Rick Youngblood is a commissioner for the Canyon Highway District 4.

Occupation & relevant work experience: 25 yrs Corporate Banker-10 Yrs Private sector-Manufacturing & Development

Please tell us about your family: Married, Arlene 39 years, two grown children, five grandchildren

Have you ever filed bankruptcy for yourself or for your business?   If yes, please tell us when and the circumstances. No

Are your (property and income) taxes paid up and current? If no, please explain why.  Yes

Have you been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony charges? (Traffic citations not included) If yes, what were the convictions and the circumstances? No

Have you served in the military? If so, when, for how long and for what branch? No. Our son is with U.S. Air Force 12 yrs, presently in Afghanistan.  He is my hero!

Have you been a candidate in any other elections? If so, what and when?  Yes, Canyon Highway District # 4 election May 2011.  Elected

Have you held other elected positions? Please provide details.  Yes, elected commissioner to Canyon Highway District #4 took office 10/01/11.

Are you involved in any community causes or organizations? If so, what are they and why?  Director:  Nampa Chamber of Commerce; Advisory Commission: Nampa Idaho Center and Horse Park; Director: ICOG-Idaho Council of Government formerly Sage Community Resources; Exec. Board: National Oldtime Fiddlers, Inc. Weiser, Idaho

Please name the organizations or groups that have endorsed you so far in this election. Also please list any conflict of interest situations that you would face if elected. IACI-Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry; Idaho Bankers Association

What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

My family and my many years of active community involvement and service:  Caldwell Chamber of Commerce-Past President; Canyon County 4H Council-Past Director; Caldwell Rotary Club-Past President; Capital Matrix SBA 504-Past Chair/Director 16 years; Canyon County Fair Board-Past Director-Treasurer; Treasure Valley United Way-Past Director; Idaho Public TV-Past Director

What standard should elected officials be held to?  Above reproach-but we are all human.

Should the Legislature police itself when it comes to ethical situations? Or should an independent Ethics Commission be appointed? Please explain your answer. Yes, I believe the legislature has done a good job of holding itself accountable.  This past year Senator Pearce was reviewed by a bi-partisan group of peers, 3-democrats and 3-republicans.

Should sexual orientation and gender identity be added to Idaho’s Human Rights Law? Why or why not? No, why should it need to be? 

Should Idaho require women to undergo an ultrasound (including the trans-vaginal if necessary)if they are considering an abortion?  No, I do not like the word "require."  I support Pro-Life and protection of the unborn, but I like the word recommend better.

With more school districts turning to supplemental levies, is the state holding up its constitutional duty to provide an adequate education?  Yes, I believe the state is up holding its duty and providing a very adequate education.  Supplemental levies all vary depending on local needs of a particular school district.

Are you satisfied with Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna’s education makeover? Please explain your answer. Yes, I favor pay for performance.  I like the use of technology in our class rooms.  Computers are today's tools.

Legislators have been at odds with the Idaho Attorney General several times in the past couple of years. Should the Legislature have a separate attorney? No, from what I have observed looking in, the State AG has been doing a fine job.  I would be surprised if 105 delegates were always agreeable about everything.  Issues come up.

Should the Legislature give cities the power to ask voters to approve a local option tax? Why or Why not?

I do not know why they would not?  I am a local highway commissioner and a local option tax may be a good thing for local roads and streets.  Several of our county bridges are in need of desperate repair and this could be an "option" at sometime.

Should Idaho raise the cigarette tax? Why or why not? Should there be restrictions on how the money is spent?  I understand that a very small percentage of the tax goes towards cessation.  Therefore why keep raising the tax.  Yes, put more money towards smoking cessation.

Some states require drug testing before someone can qualify for food stamps? What should Idaho do and why? I am totally against drug use. But using food, I'm not sure I like that idea. I would have to know more.  Require drug testing to qualify for unemployment benefits may be a better idea?  Maybe that's already done?

Are you supporting the election of any other candidates running for the Legislature? Who are they and why? Haven't been asked to.

Why should you be elected instead of your opponent(s)? With 25 years banking experience and 10 years in private business, as a citizen lawmaker, I will serve in our Idaho Legislature through conservative, ethical, common-sense business leadership.

List your top three priorities and what you would do to correct them. I would have a keen interest in Transportation and Business committees.  We are in desperate need to grow jobs to bring back consumer confidence. I would work to 1.) Lower corporate tax rates, 2.) Derail regulation 3.) Find ways to start new business and grow existing.


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