When you've got acts like Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Death Cab for Cutie and Metallica coming to town and competing for your concert dollars, it's easy to overlook some of Boise's own musical jewels.

A Seasonal Disguise is one of those bands you should really get to know. (But since they only play in the Valley about once a month, it's easy for ASD to slip beneath the radar.)

A Seasonal Disguise started off as the brainchild of Zach Von House, who isn't crazy about his given name and didn't want to use it as a solo musician. (Although "A Seasonal Disguise" is a very cool name for a band, its origins, sadly, aren't as exciting as one might hope. "I was looking for a name to front (the act), and that one didn't pull up anything in a Google search," House admits.)

Over time, ASD evolved from that one-man project to a full-fledged band, with House, who sings and plays guitar and a whole host of other things, backed by Julia Green (backing vocals and tambourine), Karen Jarboe Singletary (backing vocals, rhythm guitar, among other things), Justin Martin (trumpet), Aaron Nuttall (drums), Josh Shapel (bass) and Aaron Sup (keyboards).

In February, the band released a CD, called " " "," an eclectic affair full of shimmery pop and melancholy folk. House says he's had a "man crush" on Neil Young since he was a kid; he's also a fan of Radiohead, Wilco and Destroyer. It shows.

While that disc (available at the Record Exchange or online at cominginsecond.com) was essentially a reflection of House's solo version of ASD, now the band works collaboratively to come up with new arrangements for House's songs.

"I'm bringing the songs, and we're collectively working on pulling the arrangements apart and getting them ready. And we're starting work on that now, recording that," House said. "With this current lineup, there's some large creative input as to how they end up turning out."

Still, when you go to a Seasonal Disguise show, you never know what to expect.

" Sometimes ... there'll just be one or two of us, and it'll be a low-key, folkie acoustic show," House said. "When the whole band's here, we've been trying to put on a show. Expect us playing a range of everything that we've done - the older, quieter stuff and the newer songs which have a little more bizarre elements."

Until now, the band has mainly stuck around home, but House, who also plays bass for local pop group The Very Most, is working on some out-of-state promotion for the summer. Ideally, he'd like for the band to "someday be able to carve out a little quiet living, tour a few months out of the year put out an album a year or two."

"But if not, it's not going to break my heart," House said. "I want to keep doing it; it's what makes me happy."

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