino, Boise

Jennifer Matthews, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 11

Arnold and Peggy Rystad, Caldwell

Filip Sandor, Nampa

Roberto Lopez and Kristine Villegas, Wilder

Steve and Tina Turley, Meridian

Jeffery Taylor, Boise

Vicki Mason-Wood, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 8


Hopkins Growth Fund, LLC

Lincoln Newell, Garden City

Criselda Askew, Nampa

Steven and Lisa Arbuckle, Caldwell

Mark and Jennifer Hirschi, Boise

Stephanie Beck, Mountain Home

Steven Williams, Boise

Monica Souza, Garden City

Meagan Franklin, Nampa

James Greenzang, Boise

Kara Nafsinger, Meridian

Chad Bloxham, Boise

Michael Bender, Fruitland

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 7

Jared Sims, Meridian

Robert Loepp, Boise

Alan and Jennifer Ebaugh, Nampa

Don and Cindy Atkinson, Caldwell

Audrey Gurley, Boise

Deborah Draper, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 6

Kim Ray, Meridian

Aprille Carter, Nampa

Dianna Despeaux, Boise

Joel Durham, Star

Candice Stephens, Boise

Theresa Hill, Nyssa, Ore.

Carmen Castillo, Boise

Ryan Russell, Meridian

Nicholas Rosar, Nampa

Morris Cody Jr. and Lisa Daniels, Boise

Linda Schmidt, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 5

Brandon and Katrina Fewkes, Fruitland

Timothy and Lisa Petersen, Mountain Home

James and Sharon Gavett, Kuna

Bryan Gray, Meridian

Eric and Sylvia Haase, Eagle

David and Geraldine Mossi, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 4

Tony and Cheryl Gates, Meridian

Muhamet and Shkrute Prenku, Boise

Thomas and Charlotte Armstrong, Emmett

Jesse Main III and Kristeen Main, McCall

Levi and Merla Taylor, Nampa

Jack Riggs, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Nov. 1

David and Tammy Slinker, Payette

Michael and Chirstine Brown, Nampa

Alfred Young, Nampa

Luis and Pamela Mosqueda, Boise

Alysa Wilson, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 31

Ronald and Linda Carrington, Boise

Todd and Angela Wilder, Boise

Terryn and Cynthia Baldwin, Mountain Home

Samuel and Cynthia D'Orazio, Meridian

Fredrick and Tawnya Larsen, Marsing

Leonard and Teresa McBride, Garden City

Russell and Kelle Karn, Meridian

Stanley Joslin, Boise

Susan Douglas, Nampa

Robert and Stephanie Folline, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 30

Brenda Seeger, Nampa

Don Taniguchi, Boise

Angela Goodwin, Boise

Tina Tanner, Boise

William and Nancy Miller, Boise

Robert and Ann Owens, Boise

Deborah Carlson, Boise

Sonny Ligas, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 29

Curtis Dela Cruz and Marnie Dunn, Eagle

Rodney White, Nampa

Douglas Morgan, Boise

Jose Suarez-Pacheco and Candace Suarez, Boise

Harry and Diane Bras, Nampa

Ryan and Amanda Madison, Nampa

Sandra Porter, Caldwell

Peter Collins, Meridian

Melanie Stanfield, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 28

Jacob and Catherine Jacoby, Weiser

Teresa Burke-Ellet, Boise

Linda Morris, Meridian

Maria Bustamante, Nampa

Michael and Jennifer Flatt, Boise

Oliver and Ashley Larson, Ontario, Ore.

William and Wanda Kreizenbeck, Emmett

Jose Hernandez and Buadelia Duarte, Nampa

Breanna Burns, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 24

Nicholas and Leslie Copass, Nampa

Redzo and Hava Muratovic, Boise

Darin and Jaime Burnham, Boise

Baltazar and Carmen Mendez, Homdedale

Amanda Wintrode, Nampa

Walt and Janice Holton, Caldwell

Jerry and Mary Tindle, Eagle

Dawn Nash, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 23

Valerie Tucker, Garden City

John and Monique Papenfuss, Nampa

Ryan Powell and Jackie Williams, Boise

Daniel and Taylor Barklow, Eagle

Matthew and Karen Kelly, Caldwell

Jeffrey Sielaff, Boise

Nathan and Haley Spurgeon, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 22

Deborah Booth, Eagle

Tina Conner, Meridian

Crystal Ballesteros, Nampa

Travis Oakes, Boise

Brandon and Sarah Christie, Nampa

Juan Melchor-Linares, Caldwell and Maria Melchor, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 21

Jayne Black, Boise

Shan Phelps, Boise

Tiffany Saunders, Boise

Danielle Gibson, Nampa

Jacob and Erika Barry, Parma

Richard Viola, Mountain Home

Kristina Rowen, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 18 

Andrew Horvath, Mountain Home

Shawn Melvin Jr. and Diana Sue Valles, Nampa

Susana Vazquez Vazquez, Caldwell

Glenn H. and Laura A. Whicker, Meridian

Darren M. and Laurie A. Fitch, Boise

Matthew M. Held, Garden City

Sarah and Joshua Craig, Meridian

Lance E. and Christine Ann Griswold, Homedale

Tom A. and Evelyn L. Floyd, Caldwell

Angela Suzanne Hopkins, Boise

Kathy A. Wann, Boise

Eric Kathleen Handy, Nampa

Randy Dale Roberts, Nampa

Samantha Kay Bezates, Payette

Shaun Robert Shackelford and June Aileen Patoray, Boise

Michael Jason Helsley, Meridian

Viki Jo Jagne, Nampa

Ryan William Baeli, Boise

Raymond D. and Kathryn D. Montoya, Boise    

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 17

Alexander and Beverly Gempler, Boise

Dale Domerese, Eagle

Shane and Alexandria Hunter, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 16

Michael and Jeanne McCullogh, Meridian

Josheph and Rochelle Reed, Eagle

Kerby and Maria Kirkham, Boise

Pedro Reyes, Nampa

Melissa Del Rio, Boise

John and Barbara Tunstall, Garden City

Shelley Chalk, Caldwell

Aubrey and Lynn Ellison, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 15

Matthew Buckley, Mountain Home

Sabrina El Menni, Boise

Daniel Ramsland, Meridian

Wayne Faw, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 11

Michael and Karen Rueckert, Meridian

Randy Young, Meridian

Cristina and Charles Barnes, Nampa

Amber Murray, Boise

Ronald Schaefer, Garden City

Niki Thomas, Meridian

Scott and Crystal Robison, Garden City

Michael and Laurie Kerr, Nampa

Shawn Fish, Boise

James Morand, Boise

Trace Hollenbeck, Boise

Halynn Harrison, Boise

Ronald Vance Jr. and Karen Vance, Meridian

Heather Grano, Meridian

Keynan Porter, Wilder and Allisha Porter, Nampa

James and Mynette Butcher, Boise

Holly Fackrell, Nampa

James Miller, Mountain Home

Browning Kay Browning, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 10

Richard and Paula Nourse, Meridian

Alec Ledward Sr. and Kelly Smith, Boise

Alejandra and Eugene Even, Meridian

Robin Obenchain, Caldwell

Alfredo and Hortencia Lopez, Glenns Ferry

Amos and Leona Freeman, Payette

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 9

Trina Stephens, Ontario, Ore.

