BOISE — For the fourth time in as many years, Vallivue High School took the District 3 marching band sweepstakes title, in a “real close” contest, director Curt Griffiths said.

The nearly 200-student band performed its show, “To Boldy Go,” Saturday at Bronco Stadium. Griffiths said the show features many moving geometric formations that resemble planets, stars and universes.

He said the ballad is the defining moment of the show.

“There is a build and change of tempo, and the band comes together and really visually brings the horns and bells to the audience,” Griffiths said. “They really stand still and play. It’s a huge sound there for a moment. It’s a nice build.”

He said the caliber of bands at the competition was above anything he’s seen in recent years, particularly from Nampa High School, who took second overall and won the inaugural Mel Shelton Award for best music.

“Nampa was really hot on our tails tonight,” he said. “They’re really to be congratulated.”

Phillip Hoesing, director of the Nampa High band, said he was proud of his 118-student band in the tight competition.

“Extremely proud of Nampa High’s performance,” Hoesing said about the show, “The Rise and Fall of Rome.” “It was a fantastic day for music education.”

The show has three movements dedicated to the majesty of the architecture of ancient Rome.


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