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NAMPA — Starting Jan. 7, the Nampa School District will eliminate bus routes for after-school programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Nampa, the Nampa Recreation Center and The Salvation Army, district spokeswoman Allison Westfall said.

The decision is another step the district will take to climb out of the $4.3 million budget shortfall.

Westfall said the district started alerting parents, faculty and staff of the district Friday. The after-school programs were notified Thursday.

The cut will affect about 220 students district-wide and will save the district about $84,000. The decision will not affect daily home-to-school and school-to-home bus routes.

Mary Anne Peck’s daughter is a student at South Junior High School who elects to go to the Boys & Girls Club to get help with homework and socialize with other children. Peck said her daughter has been a victim of bullying at school, and the program helps her regain self-confidence.

Peck is a single parent who works across town, but lives near the school. Her daughter will be able to walk home and work on homework before Peck returns from work.

“She’s not going to be able to go to the Boys & Girls Club. I don’t have a way to get her there. She’s old enough to be home, but if she was younger, I’d be scrambling.”


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