Rodger Stewart, Meridian

Joshua Medcoff, Parma

Michael Dessert, Kuna

Juanita Kauffman, Notus

Kelly Quas, Nampa

Abby Koskisson, Kuna

Sara Richter, Boise

Adam and Sabaheta Vatric, Boise

Michael and Desiree Holmes, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 8

Donald and Gail Bass, Kuna

Aaron Twilegar, Emmett

Arthur and Cathy Bee, Emmett

Kati Munoz, Nampa

Thomas Hampton, Boise

Wayne and Lorena Wilemon, Boise

Christopher and Amber Frisch, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 7

Aracely Domine, Mountain Home

Johnika Harmon, Boise

Richard and Trisha Sobralski, Emmett

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 3

Douglas Starr, Boise

David and Trina Pease, Caldwell

Diana Pon, Meridian

Gary and Shirley White, Boise

Christine Erickson, Nampa

Earl and Charlotte Briles, Boise

Cheryl Lewis-Wiesen, Nampa

Denise Ritter, Nampa

Makayla Rose, Nampa

Angela Emling, Nampa

Brigham and Hailey Hurd, Boise

Reed and Gail Fannin, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 2

Aleksandr and Nelly Kravtsov, Boise

Gregory and Jennifer Mikel, Middleton

Jonathan and Anna Hey, Nampa

Jesus and Claudia Cuevas, Caldwell

Christopher and Kara Vonovich

Kenneth Selmasska, Boise

Steven and Lori Scott, Nampa

Amber Bourland, Mountain Home

Bankruptcies filed Oct. 1

Cori Long, Nampa

Tavia Aguilar, Boise

Tiffany Elizondo, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 30

Misty Bivins, Nampa

Lacey Shubin, Boise

Tina Akpan, Boise

Janice and Larry Little, Boise

Thomas Bauer, Boise

Bryan Mills, Payette

Ivy Allshouse, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 27

Robert Bradley and Kristy Bradley, Meridian

Katherine Sheffield, Mountain Home

Jimmy Goodman, Boise

David Jaquith Sr. and Paula Jaquith, Nampa

Kelly Allen, Boise

Erica and Andre Chalifoux, Meridian

Antonio and Amanda Besso, Caldwell

Jose Del Rio, Boise

Michael and Vicki Arnold, Nyssa

Nathaniel Davidson, Boise

Amanda Kugler and Jason Edwards, Kuna

Jeffrey and Lola Scaggs, Boise

Michael Scown, Meridian

Lanny and Raquel Green, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 26

Jerry Hamsher, Vale, Ore.

Amber Ackerland, Middleton

Jenna McCarthy, Boise

Lisa Morris, Nampa

Duane Boyle, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 25

Thomas and Vontella Curiel, Nampa

Sherrie Hensley, Boise

William Andrzejewski, Boise

Rachelle and Bradley Jaeger, Boise

Mark and Shale Witt, Kuna

JoAnn Becker, Boise

Joseph and Karen Murphy, Mountain Home

Paul and Janine Renberg, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 24

Jennifer Hockett, Boise

Gregory Jensen, Boise

Natasha Swenson, Boise

Cristina Bistricean, Nampa

Christopher and Jennifer Harris, Boise

Duane and Dolores Rupnow, Emmett

Jennifer Wood, Boise

Sadrija and Suada Mandal, Boise

Thomas and Heather Thien, Boise

Christopher and Bambi Munoz, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 23

The Phoenix, Inc., Nampa

Charles and Nissa Watts, Emmett

Matthew and Christina Anderson, Nampa

Timothy and Christina Thatcher, Caldwell

Jose Sanchez II and Molly Sanchez, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 19

Anna Stoia, Nampa

Audra McAuliffe, Caldwell

Virgil Holsclaw, Parma

Bryan and Angelie Bauer, Boise

Ernie Menchaca and Reana Garcia, Meridian

Rena and Brian Kelly, Boise

Shelly Cates, Caldwell

Stacey Hansen, Boise

Sandra Escareno, Caldwell

Scott Desrosier, Boise

Larry and Amy McMasters, Mountain Home

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 18

Lareina Roberts, Caldwell

Caroline Kahm, Nampa

Cristi and Terrance Van Zile, Nampa

Ronda and Joseph Laca, Mountain Home

Dustin Greene, Boise

John Holcomb, Boise

Zachariah Hickman, Caldwell

Ethel Marshall, Nampa

Katherine Larson, Nampa

Mark Barnes, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 17

Richard Haynes, McCall

Paul Alberts, Nampa

Brian and VonCille Lasley, Nampa

Che Harrington, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 16

Kevin Rhinehart, Meridian

Steven and Machellen James, Grand View

John and Maria Rollins, Boise

Dallas and Julie Crandall, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Friday, Sept. 13

Sharon Russo, Garden City

Daniel and Paula Drake, Meridian

Steven and Adell DeVinaspre, Boise

Charles Swartout III and Adah Swartout, Nampa

Tessa Mullins, Boise

Steven and Mary Sloyer, Marsing

Robert and Kathleen Paller, Emmett

Sabino and Estela Garza, Nampa

Steven and Josie Burchard, Kuna

Lanette Stahl, Boise

Andrew and Julie McBride, Boise

Bryce Fuller, Boise

Ryan and Meghan Hein, Caldwell

Thomas Chavez, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 12

John Aikins, Middleton

Anita Leach, Nampa

Steven Heiser, Middleton

Todd and Barbara Brown, Boise

Brian and Rosa Sweet, Mountain Home

Christopher and Birdeena Fleck, Caldwell

Debra Liming, Mountain Home

Darrell and Florence Baugh, Vale, Ore.

Manuel and Meghann Souza, Ontario, Ore.

Brett and Shalynn Carpenter, Middleton

Michael and Kelsey Albert, Caldwell

Maria Mendoza, Wilder

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 11

Stasia Davis, Boise

Kathleen Fricke, Boise

Gregory Beers, Meridian

Darcy Harris, Boise

Christopher and Alicia Dante, Boise

Carolyn and Steven Hancock, Meridian

William and Teresa Broderick, Boise

Bonnie Robertson, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 10

Susan Stolberg, Boise

Trevor and Amelia Bennett, Nampa

Shane Burchfield, Meridian

Donna Ricks, Fruitland

Marshall Boddeker, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 9

Danny Turner, Marsing

Stewart Puderbaugh, Boise

Levi and Katie Newsom, Meridian

Hector and Vera Martinez, Caldwell

Shirlene Covert, Boise

Lauren and Patrick Scott, Eagle

Steven and Kim Rast, Garden City

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 6

Jacob Weaver, Meridian

Steven Arthur, Nampa

Debra Borah, Meridian

Janna Nicholson, Boise

Steven and Dru Moore, Boise

Janet Donahue, Mountain Home

D. Robert Betlach, Boise

James Longstreet, Meridian

Leroy Palmer, Caldwell

Francisco Rendon, Boise

Peggy Christian, Mountain Home

Julia Rodriguez, Nampa

David and Gloria Brock, Kuna

Jeannie Carter, Nyssa

Diane Miles, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 5

Shawn Garcia, Nampa

Christopher Hereford, Meridian

David Buckholz, Nampa

Nicacio Segura-Vargas, Nampa

Theodore and Marilynn Carter, Meridian

Jansan Moradian, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Sept. 3

Eugene Goss, Nampa

Stacie Burge, Meridian

Ryan Vanlue, Nampa

Amanda Weed, Meridian

Molly Callagher, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 30

Heidi Schilling, Meridian

Melisa Johnson, Boise

Brandee Grabowski, Boise

Dawn Garren, Nampa

Virginia Carney, Boise

Nikolaus Bale, Nampa

Deanna Manley, Kuna

Anika Garcia, Boise

Muriel French, Mountain Home

Jesse and Danielle Bolander, Nampa

Belynda Kramer, Boise

Adam and Jessica McQueary, Meridian

Jon Middleton, Boise

David and Emily Hall, Boise

Tina Smith, Meridian

Matt and Tasha Booth, Star

Kelly and Terry Rogers, Boise

Jay Yost, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 29

Jonathan and Dianne Andersen, McCall

Richard and Marilyn Lyman, Caldwell

Conndra Steeves, Meridian

Christopher Conway, Boise

Douglas Baker, Ontario, Ore.

Gail Limbaugh, Kuna

Scott Jensen, Melba

Crystal Tippets, Caldwell

Forrest Johnson, Jr. and Donna Johnson, Fruitland

Wayne Hart, Boise

Richard and Joyce Given, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 28

Steven Bynum and Lesa Morris-Bynum, Nampa

Radford and Sarah Brannen, Marsing

Douglas and Kerri Doherty, Ontario, Ore.

Martin and Barbara Ward, Boise

Teresa Guanche, Garden City

Christopher Fleshman, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 27

Alicia Richards, Boise

Bert and Lisa VanDercar, Boise

Zachery Walmsley, Boise

Cara Werlinger, Nampa

Kasey and Christopher Parrish, Boise

Chad Armond and Heather Edwards, Caldwell

Gerardo and Esmeralda Rodriguez, Caldwell

Harold Williams Jr. and Betty Williams, Caldwell

Dung Anh Le and Isabelle Thi yen Santi, Boise

Richard Holt, Boise

Kenneth Durrant, Boise

Darrel and Kari Nickel, Boise

Kimberly Rouse, Boise

Joshua Carroll, Nampa

Joshua and Michelle Rankin, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 26

Law Merritt and Kimberly Phillips-Merritt, Nampa

Casey Johnson-Peterson, Boise

Sidney and Joanne Chauncey, Boise

Robert Rochlitz, Garden City

Sandra Pond, Meridian

Wendy Hinton, Meridian

Jean Wilson, Boise

Ryan Ackley, Nampa

Bob and Jill Thornley, Boise

Brett Darney, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Wednesday, Aug. 22

Roland and Della Courtenay, Emmett

Nancy Washington, Ontario, Ore.

