BOISE — Ballet Idaho choreographers Peter Anastos and Alex Ossadnik will bring three ballets to the Morrison Center Friday and Saturday.

“In a ballet, this is called a mixed bill,” Anastos said. “A mixed bill is generally three ballets that are very different from each other, so it’s a little bit of a smorgasbord for the audience.”

The Russian-influenced ballets that will be performed are “Raymonda’s Wedding,” “Scheherazade” and “Tchaikovsky Waltzes.” “Raymonda’s Wedding” and “Tchaikovsky Waltzes” will be choreographed by Anastos. Ossadnik will choreograph “Scheherazade.” Both the choreographers said they have been waiting for an opportunity to do a Russian music program for some time.

“A lot of these ballets are in a choreographer’s head, but they can’t be realized until the right minute and the right time,” Anastos said. “In a sense, we have been listening to this music our entire lives.”

“Raymonda’s Wedding” features nine couples whose costumes are all red. “Scheherazade” will have 10 dancers, and the entire ballet company will perform in “Tchaikovsky Waltzes.” Since there is a large cast, a total of 60 costumes will be used throughout the performances.

“There’s a lot of variety in the program,” Anastos said. “Variety of music and lots of variety in the dancing.”

“Raymonda’s Wedding” is a three-part ballet. However, the dancers will only perform the last part. Anastos said “Raymonda’s Wedding” is “kind of a classical ballet party,” whereas “Tchaikovsky Waltzes” is meant to display waltzes that Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote.

“Scheherazade” is based on “1,001 Arabian Nights.” Ossadnik said he recreated three of the stories Scheherazade told the sultan in order to spare her life as dances.

“It is the only piece in the program that has a narrative and (is) not just abstract,” Ossadnik said. “Even though I am abstracting the narrative itself, it does tell a story.”

With three very different ballets, Anastos said audience members can look forward to a “fabulous evening.”

“The audience is going to get an insane amount of different displays,” Ossadnik said. “You have the very acrobatic, very, very brilliant virtuoso ‘Raymonda.’ Then, you have a more contemporary and abstract ‘Scheherazade’ that tells a story with a lot of visual effects all based on white silk, and then you have the very thoughtful ‘Tchaikovsky Waltzes’ that are picking up the intricacies of music.”


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