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(I) District 8 State Senate: Kirsten Richardson

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Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 3:39 pm | Updated: 4:05 pm, Fri Oct 19, 2012.

Occupation & relevant work experience

Organic strawberry farmer

How long have you lived in your district?

Eleven years

Please tell us about your family.

We have 15 children altogether. I gave birth to eight of them -- four girls and four boys. We have three children left at home, and they are involved in our family business.

Have you ever filed bankruptcy for yourself or for your business?   If yes, please tell us when and the circumstances.


Are your (property and income) taxes paid up and current? If not, please explain why?


Have you been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony charges? If yes, what were the convictions and the circumstances?


Have you served in the military? If so, when, for how long and for what branch?


Have you been a candidate in any other elections? If so, what and when?

Yes, I have previously run for state representative and during the last three election cycles I ran for the State Senate.

Have you held other elected positions? Please provide details.


Are you involved in any community causes or organizations? If so, what are they and why?

We are pro-life activists and support "Missionaries to the Pre-Born." We are members of the Independent American Party. We are also associated with American Right to Life.

Please name the organizations or groups that have endorsed you so far in this election. Also please list any conflict of interest situations that you would face if elected.

My husband and I have both been endorsed by the Independent American Party,

What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

I have taught home school for thirty years. My husband and I have had a successful marriage for thirty years. All of our children have faith in God.

Why should you be elected instead of your opponent(s)?

My opponents will compromise their beliefs in order to get elected; I will not. My opponents will vote in support of unconstitutional measures; I will never do so.

List your top three priorities and what you would do to correct them.

1) I will do whatever I can to stop the murder of pre-born babies. I will sponsor a bill recognizing the God-given right to life of all persons beginning at fertilization until natural death.

2) I would sponsor a bill recognizing that the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is unconstitutional, and asserting our state's refusal to follow any federal mandates contained in that measure.

3)I would sponsor an amendment to the Idaho State Constitution to repeal the public school mandate.

What standard should elected officials be held to?

Public officials must be honest, they must be faithful to their oath before God to uphold the Constitution. They must be moral in both their public and personal lives, have faith in God, and be pro-life without exception.

Should the Legislature police itself when it comes to ethical situations? Or should an independent Ethics Commission be appointed? Please explain your answer.

The legislature obviously has not policed itself and is apparently incapable of doing so. Thus,it is up to the voters to impose discipline by removing elected officials who have committed ethical violations -- as well as those who have refused to discipline unethical colleagues.

Should sexual orientation and gender identity be added toIdaho's Human Rights Law? Why or why not?

No. Rights are granted by God, not by government. Rights belong to individuals, not groups. Sexual perversion is a sin, not the exercise of a right. Studies have documented that pedophilia is rampant among the homosexual population, which creates a threat to children/society. Homosexuality, adultery, fornication should be illegal.

Should Idaho require women to undergo an ultrasound (including the trans-vaginal if necessary)if they are considering an abortion?


Legislators have been at odds with the Idaho Attorney General several times in the past couple of years. Should the Legislature have a separate attorney?

No. Legislators need to ignore unconstitutional court rulings and courageously stand up against abusive, activist judges and the Attorney General.

Should the Legislature give cities the power to ask voters to approve a local option tax? Why or why not?

No,experience in Washington State has demonstrated that this doesn't work. People foolishly enacted taxes that eventually drove them out of their own cities.

Should Idaho raise the cigarette tax? Why or why not? Should there be restrictions on how the money is spent?

No. It is unconstitutional to single out one item for a special punitive tax. Sales taxes are also unconstitutional.

Some states require drug testing before someone can qualify for food stamps? What should Idaho do and why?

Drug testing is a good idea, and we should have some standards for welfare recipients. We should take steps to phase out government welfare programs.

With more school districts turning to supplemental levies, is the state holding up its constitutional duty to provide an adequate education?

This problem underscores the need to repeal the federal public education mandate. There is only so much revenue that can he extracted from the taxpaying base -- especially in our ailing economy. We need to repeal the mandate and phase out public education.

Are you satisfied with Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's education makeover? Please explain your answer.

Superintendent Luna is to be commended for seeking to end union control of public schools. His proposal to buy a computer for every student is problematic, however, if this is to be done it should be the responsibility of local school districts, rather than the state education bureaucracy.

Do you support Proposition 1? Why or Why not?

Yes. Government employees should not be unionized, and I would support a constitutional amendment to that effect.

Do you support Proposition 2? Why or why not?

No, because it is very difficult -- if not impossible -- to make an accurate assessment of a teacher's performance based mostly on test scores.

Do you support Proposition 3? Why or why not?

No. Computer-based education is a good idea -- one we have used in our own home school efforts -- but this should be done by local districts, rather than the state government. 

The state is more than $100 million behind where school funding was just a few years ago. Should those funds be restored? How and why or why not?

No. How will the government wring 100 million out of an ever-shrinking base of financially ailing taxpayers? Unlike the federal government, productive citizens can't simply print money.

Should Idaho allow its residents to purchase health insurance across state lines?

Of course it should. Government has no legitimate role in defining an individual's choices in healthcare, and competition is always the most cost-effective approach. 

Should the Legislature ban the state Land Board from going into competition with private business?

Yes. In fact, the state Land Board should be abolished.

Should Idaho remove the cap on how many charter schools can be created each year in the state?

Yes -- providing that the charter schools are legitimate private institutions, rather than just another form of government-controlled education funded through public theft. Charter schools are public schools and should be phased out.

What is your position on ballot amendment initiative SJR 102 (officially allows counties to oversee misdemeanor probation? Please explain your answer.

The more localized the court system, the better.

What is your position on ballot HJR 2, the "Right to Hunt" measure? Please explain your response.

That right, like all others, exists whether or not it is officially recognized by the government. Once this is understood, it's useful to have explicit protection of that right -- especially in light of the federal government's incessant efforts to dilute our states' rights and the reserved rights of individuals.

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