Boise State linebackers/nickels coach Bob Gregory met with the media after practice today, the Broncos' first since a closed scrimmage March 23. He spoke about his group and a special spring break trip he's now done for two consecutive years.

On who has taken the lead in LB competition: "The top three guys right now are Tommy Smith, Blake Renaud and J.C. Percy...those guys are doing good. They're very solid, just trying to keep developing our depth.

On Renaud, who has made a few INTs this spring, including one Tuesday: "We're excited that he made the intercepted and didn't fall down ... he feels more comfortable, he can play as opposed to think. He's a big old body in there. He's a presence."

On taking a group of players to the Dominican Republic during last week's spring break: "We spent a week in a small town called Monte Plata ... there's always a couple components to our trip. One is a construction project. Last year, the kids built a volleyball court. This year, we painted a wall around the school, then there's the sports component, which is PE classes in the morning, then in the afternoon, we took the kids out to a campground and did a variety of sports."

One of the players that went with the group was nickel Corey Bell, who said "I was expecting a little hostility, that we wouldn't be accepted immediately. When we were down there, it was the complete opposite. They're really loving people."


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