Carroll Kimsey, Boise

Shane and Amy Riley, Oreana

Eldon and Jacqueline Riley, Kuna

Beverly Belau, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Wednesday, Aug. 21

Levi Fias and Allyson Salas Fias, Meridian

Christl Colven, Boise

Bryce and Chessica Roberts, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 20

Sharon Newby, Boise

Dale Shepherd, Eagle

Mia Helton, Boise

Jenna and Dylan Lammers, Boise

Gary and Kimberlee Hedges, Meridian

George Peterson, Ore.

Aaron and Maria Breinholt, Meridian

Lourae Young, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 19

Laurie Boren, Boise

Aaron and Kristina LaBarbera, Caldwell

Robert and Janice King, Boise

Lisa Leonard, Payette

Steven and Wendy Rohs, Boise

Khanh Nguyen, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Friday, Aug. 16

Menite A. Milien, Boise

Christina Ramirez, Nyssa

Jerry and Sharon Williams, Nampa

Frank and Suzanne Sein, Nampa

Cori Barrera, Boise

Daniel Day, Boise

Stephen Parke, King Hill

Christopher Ames, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 15

Gregory and Angela Purvis, Meridian

Steven and Lori Burton, Nampa

Michael and Denice Ankenman, Kuna

Dee Furguison and Mindi Smith-Ferguison, Meridian

Danielle Pillen, Boise

Trevor and Melanie Palmer, Caldwell

Roger and Lydia Barker, Boise

David and Noel Olsen, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 14

Patrick Baker, Caldwell

Jerry Aguirre, Boise

Kimber Farber, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 13

Raymond and Janet Kennedy, Nampa

Kyle Frasier, Caldwell

Celia Rangel-Vargas, Caldwell

Tracey and Cameron Henderson, Boise

Angela Janquart, Boise

Marian Alvis, Boise

Tina Garcia, Meridian

Charles and Alicia Travis, Meridian

Matthew and Amy Saylors, Payette

Shari Babbitt, Kuna

William Sosa and Esmeralda Martinez, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 12

Santos Flores-Garcia, Nampa

Lee and Marion Garner, Caldwell

Diane Roy, Boise

Roger White, Vale, Ore.

Guadalupe and Maria Beltran, Weiser

Jordan and Jennifer Gilson, Nampa

Timothy Holley, Boise

Angel and Hermalinda Carmona, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 9

Daniel and Candi Bond, Payette

Jesus and Noemi Melendez, Nyssa, Ore.

Julie Braegger, Meridian

Tamera Tomko, Boise

Amber Hansen, Fruitland

Michael and Michelle Agustin, Mountain Home

Greg Suydam, Boise

April Edson, Boise

Donald Flournoy, Meridian

Bobby and MerriDee Copeland, Nampa

Jessup and Heather Davidson, Boise

Michelle Butler, Boise

Vicki Fisher, Boise

Staci Madrid, Caldwell

Andrew and Juli Aldrich, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 8

Anthony Carson, Bath Springs, Tenn.

Paul Pearson, Nampa

Wanda Branin, Boise

Samuel Jones, Ontario, Ore.

John and Tamara Clark, Meridian

Cameron and Taffeta Enrico, Garden City

Ronald and Rhonda Whitwell, Cascade

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 7

Toby Robinson, Caldwell

Roger and Jennifer Small, Meridian

Lonnie Kemp, Boise

Jerry Welbaum, Eagle

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 6

Michelle Lupton, Nampa

Mark Malmin, Boise

Robert Alderman, Eagle

Christopher Rexroat, Boise

Wilfred and Brandi Owens, Meridian

Robert and Katie Denning, Meridian

Julie and Marshall Haney, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 5

Brian and Alison Sengsourinho, Boise

Cozette Bolshaw, Boise

Tracy and Peggy Andersen, Boise

Melly Gallegos, Caldwell

Theresa Fleming, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Aug. 1

John Schoffstall, Boise

Lillian Vasquez, Nampa

Ellen Brown, Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 31

Elizabeth Steinmetz, Parma

Aaron and Holly LeSuer, Caldwell

Max and Adelaide Fisher, Nampa

Karl and Jenna Von Der Ehe, Meridian

Jacek Kaupas, Boise

Maria Simmons, Meridian

Valerie Wilson, Emmett

Scott and Christina Newland, Nampa

Keith Blonshine, Mountain Home

Randy Harris, Boise

Angela Holden, Nampa

Albert Gallegos, Caldwell

Alberto Martins, Emmett

Donalu Muir, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Tuesday, July 30

Becky Staggers, Nampa

Cody and Jessica Quigley, Mountain Home

Lori Miller-Sieckert, Eagle

Brett and Jolene Williams, Meridian

Jesse and Erin Aldape, Eagle

Matthew and Shawna Schneiderman, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Monday, July 29

Julia J Gonzalez, Vale, Ore.

Wendi Melvin, Meridian

Nicolaie Eremia, Kuna

Karen Bier, Meridian

Christopher Edwards, Nampa

Clayton and Nicole Gress, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed Friday, July 26

Cristina G. Perez, Caldwell

Luis Angel and Ati Aloi Sein, Nampa

Jerome and Linda Smith, Nampa

Randall and Trinette Jensen, Caldwell

Kristin Herup, Eagle

Melinda Jones, Meridian

Betsy Davies, Boise

Rebecca McJunkin, Caldwell

Scott and Anne Fratto, Eagle

Brandon and Ginger Finn, Boise

Johnathen Tacdol, Kuna

David Clooten, Meridian

Carla Alley, Garden City

Lindsey Botkin, Star

Corey and Melanie Hines, Nampa

Scot Davis and Patricia Knoble, Star

Alan and Katrina Thompson, Caldwell

James and Tamara Bickish, Meridian

Dana Jaconi, Boise

Levonne Talamantes, Meridian

James and Patricia Weems, Meridian

Robert Williams Jr., Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 25

Rita Burke, Kuna

David and Connie Noyes, Meridian

Elodia Madrigal and Francisco Guadarrama, Caldwell

Leo Castillo, Caldwell

Kelly Chevalier, Middleton

Jared and Heather Digre, Nampa

Suttesian Allen, Kuna

Thomas and Frances Haff, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed July 24

John Austerberry Jr., Boise

Philip and Katherine Rainey, Star

Rebecca Smith, Boise

April Smith, Nampa

Nikki Walker, Meridian

Tedra Ross, Boise

Matthew and Lynelle Swensen, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed July 23

Kimberly and Roy Ferebee, Kuna

Heather Neider, Caldwell

Kelly O'Shea, Mountain Home

Benjamin and Michelle Redfox, Boise

Mark and Tanya Leaf, Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 22

Bryan and Kimberle Hatch, Caldwell

Kayla Bowles, Meridian

James Meers Jr., Meridian

Nicholas Cabral Jr., Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 19

Eric Huerta and Jose Siordia, Wilder

Ruben Rojas-Ortega and Carol Rojas, Caldwell

Ronald and Coralee Hellickson, Boise

Arlen and Jaynesue Dowdy, Eagle

Sandy Lee, Nampa

Tammie Marble, Payette

Genelle Warren, Middleton

Catrina Thomas, Caldwell

Lisa Black, Boise

Lori Wunder, Meridian

Kathleen Castleton, Meridian

Aldaberto Flores Jr., Boise


Bankruptcies filed July 18

Christopher Smith, Boise

Tina Arnold, Boise

Kim DiLecce, Boise

Candice Campbell, Mountain Home

Jon and Karen Nettleton, Boise

Andrew Shartle, Nampa

Terrance Josephson, Boise

Homer Cleveland III, Boise

Shelley Nowosad, Boise

Eric Drees, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed July 17

Tina Richman, Caldwell

Jack and Andrea Stevens, Boise

Jame Leal and Lynda Dryden-Leal, Boise

Paul Andersen, Caldwell

Stephen and Stephanie Burger, McCall

Peter and Dorothy Steffens, Boise

Jennifer Mercado, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed July 16

Steven and Diana Rosa, Meridian

LaShaunda Miller, Boise

Angela Stierman, Boise

Ophelia Collins, Middleton

Rebecca Christensen, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed July 15

