Just got home from the first of 15 spring practices at Boise State, and as is usually the case after a practice six months before the first game, there's not much of real substance to report.

Boise State's quarterbacks will not speak this spring, and the media has politely been asked to not report the minutiae of the race. We have an idea of what Joe Southwick and Grant Hedrick bring to the table, but for the newer guys, Jimmy Laughrea can really wing it. Had some great deep balls. Nick Patti isn't a tall guy, but he's built well and also did a nice job of getting some heat on his passes. Nice feet, too.

I talked to defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski after practice and talked about numerous things, but a few quick hits: he said Dillon Lukehart has moved to safety - at 6-foot, 200 pounds, the staff could have bulked him up at linebacker or tried to see what he could do at safety; he likes the potential DE Demarcus Lawrence has (6-4, 248) and mentioned that Lawrence is still just 19; also, he likes the early energy, that young players realize there's ample opportunity for time this season with so many talented players graduated.

Here are a few updated numbers for newcomers:

8 - Nick Patti, QB

36 - Tyler Gray, LB

80 - Hayden Plinke, TE

89 - Connor Peters, TE

92 - Demarcus Lawrence, DE

96 - Elliot Hoyte, DL


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