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CALDWELL — Homes that make up one of Caldwell’s oldest neighborhoods overflow with stories from the town’s past.

Now residents and visitors can read about that past on 16 revised signs, most of which are next to homes in the Steunenberg Residential Historic District northwest of The College of Idaho. Soon students of history may be able to follow a new walking tour map with the signs as a guide.

A generic version of the signs went up years ago in the District after it was formed. They were placed with the idea that some day they could include information about different locations in the District, former Caldwell Historic Commission member Jan Boles said. The signs still have the Steunenberg Residential Historic District designation. But now they have images related to the locations on the opposite sides of the historic information.

Visitors can now read short histories of, for example, the  Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church on Albany Street founded in 1888, the former home of George L. Crookham III, whose father founded Crookham Company in 1911, on 14th Avenue, and the ninth structure in Caldwell known as The Home of President of The College of Idaho, on Everett Street.

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Boles, who serves as archivist for The College of Idaho. “I’ve already been on a walking tour and there was quite a crowd.”

Indeed more than 50 people participated in a walking tour using the signs in May, Caldwell Planning and Zoning Director Brian Billingsley said.

One of the homes, the Beale House at 1802 Cleveland Blvd., is in the National Registry of Historic Places, Boles said.

Caldwell also plans to erect six to eight signs in the Caldwell Historic District downtown next year.


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