Jesus and Beatriz Ortega, Nampa

Violeta Beckwith, Boise

Michelle Graham, Garden City

Barton and Marietta Heath, Boise

April and Brandon Mancini, Garden City

Ronald and Sondra Rogers, Boise

Ashley Schweickart, Boise

Nannette Brubaker, Boise

Austin Byrne, Kuna

Steven and Joanie Sprengel, Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 11

Karen Hunt, Grand View

Marielle Westphal, Boise

Robert Alderman, Eagle

Antonio and Danielle Anchustegui, Boise

Mari McManus, Caldwell

Denis and Zlatka Mesanovic, Boise

Jeff Gagnon, Boise

Paul McLeod and Toni Wood, Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 10

Douglas and Anne Roberts, Meridian

Jodi Wise, Cascade

Alan Jenny and Joyous Young-Jenny, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed July 9

Nadia Gonzalez, Caldwell

Lee Birch, Caldwell

Denise Gambino, Boise

Vivien Dickens, Boise

Fernando Nila, Caldwell

Derek and Laura Smith, Boise

Philip Rumsey, Meridian

Michael Mumey, Nampa

Julie Carbajal, Boise

Jarid and Denise Mealer, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed July 8

Daniel Grabe, Boise

Jeffrey Wagner, Kuna

Martin and Mary Geisel, King Hill

Christopher McDonald and Amber Webb, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed July 5

David A. Stewart, Nampa

James Lloyd, Boise

Pamela Kerr, Boise

Holly Weigel, Boise

Howard Snow, Boise

Bankruptcies filed July 3

Ryan and Debra Carlock, Wilder

Dallas and Amanda Roberts, Caldwell

William and Sheryl Beckham, Nampa

Guy and Margaret Franco, Caldwell

Shawn Steiger, Boise and Jenny Steiger, Eagle

Jacob and Jennifer Nordby, Boise

Catherine Walcroft, Caldwell

Alyssa Reno, Boise

DaLonna Hill, Payette

Espiridion Longoria, Jr., Nampa

Bankruptcies filed July 2

Jo Ann Gordon, Middleton

Jason and Ginger Barningham, Nampa

Kristen McCoy, Boise

Samijo Schouviller, Nampa

Tony and Spring Fisher, Homedale

Rodney and Angela Richardson, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed July 1

Kari and Jeffery Wheatley, Eagle

Francis and Dena Grenicko, Boise

Carl and Donna Masonholder, Star

Dinah Werries, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 27

Candice Beal, Nampa

Kelly and Vicci Snyder, Meridian

Jon Endicott, Meridian

Cathie Grove, Boise

Shelly Hernandez, Nampa

Christopher and Bethany Schuck, Marsing

Ashley McGunnigle, Payette

Tony and Cheryl Gates, Meridian

Elizabeth Walters, Nampa

John Priscella, Boise

Tyler and Hailey Ernest, Boise

Spencer and Natalie Powers, Meridian

Joshua McInturf and Regina Johnston, Boise

Kristoffer Waldemer, Nampa

Dawnise Lousignont, Caldwell

Lyle Talbot, Meridian

Timothy Kathan, Meridian

Mary Wakhre, Nampa

Beth Brynteson, Boise

Kevin and Verity Geib, Boise

Kurt and Cheryl Splaine, Eagle

Stephen Vaus, Boise

Donald Nicholson and Karin Lakey, Nampa

Randall Miller, Mountain Home

James and Mary Steele, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 27

Neyda Salazar, Boise

David Giles, Nampa

Nicole Manning, Eagle

Kathleen Amlin, Boise

Mary Beals, Caldwell

Brenda Garringer, Emmett

Jenae Peterson, Nampa

Kerry and Mandela Albright, Boise

Jason and Angel Miraya, Boise

Wayne and Christie Ebenroth, Boise

Corrine Herron, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed June 26

Sunshine Lambert, Meridian

Ellen Pitcairn, Emmett

Jamie Haan, Meridian

Billy and Kathleen Seder, Boise

Eagle Marketplace, LLC, Newcastle, Calif.

Mario Betancourt Jr. and Maritza Betancourt, Caldwell

Sara Bradley, Star

Pedro Garcia, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed June 25

Laura Barton, Boise

John Horn, Nampa

Mark Steigleder, Nampa

Paul and Dixie Davis, Meridian

Yekaterina and Jerrad Vahsholtz, Boise

Brenda Smith, Caldwell

Nathan and Modesta Torres, Meridian

Elizabeth Snodgrass, Boise

Shawn and Jenny Schlosser, Boise

Denya Dabney, Boise

Cassandra Hall, Boise

Lucinda and Scott Mele, Caldwell

Marc and Trische Callister, Caldwell

Shannon Tucker, Boise

Tanya Hile, Eagle

Jerry and Carolyn Hastings, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 24

Elba Urrutia, Nampa

Holly Elliott, Kuna

Scott and Shannon Krueger, Meridian

Annette and Henry Mosley, Caldwell

April Holdaway, Nampa

Heidi Landa and Luis Landa-Rios, Nampa

Jonathan and Rebecca Brougher, Nampa

Lori Woods, Nampa

Christopher Brooks, Mountain Home

Bankruptcies filed June 20

Darlene Stelzried, Emmett

Gerald Broxson and Melissa Mollay-Broxson, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 19

Lynn Moore, Meridian

Sean Hamack, Boise

Richard Aguilar, Nampa

Daniel and Julie Looney, Meridian

Clinton Jenkins and Sandra Dotson, Meridian

Magdalena Alger, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed June 18

Raul Salinas, Meridian

Lorena Bautista, Caldwell

Honey Martin and Johnathon Elwell, Boise

Stacy Huizar, Nampa

James and Kittie Shervik, Nampa

Steven and Karen Davis, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 17

Erin Spaeth, Boise

Zannette Vincent, Kuna

Jonathan Palumbo, Boise

Kip and Holly Romans, Melba

Mike and Lisa Basterrechea, Caldwell

Joakima Torres, Boise

Samuel Nduko and Jane Tembur, Boise

Todd and Kathryn Garcia, Boise

Shane and Janet Wallach, Eagle

Ronald and Karen Cornelison, Eagle

Bankruptcies filed June 13

Baltazar and Carmen Mendez, Homedale

Craig Reisch, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 12

Paul Hopkins, Boise

Richard Bishop, Star

Carlos Ramirez-Rodriguez and Sandra Jimenez, Wilder

Ryan Kirtley, Nampa

Holly and Adam Lowe, Boise

Jerry and Cherie Poss, Nampa

Roberta Barra, Caldwell

Zachary Cooper and Nicole Miller, Eagle

Eric and Kimberly Knight, Star

Peggy Morin, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed June 11

Bruce Vineyard, Greenleaf

Trent Servatius, Boise

Mary Tobias, Nampa

Pamela Russel, Greenleaf

Francisco Ortiz, Parma

Marci Shaw, Ontario, Ore.

James Shields, Nampa

Joseph and Nicole Shull, Meridian

Kory Butcher, Kuna

Justin Lloyd, Meridian

Dawn Ackley, Boise

Harold and Linda Welch, Emmett

Travis Holland, Boise

Bankruptcies filed June 10

Jessica Logan, Boise

Jacque Lambing, Nampa

William Tomson, Nampa

Gilberto and Patricia Viveros, Nampa

Elizabeth Prevo, Caldwell

Lyndon and Angela Alvey, Nampa

Joshua and Lila Wynott, Caldwell

Kristy Anzara, Eagle

Bankruptcies filed June 6

Patrick M. and Aliseia M. Burns, Nampa

Roberto Davila, Caldwell

Dale Martin and Lori Jean Anderson, Boise

Kathleen Marie Yates, Boise

Travis James Clayton, Boise  

Bankruptcies filed June 5

Teresa Doermann, Meridian

Alice Williams, Boise

Jason Hicks, Nampa

Sarah Jennings, Nampa

Denise Bennett, Boise

Shelley Worcester, Boise

Brandon and Amanda Renfrow, Nampa

Mandi Stephenson, Meridian

Tirzo and Jessie Muro, Mountain Home

Bankruptcies filed June 4

Rick and Janet Myers, Fruitland

Bart and Sarah Hinckley, Nampa

Jeremy and Cynthia Watson, Boise

Jonathan McKenzie, Nampa

Jessica Lancaster, Meridian

Michael Cordell, Boise

Jennifer Farnsworth, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed June 3

