CANYON COUNTY — The 3rd District Court dropped 30 counts of cruelty to animals charges against a Caldwell man after errors in the search of the man’s home voided evidence in the case.

Marijuana possession and trafficking charges against Jerry Krebs were also dropped by the court.

Krebs was arrested in December after law enforcement officials allegedly found 30 mistreated dogs and a marijuana growing operation at his home in the 16000 block of Orchard Avenue.

Police said the 30 English pointers were malnourished and living in poor conditions. They ware taken to the Canyon County Animal Shelter.

But Thursday all 30 animal cruelty counts were dismissed. The marijuana charges were dismissed Tuesday.

Third District Judge Molly Huskey found the search warrants in the case were based in illegally obtained evidence and therefore invalid. Holly also ruled that statements made by the defendant were either obtained in violation of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination or “were not sufficiently attenuated from the initial illegality.” As a result physical evidence seized and statements by the defendant were not allowed in the case.

The cruelty to animal charges were misdemeanors. The marijuana trafficking charge was a felony.

Krebs was arrested when he showed up at the Canyon County Animal Shelter to inquire about his dogs as then Sheriff-elect Kieran Donahue gave a press conference at the shelter about the incident involving Krebs.

There was also a proceeding to obtain Krebs’ proceeds or property associated with the alleged marijuana dealing. But that was dropped with the court’s ruling on the evidence issue.


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