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NAMPA — The Nampa School District Board of Trustees voted Tuesday 3-2 to outsource district custodial services, effective July 1.

All 83 of the district’s classified staff — 74 full-time, nine part-time — will have the option to apply for full-time employment with “similar” salaries with GCA Services Group.

The $304,917 in savings to the district comes from a less-comprehensive health insurance plan.

Trustees Joca Veloz and Bob Otten voted against, while trustees Dale Wheeler, Daren Coon and Chairman Scott Kido voted in favor. About 75 people attended the special Nampa School Board meeting at Nampa High School’s Little Theater. The district, plagued with a mounting budget shortfall, must cut $5.1 million from its 2013-14 school year.

Before casting her vote, Veloz said outsourcing feels like a solution that doesn’t keep the district together.

“I feel like this is ‘Let’s go arm and arm until this doesn’t suit me anymore and then I’ll let you go,’” she said.

Coon said because future furloughs could be an option — especially if steps aren’t taken now — he believes the custodial staff is better off financially with a contracted company.

About 10 people testified before the board voted. One person spoke in support of contracting the services because it is more cost effective. Many, who were district custodial staff, said they believed cleanliness and safety of the buildings would decrease.

A representative from GCA assured the board that routine services would not be affected.

“We work within the same parameters,” he said. “...There is a 100 percent assurance that the safety and security stays the same.”

He also said the only additional costs incurred by the district would be for “those very unusual items that would be in addition to the contract,” like major sporting events.

The contract rate with GCA is guaranteed for two years, on a five-year contract. GCA will also hire six additional positions and offer a 401K plan with employer matching opportunities after one year.

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