Kyle Bronson, Nampa

Chad and Pamela Holbrook, Middleton

James and Karen Allen, Meridian

Christine Martin, Nampa

Robert and Bonnie Barkley, Emmett

Stephen Michas, Boise

Bradley and Tammy Bolte, Caldwell

Brigitte and Robert Berg, Meridian

Peter Hoff, Boise

Lupita Tamez, Nampa

Victoria Beazer, Caldwell

Spencer and Janet Murphy, Emmett

Melissa Weaver, Nampa

Elizabeth Lamas, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed May 31

Charles Keesey III, Nampa

Tyson Bean, Boise

Paul and Misty Vaughn, Caldwell

Dennis and Virginia Hoffman, Meridian

James Moe, Kuna

Douglas and Kimberly Rosin, Kuna

Megan Goodspeed, Kuna

Robert and Trina Keefer, Boise

Thomas Angstman, Garden City

Lydia Lane, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 30

Dale Conrad, Meridian

Jennifer Sato, Boise

Steven Somers, Boise

Janis Zimmerman, Boise

Tracey Green, Boise

Daniel Meyer, Boise

Raymond and Denise Cochand, Nampa

Miguel and Sarah Negrete, Caldwell

James Williamson, Boise

Lazaro and Lucia Andrade, Caldwell

Dallas and Tamara Morlock, Meridian

Christopher Felty, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed May 29

 Curtis and Colleen Gunn, Boise

Gregory Lane, Garden City

David Christensen, Boise

Anthony and Emily Davenport, Meridian

David and Deborah Walgren, McCall

Bankruptcies filed May 28

Wyndi-Ana Tacke, Boise

Becky Marks, Boise

Michael Wilcoxon, Boise

An Nguyen, Boise

Kimberly Venche, Meridian

Gregory and Heather Irons, Kuna

Alejandro and Sandra Gallegos, Caldwell

Catrine McGregor-Unger, Garden City

Michael Crosby Jr., Nampa

Bankruptcies filed May 24

Glenn and Jennifer Pfautsch, Boise

Melisa Davidson, Boise

Valeria Rose, Boise

Daniel and Nicole Petty, Vale

Keith Smith, Boise

Richard and Joyce Given, Caldwell

Stephanie Asher, Boise

Alessa Lopez-Castor, Eagle

Jeffrey and Jessica Bliss, Horseshoe Bend

David and Wanda Moss, Mountain Home

Julie Reisner, Caldwell

Tyson Wilson, Boise

Michael Killian, Kuna

Brady Hernandez, Garden City

Bankruptcies filed May 23

Michael and Pamela Naughtin, Nampa

Patrick and Janet Hanrahan, Meridian

Claudio Jimenez III and Chelsea Jimenez, Payette

Jessica Denning, Meridian

Gary and Raylene Singleton, Boise

Robert Jamison, Boise

Randall Miller, Boise

Robert and Leanne Fleming, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 22

Crystal Wallace, Boise

John Walton, Kuna and Barbara Walton, Boise

Troy and Kim Tapp, Boise

Dennis and Sally Skinner, Boise

Shaun Nill, Nampa

Daniel and Annette Bradshaw, Garden City

Steven Erickson, Fruitland

Caleb Hickey, Weiser

Eliseo and Yolanda Sanchez, Weiser

Erik Harbison, Garden City

Rochelle Knoll, Parma

Doyle and Cindy Farnsworth, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 21

J Craig and Sally Miller, Meridian

Kalene Freeman, Mountain Home

Cloey Knotts, Mountain Home

Levi Mitchell, Meridian and April Mitchell, Boise

Inge Cox, Boise

Calvin and Susan Reed, Meridian

Joseph and Cynthia Eden, Boise

June Boucher, Boise

Timothy and Kerriann Dines, Marsing

Miguel and Maria Gomez, Payette

Sidney Hudson, Meridian

Sheri Lewis, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 20

Loney Larson, Nampa

Shawna Grover, Kuna

Keith and Jacqueline Padden, Boise

Patrick and Suzanne Perkins, Boise

Olga Pimentel, Nampa

Ryan and Alicia Vollmer, Boise

Randall Norton, Boise

Janice Moroney, Nampa

William Trueba, Mountain Home

Bankruptcies filed May 17

Carrington and Mackenzie Clement, Boise

Robin Frickey, Boise

Raymond and Sandra Coon, Caldwell

Gilberto Rodriguez, Nampa

Tamara Kinder, Boise

Viviana Moreno, Nampa

Charles and Lisa Burger, Boise

Brian and Tiffany Neilson, Kuna

Anita Miller, Meridian

Corinne Roberts, Meridian

Costea and Elizabeth Dembi, Nampa

Michelle Derryberry, Boise

Aaron and Elinor Spielman, Boise

Kari Sluder, Boise

Suzetta Gibson, Boise

Ricky and Andrea Vanoski, Caldwell

Francisco Mateo, Boise

Earl Barron, Nampa

Christina Rodriguez, Caldwell

Timothy Wangler, Nampa

Melinda Cornwall, Meridian

Eric and Rhonda Bahr, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 16

Jessica Plumley, Nampa

Jacqueline Carrera, Caldwell

Douglass Williams, Boise

Stephen and Lori Salas, Boise

Phillip and Cassandra Henderson, Meridian

Janice Payton, Boise

Jason Ropp, Boise

William and Kathleen Smart, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 15

Matthew Lincoln, Boise

John and Angela Bilderback, Boise

Bryan Lucchesi, Eagle

Andrea Olsen, Meridian

David Arnold, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed May 14

Naomi Woolley, Boise

Janette Hobbs, Notus

Brian Birrell, Nampa

Ernest and Sharon Esparza, Caldwell

Blanche Glover, Boise

Edward and Angela Tinker, Boise

Kelly and Joan Gay, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed May 13

Bret and Sara Payne, Nampa

Diane Sturtevant, Nyssa, Ore.

Elicia and Johnny Johnson, Caldwell

Edward and Florence Lindhorst, Emmett

James Hill Jr. and Sybrina Hill, Boise

Gregory and Jane Grafft, Boise

Anthony Lafata, Nampa

Benjamin Boydston, Garden City

John and Elizabeth Browne, Boise

Derogy Ndewa, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 10

 Rhonda Hull, Nampa

 Jesse and Caitlin O'Connell, Boise

 Michael and Kristine Crawford, Meridian

 Gregorio and Teri Villanueva, Boise

 Daniel and Greta Summers, Nampa

 Randy and Brenda Pisca, Boise

 Kathryn and Ryan Andrews, Boise

 Yolanda Garland, Kuna

 Byron and Pamela Howerton, Meridian

 Jennifer Tiffany, Boise

 Kenneth Petersen, Nampa

 Clark and Lindsay Heuterman, Caldwell

 Thomas Kopke, Meridian

GW Fries, Boise

Sara and John Brown, Boise

Gabriel Ramirez, Homedale and Alicia Ramirez, Fallbrook, Calif.

