CALDWELL — District 10 Rep. Brandon Hixon’s Caldwell home is scheduled for auction in March because he defaulted on his mortgage loan, according to a legal notice printed Friday in the Press-Tribune.

Hixon acknowledged the notice in a prepared statement in an email Saturday night and said he’s currently engaged in a loan modification process with Wells Fargo, which the legal notice doesn’t address.

“Like way too many other Idaho families who bought properties in 2007, my home value significantly dropped, seemingly overnight, and my business income has diminished as well,” Hixon said, adding that he hopes to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

The default notice, first reported by Caldwell Guardian blogger Paul Alldredge, states the Hixons have not paid their monthly mortgage payment of $1,625.80 since July 2012, four months before Hixon was elected to office.

The total balance with Wells Fargo, factoring in late fees, is $241,277.95 plus any accrued interest since June 2012. According to records from the Canyon County assessor, the home and land were valued at $89,100 in February 2013.

“While it is a significant challenge, I am not one to make excuses,” Hixon said. “It is my responsibility and I intend to honor my commitment. … I have worked hard to ensure this temporary situation will have no significant impact on my ability to be an effective legislator.”

District 10 voters elected Republican Hixon in November 2012 by a narrow margin over Democratic challenger Travis Manning. Hixon accepted $29,536 in campaign contributions in 2012, according to finance reports available through the Idaho Secretary of State.

During the election, Hixon’s legal history was called into question, including several misdemeanors and two visits to small claims court for past-due rent in his early 20s.

Hixon, 31 at the time of his election, said in October 2012 that his past legal troubles were youthful indiscretions and not a reflection on his ability to represent Caldwell residents in the state Legislature.

Idaho court records do not show any additional charges against Hixon or civil suits in which he was a defendant since those reported before his election.

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