NAMPA — The Nampa School District will be able to pay bills through June 30, thanks to a judge who gave permission to borrow money for “ordinary and necessary costs” like payroll and monthly bills.

Third District Judge George Southworth said Monday before granting permission that it’s clear the district needs additional funding to meet its basic obligations for the remainder of the fiscal year.

District officials said it’s a matter of cash flow. They are not sure how much money will be needed in the next five months, but will not borrow more than $4.3 million, the amount of the district’s budget deficit, according to court documents.

Because the budget errors were discovered after the current budget was in place and teaching contracts signed, the district could not cut enough to make up for the deficit. The district’s payroll makes up about 84 percent of its budget.

The loan would not negate the district’s request for voter approval of a $4.3 million levy to wipe out Nampa School District’s deficit.

Passage of the March 12 levy would mean the district would not need to make drastic cuts.

Borrowed money between April and June 30 would be paid off when the district receives about $17 million in regular school funding in August.

No one filed an objection to the judicial confirmation and no one spoke in opposition at the hearing Monday. The district filed five affidavits in support of the petition for judicial confirmation, including Interim Superintendent Tom Michaelson, district Finance Officer Michelle Yankovich, attorney Bud Yost and financial adviser Eric Heringer.

If the March 12 $4.3 million levy fails, the district would still be able to repay the state funds in August, court documents indicated, but may have to borrow more money as well as make further budget cuts to recover from the deficit.

In his affidavit, Heringer said the district would be able to borrow funds on favorable terms.


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