Christopher Lane, Boise

Benone and Petronela Halinga, Boise

Thomas and Corina Villa, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed May 8

Kevin Lewis, Boise

Donna Lustenberger, Nampa

Rebecca Kent, Boise

Peggy Liles, Eagle

Delaun and Julia Thurber, Meridian

Rand Gruber, Star

Steven and Marcia Henke, Mountain Home

Megan Haueter, Payette

Dana McKee and Guadalupe McKee, Fruitland

Bankruptcies filed May 7

Michelle Yeoman, Nampa

Brian and Sally Hobbs, Boise

Lisa Evans-Cooke, Boise

Kelly Foster, Caldwell

Wanda Baker, Mountain Home

Robert and Ginnie Halbert, Caldwell

Ashley McGunnigle, Payette

Bankruptcies filed May 6

Heather McCoy, Boise

Jose Torres, Caldwell

Harold and Lorraine Liebenau, Caldwell

Leo and Ann Sexton, Boise

Jose and Cynthia Castellanos, Caldwell

Dustin and Angela Mori, Nampa

Monte and Valinda Hergert, Nampa

Treasure Valley Renewable Resources, LLC, Weiser

Andrew and Lisandra Grafe, Boise

Elizabeth and James Wilson, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 2

Justin Gates, Boise

Brandan and Marisa Lieske, Emmett

Salvador Valero-Ramirez, Nampa

John and Elizabeth Medina, Nampa

Becky Wilson, Meridian

Nathan and Sharon Cooney, Meridian

Richard Frasier, Meridian

Cristi Birdwell, Boise

Bankruptcies filed May 1

John and Crystal Glenn, Nampa

KC and Chandra Irelan, Boise

Joshua Baker, Boise

Lily Mortensen, Boise

Krystal Goodman, Boise

Scott Jackson, Boise

Bankruptcies filed April 30

Gilbert Leinonen Jr. and RaChel Leinonen, Caldwell

Suzan Rivera, Meridian

Burt and Patricia Landers, Caldwell

Jeffrey and Laura Rountree, Kuna

Bradley and Stacy Ward, Nampa

Elias Arguello, Nampa

David Cuanas, Caldwell

Diana Thompson, Emmett

Cindy Hotchkiss, Nampa

Peter Hill, Nampa

Ashley Wilcox, Boise

Michael and Heather Wrench, Nampa

Shantell and Nicholas Carman, Meridian

Steven Randall, Boise

Bankruptcies filed April 29

Nedzad and Shpresa Halilovic, Boise

Darryl Fleshman, Boise

Steven and Gina Barnes, Nampa

Tonya Guille, Caldwell

Robert Evans, Garden City

Mark and Wendy Santostefano, Meridian

Elizabeth Green, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed April 24

Maribel Pimentel, Nampa

Jesus and Joy Jara, Boise

Zeb and Amy Olsen, Meridian

James and Helen Pogue, Boise

Joseph and Janie Clark, Nampa

Debra Helzer, Emmett

Christopher and Tashawna Clark, Meridian

Jeffrey Carlson Jr. and Laura Carlson, Huston

Marc Santoro, Boise

Bankruptcies filed April 23

Abby and Alan-Michael Schweger, Boise

Heather Close, Boise

Barbara Pierce, Meridian

Rick and Lynetta Morey, Weiser

Williams Chiro Med, Inc., Boise

Michael and Cynthia Williams, Boise

Donna Crites, Star

Micah Willard, Caldwell

Don Bowen, Boise

Mary Stunz, Meridian

Irving Goodwin, Boise

Lavina Gibbs, Nampa

Gilberto Torres, Weiser

Bankruptcies filed April 22

Janice Hill, Nampa

Marjorie McInnes, Emmett

Wade Towne and Kathryn Anderson, Garden City

Stephen Bushi, Boise

David and Anna Maerz, Nampa

Cheri Pease, Notus

Jeffrey Pollick, Nampa

Allen Quignon Jr., Nampa

Bankruptcies filed April 18

Eric and Ella Homburg, Parma

Shane Carlton, Boise

Heather White, Nampa

Christopher and Staci Hansen, Boise

Alex Nava and Kendra Scott, Nampa

Kristi Taylor, Boise

Calvin and Jennifer Young, Meridian

Bland and Beatrice Yelton, Emmett

Raymond and Dorothy Castro, Payette

Brock and Nicole Cassity, Caldwell

Gary and Janice Nall, Boise

Richard and Cynthia Metteer, Nampa

Lorette Grace, Meridian

Yadira Pelayo, Kuna

Carrie Hungate, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed April 17

Darrin and Karen McKnight, Nampa

Payton and Shelby Anderson, Nampa

Kelly Skerjanec, Vale, Ore., and Suzanne Skerjanec, Ontario, Ore.

Mitchell and Melissa Freeland, Weiser

Marlaina Burns, Boise

Carroll and Lynda Huffman, Ontario, Ore.

Bankruptcies filed April 16

Daniel Barber, Meridian

Carolyn Tuggle, Boise

Randy and Monica Huebner, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed April 15

Pamela Galindo, Nampa

Craig and Tamara Macho, Meridian

Daniel and Mandy Zimmerschied, Nampa

Terence Jones, Boise

MaryJo Foster, Meridian

Lois Jackson, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed April 11

Brenda Steffen, Nampa

Nathan Donaldson, Boise

Ronald and Kathleen Lyda, Boise

Aaron and Christine Ivie, Nampa

Roger and Carol Coffman, Boise

Bankruptcies filed April 10

Daniel Wittell, Nampa

David Duey, Eagle

Lindsey Coombs, Meridian

Marge Finch, Nampa

Sylvia Ward, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed April 9

Jesse Hart, Kuna

Donnie Harris, Boise

Andrea Newell, Meridian

Thomas and Sommer Lynch, Nampa

Kara Morgan, Meridian

Brittany Clement, New Plymouth

Amanda Stamper, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed April 8

Cindy Addison, Eagle

Richard Clark, Boise

Brian Hess and Amy Ulrich, Boise

Shannon Burnette, Boise

Lauren Jenkins, Kuna

Gail Lorimor, Boise

Rosa Gonzalez, Caldwell

James Scott, Boise

Daniel Rush, Nampa

Rachelle and Joshua Ayers, Nampa

Colin Cornelison, Eagle

Bankruptcies filed April 5

Jason Still, Boise

Arturo and Anna Gonzalez, Nampa

Kelly and Jessica Buel, Nampa

Kari and David Carpenter, Caldwell

Donald and Rache'l Clark, Nampa

Robert and Cheryl Lawrence, McCall

Michael Martinez, Meridian

Melissa Woodrow, Nampa

Becky Tucker, Boise

Boise City Painting LLC, Meridian

Jeremy and Angela Johnson, Nampa

Troy Lindsey, Meridian

Nicholas Devalle, Boise

Linda Hadley, Boise

Shanell Elson, Meridian

Joshua Foust, Nampa

Juan and Leslie Martinez, Caldwell

Christopher and Karen Wilcox, Boise

Bankruptcies filed April 4

Suada and Terry Blackburn, Boise

Pamela Gaines, Boise

Michael Hill, Boise

Jeffery and Christine Burrows, Mountain Home

Matthew Shultz, Meridian

Beverly Johnson, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed April 3

Dustin Meksch, Mountain Home

Steven and Evelyn Cramer, Atlanta

Bankruptcies filed April 2

Wilson Wineman, Nampa

Jessica Rojas, Nampa

Melinda Estes, Meridian

Kyle and Dana Sechrist, Mountain Home

Stephen Hall, Boise

Stephen and Nichole Adams, Boise

Bankruptcies filed April 1

Darin Ramp, Star

James Pantell, Eagle

Richard Vaughn Jr., Boise

Douglas and Janelle Henderson, Payette

Wendall and Karyn Parker, Nampa

Amy DeBoard-Willmore, Meridian

Tyson and Mallory Willden, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed March 29, 2013

Justin and Candice McDowell, Meridian

Karen Ellis, Eagle

Julie Sterr, Boise

Robert and Jennifer Hughes, Caldwell

Amanda Linzy, Meridian

Susan Calle, Nampa

Stephen and Robin Owings, Boise

Ismael Barajas, Nampa

Becky McCoy, Boise

Angie Ewals, Boise

Travis Adams, Nampa

Piper Sauer, Meridian

Robert and Kristi Baatz, Caldwell

Bradley Brown, Pocatello

Charisse Coles, Boise

Brian Rodriguez, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 28

David and Sherri Ishida, Vale, Ore.

Don Smith, Mountain Home

Joyce Lorenzetti, Meridian

Ashley Ransley, Meridian

Letitia and Jonathan Likes, Meridian

Heather Little, Boise

Nu Mechanical, Inc., Boise

Sean Tracy and Rebecca Blake, Boise

Tracie O'Gorman, Eagle

Gary Crain, Boise

Eugene and Dianna Parks, Emmett

Jacqueline Duncan, Meridian

Ronald and Julie Cassity, Meridian

Anthony Simpson, Boise

David and Jessica Forbes, Boise

Timothy and Nellie Hinton, Garden City

Coleen Rausch, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed March 27

Cameron and Ashley Wattling, Boise

Doris Berry, Nampa

Heather Chapman, Boise

Douglas and Shannon Price, Meridian

Michael Schneider, Caldwell

Garrett Goyette, Meridian

Zachary and Eustolia Bennett, Nampa

Jennifer Pierce, Meridian

Evan Byler and Deborah Jenkins, Nampa

Tamara Siverson, Nampa

Jon and Julie Knight, Meridian

Miguel Sanchez-Luna and Jovita Calderon-Moya, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed March 26

David and Deirdre Price, Kuna

James and Kathleen Ledbetter, Garden City

Judy Kieffer, Boise

Jose and Elizabeth Chavez, Boise

Diana Hedberg, Melba

Cory and Mandy White, Star

Bankruptcies filed March 25

Michelle Sarazin, Middleton

Delbert and Carmen Hibbard, Ontario, Ore.

