CANYON COUNTY — Potential homebuyers in Canyon County can expect a tight market and rising prices, Patti Syme, president of Nampa Association of Realtors, said.

Homebuyers looking to purchase what Syme called a standard home — three bedrooms, two baths and a two-car garage — for less than $100,000 will find little selection and many other interested buyers.

“Homes are selling so quickly and with multiple offers,” she said.

As of Feb. 13 there were just 12 “standard” homes for that price in Nampa and 32 in the entire county. Syme said.

“Home prices are going to continue to increase because of lack of available product to sell,” she said.

Real estate agents are also waiting for foreclosures to come online. Syme said she doesn't think there will be an influx of foreclosures, but only time will tell.

Syme said the market in Ada County has recovered and there is a building boom going on in Meridian. Canyon County's market has improved, but inventory remains low, she said.

Entry-level home builders in Canyon County were able to get deals on lots, and that has led to more homes being built.


Northeast Nampa

2011: 22 sold, median price: $142,000

2012: 50 sold, median price: $147,365

South Nampa

2011: 27 sold, median price: $149,900

2012: 54 sold, median price: $156,300

Northwest Nampa

2011: 11 sold, median price: $121,500

2012: 64 sold, median price: $125,926

Northwest Caldwell

2011: 225 sold, median price: $70,000

2012: 212 sold, median price: $84,900

Soutwest Caldwell

2011: 30 sold, median price: $107,500

2012: 39 sold, median price: $107,990


2011: 35 sold, median price: $165,365

2012: 56 sold: median price: $192,155

Canyon County other

2011: 2 sold, median price: $143,900

2012: 2 sold, median price: $96,028

Source: Intermountain MLS System


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