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NAMPA — Bill Augsburger says all he ever envisioned doing was working as a Nampa cop. He got his wish with close to a quarter of a century with the Nampa police, ending with the department's top job.

“I'm going to hang up the handcuffs,” Chief Augsburger said Monday. His last day is Nov. 1, his 50th birthday. “People ask me what it's like to set a date, and I say it kind of sucks because I really like this job.”

Augsburger, then a deputy chief, took over for retiring Nampa Police Department Chief Curtis Homer in 2007. Homer now serves on the Nampa City Council. But Augsburger said he has no plans for politics, at least for now.

“Ain't no way,” Augsburger said when asked if he would run for sheriff. “I thought about a political career, but I don't know. I'll wait and see. Right now that really doesn't appeal for me that much, but things change.”

Augsburger started with the Nampa police on his 19th birthday, the minimum age, as a reserve officer. He spent about four years with the Canyon County Sheriff's Office before coming back to Nampa.

Augsburger wants to see construction of the city's new public safety building to its conclusion and will leave about the time it's finished.

“That's a huge project I need to get done, so that's my main goal now,” Augsburger said.

Augsburger said he will continue working after he retires from police work, possibly as a college criminal justice instructor.

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