Aaron Patrick, Boise

Ignacio and Enita Rocha, Boise

Billie Hiser, Parma

Charles and Wendy Shirk, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed March 22

Charles Wentworth, Boise

Joseph and Heather Kellogg, Caldwell

Valerie Hartmann, Boise

Pablo and Victoria Santana, Caldwell

Rodolfo and Janice Flores, Boise

Alan Durham, Kuna

Cynthia Martindale, Star

Samantha Miller, Boise

Darla McConnell, Donnelly

Curtis and Jacqueline Hunsaker, Boise

Tara Cleveland, Meridian

Frances Colton, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 21

 Jack Redmon, Nampa

 Laura Gonzales, Parma

 Donald and Norma Price, Meridian

 Casey White, Nampa

 Kathleen Bowles, Nampa

 Richard and Jacqueline Livingston, Garden City

 Dimitri and Jennifer Arutiunov, Boise

 Daniel and Krystal Hawkley, Garden City

 Francisco Novoa and Rubiela Bernal, Boise

 Keri Mendoza, Star

Bankruptcies filed March 20

Brian and Cynthia Byers, Nampa

Alonso Ambriz, Nampa

Brian and Tina Stacks, Meridian

Tamara Crossley, Star

Candy Chlarson, Nampa

Luis Del Hoyo and Graciela Alfaro, Caldwell

Manuel Rodriguez, Caldwell

Donald Winn, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 19

Amparo Madrigal, Caldwell

Paul McNabb Jr. and Victoria McNabb, Nampa

Raymond and Betty Montross, Cascade

Toni Godoy, Nampa

Parker and Christine Blum, Boise

Lila Watts, Boise

Crystal and Tuileama Galea'i, Nampa

Shannon and Sharon Niederworder, Meridian

Vicente and Eloisa Moreno, Vale, Ore.

Robert and Amanda Phillips, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 18

Elisabet Montoya, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 15

Jodi Vaughn, Nampa

Steven Osburn, Boise

Richard Malerich, Caldwell

Sherry Reagan, Boise

Thomas Phippen, Nampa

Hannah Weatherwax, Boise

Kris Cools, Boise

Adriana Lattimer, Nampa

Wallace and Marie Elena Straight, Meridian

Tracy Siltman, Boise

Ronald and Louise Wright, Boise

Barbara Hopwood, Nampa

Wilma Burrow, Caldwell

James McCabe, Jr., Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 14

Nathan and Melisa Lewis, Nampa

Jennifer Sword, Kuna

Deborah Russell, Boise

Richard and Connie Freelove, Middleton

Michael Noble, Nampa

Gavrel and Monica Coronado, Greenleaf

Gregory and Gerrie Phelps, Weiser

Tina and Pedro Garza, Boise

Dennis and Donna Talbot, Boise

Jennifer Chlarson, Nampa

Zackary and Katie Roberts, Nampa

Patricia and Allen Middleton, Nampa

Lisa Marrs, Meridian

Jose Osorio, Nampa

Brent and Patricia Dildine, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed March 13

Marty and Daneen Stroh, Meridian

Sean and Sheri Hackworth, Caldwell

Jeremy and Andria Jones, Post Falls

Miguel Arambul Jr., Caldwell and Angela Arambul, College Place, Wash.

Susan Sackett, Boise

Charles and Mickie Burt, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 12

George and Traci Hentges, Boise

Jennifer Edwards, Boise

Jacob Petersen, Boise

David Ives and Beverly Carter, Boise

David and Karen Patterson, Garden City

Erika Barba, Vale, Ore.

Jonathan and Michelle Ganieany, Boise

Jeffrey and Rosanna Harvey, Boise

Stephanie Dobbs, Meridian

Judith Walker, Boise

Caleb and Whitney Crowell, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed March 11

Lori Newsom, Boise

Gerardo and Rita Ballesteros, Nampa

Jay and Georgeann Walschon, Nampa

Timothy and Jennifer Heiland, Meridian

John Morris, Boise

Sunnie Tam, Payette

Bankruptcies filed March 7

Angelina Vasquez, Meridian

Holli Quenzer, Emmett

Sarah Johnson, Boise

Samuel Taylor, Meridian

Martha Gonzalez, Caldwell

Nancy Contreras, Nampa

Arden and Jonda Davis, Wilder

Bankruptcies filed March 6

Wayne and Kimberly Stapleton, Boise

Kelvin Williams, Nampa

Jennifer Rumsey, Meridian

Kenneth and Judy Lucas, Nampa

Michael Hargrove, Nampa

Edwin Scott, Eagle

Kyle and Meghan Green, Nampa

Lucas and Misty Wynn, Meridian

Sandee Garcia, Middleton

Debra Marker, Meridian

Timothy Roche, Middleton

Peter and Michelle Kingston, Kuna

Lisa Tulloch, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 5

Branden Adams, New Plymouth

Joseph and Betty Young, Cascade

Kelly Beltz, Nampa

James and Kathleen Essany, Meridian

Robin Frazier, Boise

Katherine Sexsmith, Boise

Stephanie Parker, Nampa

Jason Peebly, Boise

Bankruptcies filed March 4

Amelia Cikaitoga, Boise

Nadia Gonzalez, Caldwell

Francisco and Maria Lopez, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 28

Jamie Herre, Nampa

Shelley Tabor, Caldwell

Mark and Julie Quinn, Nampa

Evalynn Bernard, Boise

Garrett and Helen Good, Nampa

Lance Ogle, Boise

Susan McFarland, Nampa

Jack Chapman, Boise

James Corsi, Boise

Ursla Ungermann, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 27

Cathleen Sage, Boise

Faith Kesling, Boise

Dana Hammoud, Boise

Bradley and Stephanie Boos, Meridian

Barbara Morrison, Meridian

April Rice, Boise

Tanya Perry, Boise

Melanie Slack, Boise

Ramil Tonguia, Boise

Sara Tipton, Boise

Dennis and Heather Jagard, Kuna

Richard and Maria Van Cleef, Marsing

Robert and Judy King, Boise

Eugenio and Sharmane Moreno, Garden City

Evelina Bennett, Boise

Ronald and Tammy Weekes, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 26

Casey Baker, Caldwell

Julie McCabe, Nampa

James Pratt, Melba

Casey Ramirez, Nampa

Jenna Thompson, Boise

Lorraine Taylor, Nampa

Chad Crosby, Boise

Tina Phongsavath, Boise

Alfredo Valencia and Maria Morales-Castillo, Nampa

Rhonda Haber, Garden City

Joshua Schumacher and Julia Risner, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 25

Lisa Cummings, Nampa

Justin and Shantara Carlock, Kuna

Robert and Sue Bowman, Meridian

Donna Gibson, Nampa

David and Noel Olsen, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 22

Asbury Park, LLC, Eagle

David Culver, Nampa

Jodi Newbold, Emmett

Joshua Empey, Kuna

Marie Flores, Nampa

James and Charlotte Cannon, Boise

Henry Oehlsen, Mountain Home

Jodi Longoria, Kuna

Corey and Kayla McCombs, Boise

Ronald and Trina Elsasser, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 21

Jonathan Herman, Boise

Eric and Julie Cotton, Nampa

Cristobal Mendez-Saona, Boise

Jason Trainor, Boise

Douglas and Merri Reincke, Garden City

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 20

Richard and Luanne Stradley, Emmett

Sharon Pitman, Boise

Fredrick Rousseau, Boise

Kenneth and Sheena Barnes, Boise

Stephen Nichols, Meridian

Mark and Shale Witt, Kuna

James and Jamie Quick, Payette

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 19

Thomas Ricks, Eagle

Teena Smith, Boise

Angela Bruno, Boise

Kristina Flagor, Kuna

Harland and Evelyn Hull, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 18

Gary Hansen, Kuna

Eric Wright, Boise

Lana Lucas, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 15

Edward Mager, Caldwell

Shawn Trowbridge, Kuna

Taresa Infanger, Meridian

Judith Hunley and Wayne Olds, Nampa

Steven and Jeannene Hawk, Nampa

April Pennock, Boise

Clifford Barber, Boise

Teresa Swihardt, Donnelly

Jeffrey and Heidi Gale, Boise

Taggart May, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 14

Jerry Reed, Caldwell

Robert and Elizzabeth Miller, Melba

Jonathan and Barbara Davis, Boise

Jason Camara, Boise

Brian Wardle, Meridian

Zeniff Rodriguez, Nampa

Patrick Bradley, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 13

Joshua and Moniek Forrey, Boise

William and Shirley Thomson, Ontario

Lisa Walsh, Meridian

Michael and Cynthia Patchett, Nampa

Collin and Jessica Montgomery, Emmett

Richard Boswell, Nampa

Jill Jernigan, Meridian

Danielle and Aaron Lyda, Eagle

Dennis and Tina Cole, Boise

Diana Devorce, Meridian

Daniel and Susan Blair, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 12

Cameron Purvis, Meridian

Betty Henson, Boise

Craig and Heidi Bradshaw, Caldwell

David and Rose Spires, Boise

Shaun and Monica Skogrand, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 11

Darcee Houston, Eagle

Wayne and Maria Time, Nampa

Mauricio and Janeth Santana, Caldwell

Charles and Analise Beal, Boise

Jerry Lidgard, Mountain Home

Dorene and Orby Beck, Nampa

Travis and Angela Conan, Meridian

Helen Moren, Boise

Michele Carrington, Meridian

Terryle and MaryEllen Wood, Emmett

Randy and Lori Rouse, Boise

DeLoy Koch, Nampa

Phillip and Verla Frans, Boise

Sarah Dillon, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 7

Joshua Tiffany, Meridian

Jacob Winslow, Boise

John and Tina Booe, Kuna

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 6

John Hesch, Jr., Boise

Amanda Makris, Kuna

Somerset, Inc., Emmett

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 5

Joanna Thatcher, Star

Josh Martin, Weiser

Amanda Anderson, Ontario, Ore.

Karen Stoneberg, Boise

Allen and Cheryle McCollum, Nampa

Jennifer Donaldson, Kuna

Diana Anderson, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 4

Brian Portugais, Meridian

Kermit and Rhonda Jackson, Boise

Lance and Starr Jerome, Wilder

Marty and Cynthia Redd, Caldwell

Michael and Meghan McDonagh, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Feb. 1

William and Della Martell, Meridian

Kelly Harris, Nampa

Timothy Redman, Nyssa, Ore.

Christopher and Gloria Testa, Meridian

Samuel Hudson, Meridian

Jennifer L. Coffelt, Ontario, Ore.

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 31

Rebecca Jacob, Boise

Dean Taylor and Laura Lockwood-Taylor, Nampa

Tamlyn Ulin, Boise

Cherie Fritz, Boise

Gladys Capetillo, Caldwell

Scott Maher, Meridian

Jimmie and Rehta Foster, Meridian

Brandon and Andrea Van Heeswyk, Nampa

Jessica Clark, Boise

BilliJo Brown, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 30

Pauletta McGuire, Payette

Josh and Brianne O'Leary, Caldwell

Mary Booth, Meridian

Michael and Linda Wrhel, Boise

Gary and Christine Wentzel, Meridian

Tyler Mabe, Boise

Jennifer Sherman, Mountain Home

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 29

Ross and DeLanie Valentine, Meridian

Hector Pedilla-Garcia, Caldwell

Rocky and Renee Compton, Boise

Ronald Storey, Boise

Jennifer Krajnik, Eagle

Angela Alfaro, Nampa

Dawn Harney, Kuna

Louise Gormon, Caldwell

Jessica Page, Boise

Mark Galbraith, Boise

Brian and Sharon Depue, Nampa

Esiquiel and Brenda Mercado, Boise

Peggy and James Bang, Meridian

Michael and Verna Cluchey, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 28

Kenneth and Kathleen Webster, Eagle

Teagan Kuhns, Nampa

Johnny and Heather Rowe, Nampa

Bruce and Ginger Stenkamp

Micah Ford, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 25

Adem Vatric, Boise

Levi and Elitanya Hobbs, Boise

Robert and Sandi Summers, Boise

Robert Dempsey, Boise

Sunday Snyder-Dial, Emmett

Brian Morrin, Meridian

Jason and Tanya Hoffman-Lampman, Middleton

Teri Paulus, Boise

Brian and Tyra Ford, Nampa

Luis Aguilar, Jr., Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 24

Richard and Dawn Montgomery, Boise

Maria Hernandez, Boise

Brittani Dismukes, Boise

Earl and Michelle Hagen, Nampa

Marilyn Caress, Caldwell

William and Amanda Haney, Homedale

Osiris Cameron, Boise

Richard Freels, Boise

David and Alice Sebring, Boise

Manuel and Maria Araiza, Nampa

Ernest and Gloria Ahumada, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 23

Walter Sheeter, Boise

Paul Arent, Meridian

Tina Ison, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 22

Patricia Sherle, Meridian

Timothy Ryan, Meridian

Dorothy Devereaux, Meridian

Mary Downey, Boise

Andrew and Toni Wilson, Caldwell

Amber Round, Boise

Donald and Monica Selby, Boise

Ryan Altemeier, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 18

Frank and Elaine Brandt, Weiser

Gary and Sandra Geils, Ontario, Ore.

DeRay Hurd, Weiser

Lance Hull, Boise

Robert McKiernan, Meridian

Faith McCain, Mountain Home

Phillip and Lirrah Duke, Nampa

Julie Kondic, Meridian

Jesus and Laura Gonzalez, Nampa

Elaine Botner, Ontario, Ore., and Robert Botner, Payette

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 17

Patrick and Eleonore Teixeira, Meridian

Melody Wilson, Boise

Aristeo Guardado, Ontario, Ore.

Nicholas Fletcher, Kuna

Jennifer and Travis Hibler, Kuna

Bryce and Michelle Scott, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 16

Gregory Piper, Nampa

Dennis Mason, Nampa

Rodney and Nickie Bell, Nampa

James Hutchens, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 15

Justin and Selena Moyer, Homedale

Daniel and Christina Nielson, Glens Ferry

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 14

Betty Allen, Nampa

David and Kelly Pogue, Meridian

Theresa Schwerbel, Boise

Patricia Cotner, Boise

Donald and Teresa Mitchell, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 11

Debra Dalrymple, Middleton

Justin Maughan, Emmett

Debbera Moore, Garden City

Vanessa Newman, Boise

Howard and Susan Rohnert, Nampa

Dee Ann Bridgers, Boise

Honk's Inc., Boise

Jason and Ashli Johnson, Boise

Larry and Frankie Holmes, Boise

Ramon and Tamira Gonzalez, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 10

Central Assembly Christian Life Center, Boise

Ellen Franck, Garden City

Kalen Snelson and Brandie Runyan, Boise

Kristy Black, Wilder

Patrick Pierce, Caldwell

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 9

Shelley Lombard, Boise

Melissa Hoffman, Nampa

Bradley and Carol Mealer, Meridian

William and Shannan Baynum, Nampa

Sarah Correa, Boise

Thomas Gough, Parma

Ronald and Donna Burge, Nampa

Willie Gage and Judy Hale-Gage, Caldwell

Donna Bohrn, Boise

Phillip Johnson, Boise

Robert and Tiffany Gwyn, Nampa

Charles and Kristie Losser, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 8

Valentina Chakhlova, Caldwell

Gregory and Jessica Breidinger, Weiser

LeeAnn Clark, Boise

Kirsten Behrens, Meridian

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 7

Jason and Heidi Berry, Nampa

Joe and Karen Franken, Nampa

James Harrison, Boise

Daniel and Barbara Rix, Boise

Joseph McLean, Boise

Carol Rybolt, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 4

Bradley Wood, Boise

Jesus Rodriguez, Nampa

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 3

Michael McAuliffe, Caldwell

Jason Millus, Caldwell

Jonathon and Kandy Beagley, Wilder

Walter and Teresa Beery, Meridian

Zachary Abramowski, Boise

James Davis and Cynthia Dubois, Boise

Nathaniel Kessler, Boise

Bankruptcies filed Jan. 2

Douglas McConnaughey, Nampa

Steven Hess, Nampa

Pascual and Cecilia Mora, Caldwell

James and Lisa Johnatakis, Meridian

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